The Merry Devill of Edmunton

The Merry Devill of Edmunton is in Jacobean and Restoration Plays.

Diary of Samuel Pepys 10 August 1661. 10 Aug 1661. This morning came the maid that my wife hath lately hired for a chamber maid. She is very ugly, so that I cannot care for her, but otherwise she seems very good. But however she do come about three weeks hence, when my wife comes back from Brampton, if she go with my father.
By and by came my father to my house, and so he and I went and found out my uncle Wight at the Coffee House, and there did agree with him to meet the next week with my uncle Thomas and read over the Captain's will before them both for their satisfaction. Having done with him I went to my Lady's and dined with her, and after dinner took the two young gentlemen and the two ladies and carried them and Captain Ferrers to the Theatre, and shewed them "The Merry Devill of Edmunton1", which is a very merry play, the first time I ever saw it, which pleased me well.
And that being done I took them all home by coach to my house and there gave them fruit to eat and wine. So by water home with them, and so home myself.
Note 1. A comedy acted at the Globe, and first printed in 1608. In the original entry in the Stationers' books it is said to be by T. B., which may stand for Tony or Anthony Brewer. The play has been attributed without authority both to Shakespeare and to Drayton. Note. This note was attached to the next paragraph after the words 'only to see the two'? Moved to here since believed to refer to The Merry Devil of Edmonton.