History of Flintshire North East Wales

1399 Richard II Abdication

1659 Battle of Winnington Bridge

Flintshire North East Wales is in North East Wales.

Bagillt, Flintshire North East Wales

Coleshill Bagillt, Flintshire North East Wales

Castell Hen Blas Coleshill Bagillt, Flintshire North East Wales

Around Mar 1212 Dafydd ap Llewellyn Aberffraw Prince of Wales 1212-1246 was born to Llewellyn "The Great" Aberffraw 1172-1240 (40) and Joan Plantagenet 1191-1237 (21) at Castell Hen Blas Coleshill Bagillt. He a grandson of John "Lackland" King England 1166-1216.

Basingwerk Abbey, Flintshire North East Wales

In 821 Coenwulf King Mercia -821 died at Basingwerk Abbey. His brother Coelwulf King Mercia King East Anglia King Kent succeeded King Mercia, King East Anglia, King Kent.

Bretton, Flintshire North East Wales

Around 1544 Elizabeth Ravenscroft 1544-1588 was born to Thomas Ravenscroft of Bretton 1515-1583 (29) and Katherine Grosvenor 1519-1595 (25) in Bretton.

Around 1673 Mary Beale aka Cradock Painter 1633-1699. Portrait of either Elizabeth Cavendish Countess Bridgewater 1627-1663 or Elizabeth Ravenscroft 1544-1588. Tatton Park Tatton.

Ewloe Castle, Flintshire North East Wales

Flint, Flintshire North East Wales

Flint Castle, Flintshire North East Wales

On 19 Aug 1399 King Richard II of England 1367-1400 (32) surrendered to Henry Bolingbroke Earl of Derby (32) at Flint Castle. William Ros 6th Baron Ros Helmsley 1370-1414 (29) was present [Note. Wikipedia states Berkeley Castle?]

Around 1401. Jean Creton Painter Chronicler -1420. The Capture and Death of King Richard. King Richard II of England 1367-1400 (33) (in black) surrendering to Henry IV King England 1367-1413 (33) (holding the white staff) at Flint Castle.

In 1664 Ralph Whitley was appointed Constable Flint Castle.

In 1689 Thomas Whitley of Peel Hall MP 1651-1696 (38) was appointed joint Constable Flint Castle for life.

In Mar 1750 Other Lewis Windsor 4th Earl Plymouth 1731-1771 (18) was appointed Constable Flint Castle.

The Welsh Castles and Towns of Edward I comprise a number of castles with associated planned towns commissioned as a means of containing the Welsh. They included, from east to west, Flint Castle, Rhuddlan Castle, Conwy Castle, Beaumaris Castle, Caernarfon Castle, Harlech Castle and Aberystwyth Castle. Those not on the coast included Denbigh Castle and Town Walls and Builth Castle. Arguably, Holt Castle and Criccieth Castle should be included.

Hawarden Flintshire, Flintshire North East Wales

Around 1443 John Arderne 1443-1507 was born to Ralph Arderne 1383-1447 (60) at Hawarden Flintshire.

Church of St Deiniol, Hawarden Flintshire, Flintshire North East Wales

On 19 Aug 1659 the Battle of Winnington Bridge was fought between the 5000 strong Parliamentary Army of General John Lambert 1619-1684 (39) and the 4000 strong Royalist army led by George Booth 1st Baron Delamer 1622-1684 (36).

Brothers Piers Leigh 1631-1671 (28) and Thomas Leigh -1659 fought. Thomas Leigh -1659 was killed.

Edward Morgan of Golden Grove -1659 was killed. He was buried at the Church of St Deiniol.

Around 1652. Robert Walker Painter 1599-1658. Portrait of General John Lambert 1619-1684. Around 1660 Peter Lely Painter 1618-1680. Portrait of George Booth 1st Baron Delamer 1622-1684.

On 17 Jul 1697 Colonel Roger Whitley of Peel in Cheshire 1618-1697 (79) died. He was buried at the Church of St Deiniol. His inscription read Near this place lieth interred the body of Colonel Roger Whitley late of Peel in the County of Chester eldest son of Thomas Whitley, Esq. of Aston in this Parish by Elizabeth Brereton his second wife He married Charlotte sister of the Right Honorable Charles Gerard, Earl of Macclesfield and had by her issue three sons and six daughters viz. Gerard, Thomas, Roger, Elizabeth, Charlotte, Henrietta Maria, Penelope, Jane and Anne He died July 17th, 1697 This monument was erected to his memory by his grand-daughters Charlotte Mainwaring and Elizabeth Mainwaring daughters of Sir John Mainwaring of Peover in the County of Chester, Bart. and Elizabeth Whitley 1722.

Edward Morgan of Golden Grove -1659 and Elizabeth Whitley were married at the Church of St Deiniol.

Hawarden, Hawarden Flintshire, Flintshire North East Wales

In Nov 1643 Colonel Thomas Ravenscroft 1618-1678 (25) surrendered Hawarden to Parliamentary forces.

On 15 Nov 1666 William Glynne 1st Baronet Bicester aka Bisseter 1638-1690 (28) inherited at Hawarden.

Richard Whitley was killed in the defence of Hawarden being a captain of foot in the service of Charles I.

Chronicle of Gregory 1460. And that same nyght the kynge remevyde unto London a-gayne hys wylle, to the byschoppe ys palys of London, and the Duke of Yorke com unto hym that same nyght by the torchelyght and toke a-pon hym as kyng, and sayde in many placys that thys ys owrys by very ryght. Ande thenn the quene hyrynge thys she voydyde unto Walys, but she was met with be-syde the Castelle of Malepas, and a servand of hyr owne that she hadde made bothe yeman and gentylman, and aftyr a-poyntyd for to be in offysce with hyr sone the prynce, spoylyde hyr and robbyde hyr, and put hyr soo in dowt of hyr lyffe and sonys lyffe also. And thenn she com to the Castelle of Hardelowe [Probably Denbigh Castle, Possibly Hawarden] in Walys, and she hadde many grete gyftys and gretely comfortyd, for she hadde nede there of, for she hadde a fulle esy many a-boute hyr, the nombyr of iiij personnys. And moste comynly she rode by-hynde a yonge poore gentylle-man of xiiij yere age, hys name was Jon Combe, i-borne at Amysbery in Wyltschyre. And there hens she remevyd fulle prevely unto the Lorde Jesper, Lorde and Erle of Penbroke, for she durste not a byde in noo place that [was] a opyn but in pryvatt. The cause was that conter fete tokyns were sende unto hyr as thoughe that they hadde come from hyr moste dradde lorde the Kyng Harry the VI; but hyt was not of hys sendyng, nothyr of [his] a doynge, but forgyd thyngys, for they that brought the tokyns were of the kyngys howse, and sum of the pryncys howse, and sum of hyr owne howse, and bade hyr beware of the tokyns, that she gave noo credans there too; for at the kyngys departynge fro Covyntre towarde the fylde of Northehampton, he kyste hyr and blessyd the prynce, and commaundyd hyr that she shulde not com unto hym tylle that [he] a sende a specyalle tokyn unto hyr that no man knewe but the kynge and she. For the lordys wolde fayne hadde hyr unto Lundon, for they knewe welle that alle the workyngys that were done growe by hyr, for she was more wyttyer then the kynge, and that apperythe by hys dedys, &c.

John Davies of Broadlane was appointed Constable Hawarden Castle.

Mold, Flintshire North East Wales

The Huntingdon Peerage Chapter IX: Ferdinando Sixth Earl of Huntingdon. FERDINANDO, sixth Earl of Huntingdon, heir and successor of Henry the fifth Earl (21), was born at Ashby, January 11th, 1608. In March, 1627, he was returned to serve in Parliament for the county of Leicester, and two years after was joined with his father in the Lieutenancy of the counties of Leicester and Rutland. By indenture, dated May, 1638, he and his brother Henry, in consideration of the sum of 4,50l. granted, to John Earl of Bridgewater (29) and Thomas Davies, a moiety of the rectory of Mould, otherwise Mouldesdale, in Flintshire. On the 13th of November, 1641, his father being then still living, he had summons to Parliament amongst the barons of the realm; and in 1643 he succeeded to the family honours. He married Lucy, daughter and sole heir to Sir John Davys (38), of Englefield, Berks, Knt. (Premier Serjeant at Law to James the First, and Charles the First, as also Solicitor, and afterwards Attorney General in Ireland, and finally Lord Chief Justice of the King's Bench,) by his wife Lady Eleanor (18), youngest daughter of George Lord Audley, Earl of Castlehaven (57), and, settling at Donnington Park, had by her four sons; Henry, John, Ferdinando, and Theophilus, born after the decease of his three brothers; and likewise six daughters, Alice, Eleanor, both of whom died young; Elizabeth, married to Sir James Laughan, of Cottesbroke, in Nottinghamshire, Bart, being his second wife, and dying without issue; Lucy, who died unmarried; Mary, espoused to Sir William Joliffe, of Caverswell Castle in Staffordshire, Knt.; and lastly Christiana.

Around 1638 Anthony Van Dyck Painter 1599-1641. Portrait of Catherine Hastings Countess Chesterfield -1636 and Lucy Davies Countess Huntingdon 1613-1679.

Penley, Flintshire North East Wales

Patent Rolls Edward IV 1464. 03 Sep 1664. Penley. Grant to the kiug's servitor Thomas Witham, chancellor of the Exchequer, of tbe custody of the body of Katharine Metcalf, late the wife of Edmund Metcalf, who has been an idiot from her birth, and of all her lands and tenements in the county of York and in Kingeston on Hull, to hold during her idiotcy without rendering anything to the king but finding a competent sustenance for her and supporting all charges. By K.