Virginia is in United States of America.

In Apr 1607 George Percy (age 26) arrived at Virginia.

In 1618 John West (age 27) travelled to Virginia.

In 1621 Nathaniel West (age 28) and Frances Greville were married at Virginia.

In 1630 Anne Floyd (age 45) died in Virginia.

In 1650 Edward Proger (age 28) was granted 2000 acres of land in Virginia.

In 1661 John Power (age 64) died in Virginia.

In 1701 Edward Neville (age 37) died at Virginia.

On 11 Feb 1747 Jean Gordon (age 55) died at Virginia.

Americas, United States of America, Virginia, Alexandria

Oronoco Street

614 Oronoco Street

On 18 Dec 1794 Philip Richard Fendall II was born at 614 Oronoco Street.

Presbyterian Cemetery Alexandria

On 16 Feb 1868 Philip Richard Fendall II (age 73) died. He was buried at the Presbyterian Cemetery Alexandria.

Americas, United States of America, Virginia, Fairfax County


On 03 Sep 1757 Colonel William Fairfax of Belvoir (age 65) died at Belvoir.

Mount Vernon

On 27 Apr 1660 Colonel Nathaniel Pope (age 57) died at Cliffs. He was buried at Mount Vernon.

Americas, United States of America, Virginia, Fredericksburg

Around 1775 Joan Glassel was born to John Glassel in Fredericksburg.

On 25 Aug 1789 Mary Ball (age 80) died at Fredericksburg.

Americas, United States of America, Isle of Wight Virginia

In 1663 Reuben Wyndham was born to Edward Wyndham (age 23) at Isle of Wight Virginia.

On 27 Jan 1745 Reuben Wyndham (age 82) died at Isle of Wight Virginia.

On 25 Apr 1869 Louisa Cockburn (age 30) died at Isle of Wight Virginia.

On 21 Dec 1890 Charles William Cavendish (age 68) died at Isle of Wight Virginia.

Americas, United States of America, Jamestown Virginia

Around 1607 Nathaniel Floyd (age 47) died in Jamestown Virginia.

On 13 May 1607 Edward Maria Wingfield of Stoneley Priory (age 57) was elected the first President of Jamestown Virginia. His term lasted four months only when in Sep 1607 he was deposed.

In Aug 1609 Richard Barrow arrived on board The Falcon at Jamestown Virginia.

In Aug 1609 Temperance Flowerdew (age 19) arrived on board The Falcon at Jamestown Virginia.

On 20 Oct 1617 John Poyntz (age 39) died at Jamestown Virginia.

In 1619 Samuel Matthews (age 39) arrived in Jamestown Virginia.

In 1690 Frances Culpepper (age 56) at Jamestown Virginia.

Americas, United States of America, Virginia, King William County

West Point King William County Virginia

On 10 Apr 1667 Anne Percy (age 67) died at West Point King William County Virginia.

Americas, United States of America, Virginia, Lancaster County

Epping Forest

On 11 Jul 1711 Joseph Ball (age 62) died at Epping Forest.

Sixth Milestone Epping Forest

Letters of Horace Walpole. 23 Mar 1752. Arlington Street. To Horace Mann 1st Baronet (age 45).

Mr. Conway (age 31) has been arrived this fortnight, or a week sooner than we expected him: but my Lady Ailesbury (age 31) forgives it! He is full of your praises, so you have not sowed your goodness in unthankful ground. By a letter I have just received from you he finds you have missed some from him with Commissions; but he will tell you about them himself I find him much leaner, and great cracks in his beauty. Your picture is arrived, which he says is extremely like you. Mr. Chute (age 51) cannot bear it; says it wants your countenance and goodness; that it looks bonny and Irish. I am between both, and should know it; to be sure, there is none of your wet-brown-paperness in it, but it has a look with which I have known you come out of your little room, when Richcourt has raised your ministerial French, and you have writ to England about it till you were half fuddled. Au reste, it is gloriously coloured-will Astley promise to continue to do as well? or has he, like all other English painters, only laboured this to get reputation, and then intends to daub away to get money?

The year has not kept the promise of tranquillity that it made you at Christmas; there has been another parliamentary bustle. The Duke of Argyll (age 69)299 has drawn the ministry into accommodating him with a notable job, under the notion of buying for the King from the mortgagees the forfeited estates in Scotland, which are to be colonized and civilized. It passed with some inconsiderable hitches through the Commons; but in the Lords last week the Duke of Bedford (age 41) took it up warmly, and spoke like another Pitt.300 He attacked the Duke of Argyll (age 69) on favouring Jacobites, and produced some flagrant instances, which the Scotch Duke neither answered nor endeavoured to excuse, but made a strange, hurt, mysterious, contemptuous, incoherent speech, neither in defence of the bill nor in reply to the Duke of Bedford, but to my Lord Bath (age 68), who had fallen upon the ministry for assuming a dispensing power, in suffering Scotland to pay no taxes for the last five years. This speech, which formerly would have made the House of Commons take up arms, was strangely flat and unanimated, for want of his old chorus. Twelve lords divided against eighty that were for the bill. The Duke, who was present, would not vote; none of his people had attended the bill in the other House, and General Mordaunt (age 55) (by his orders, as it is imagined) spoke against it. This concludes the session: the King goes to Hanover on Tuesday, he has been scattering ribands of all colours, blue ones [Note. Reference to being created a Knight of the Garter] on Prince Edward (age 12), the young Stadtholder, and the Earls of Lincoln (age 31), Winchilsea (age 62), and Cardigan (age 39);301 a green one [Note. Reference to being created a Knight of the Order of the Thistle] on Lord Dumfries;302 a red [Note. Order of the Bath] on Lord Onslow (age 39).303

The world is still mad about the Gunnings; the Duchess of Hamilton (age 18) was presented on Friday; the crowd was so great, that even the noble mob in the drawing-room clambered upon chairs and tables to look at her. There are mobs at their doors to see them get into their chairs; and people go early to get places at the theatres when it is known they will be there. Dr. Sacheverel never made more noise than these two beauties [Note. Elizabeth Gunning Duchess Hamilton and Argyll (age 18) and Maria Gunning Countess Coventry (age 19)].

There are two wretched women that just now are as much talked of, a Miss Jefferies1 and a Miss Blandy (age 32)2; the one condemned for murdering her uncle, the other her father. Both their stories have horrid circumstances; the first, having been debauched by her uncle; the other had so tender a parent, that his whole concern while he was expiring, and knew her for his murderess, was to save her life. It is shocking to think what a shambles this country is grown! Seventeen were executed this morning, after having murdered the turnkey on Friday night, and almost forced open Newgate. One is forced to travel, even at noon, as if one was going to battle.

Mr. Chute (age 51) is as much yours as ever, except in the article of pen and ink. Your brother transacts all he can for the Lucchi, as he has much more weight there304 than Mr. Chute. Adieu!

Note 299. Archibald Campbell (age 69), Duke of argyll, formerly Earl of Isla.

Note 300. For Lord Hardwicke's notes of this speech, see Parl. Hist. vol. xiv. P. 1235.-E.

Note 301. George Brudenell, fourth Earl of cardigan (age 39), created Duke of Montagu in 1776; died in 1790.-D.

Note 302. William Crichton Dalrymple (age 53), fourth Earl [Note. Mistake. He was 5th Earl] of Dumfries in Scotland, in right of his mother. He also became, in 1760, fourth Earl of stair, and died in 1768.-D.

Note 303. George, third Lord Onslow (age 39); died in 1776.-D.

Note 304. With the late Mr. Whithed's brothers, who scrupled paying a small legacy and annuity to his mistress and child.

Note 1. Elizabeth Jeffries was to have received her uncle's estate but as a consequence of her bad behaviour he stated he would change his will. She, with accomplices, murdered her uncle. She was executed at a temporary gibbet at the Sixth Milestone Epping Forest on 28 Mar 1572.

Note 2. Mary Blandy (age 32) who was found guilty of poisoning her father and executed on 06 Apr 1752.


On 30 Nov 1708 Mary Ball was born to Joseph Ball (age 59) at Lively.


Around 15 Oct 1680 William Ball (age 65) died at Millenbeck.

Americas, United States of America, Virginia, Mecklenburg County

Before Feb 1672 Grey Skipwith 3rd Baronet (age 50) died at Mecklenburg County, Virginia. His son William Skipwith 4th Baronet (age 1) succeeded 4th Baronet Skipwith of Prestwould in Leicestershire.

Prestwould, Mecklenburg County

Skipwith Family Cemetery, Prestwould

On 09 Oct 1805 Peyton Skipwith 7th Baronet (age 64) died. He was buried at the Skipwith Family Cemetery, Prestwould. His son Grey Skipwith 8th Baronet (age 34) succeeded 8th Baronet Skipwith of Prestwould in Leicestershire. Harriet Townsend Lady Skipwith (age 26) by marriage Lady Skipwith of Prestwould in Leicestershire.

Americas, United States of America, Virginia, Middlesex County

Around 1736 William Skipwith 4th Baronet (age 65) died at Middlesex County, Virginia. His son Grey Skipwith 5th Baronet (age 30) succeeded 5th Baronet Skipwith of Prestwould in Leicestershire.

Americas, United States of America, Virginia, Montgomery County

Blacksburg, Montgomery County

On 03 Dec 1749 Charles Carrington Hungate 6th Baronet (age 63) died at Blacksburg, Montgomery County. Baronet Hungate of Saxton in Yorkshire extinct.

Americas, United States of America, Norfolk County Virginia

In 1566 Anne Hart (age 75) died in Norfolk County Virginia.

In 1647 William Daines was born in Norfolk County Virginia.

On 10 Oct 1941 Lt Cdr Charles William Gerald Coventry (age 40) died at Norfolk County Virginia while on active service.

Americas, United States of America, Virginia, Prince George County

Blandford, Prince George County

On 11 Dec 1740 Peyton Skipwith 7th Baronet was born to William Skipwith 6th Baronet (age 32) at Blandford, Prince George County.

Americas, United States of America, Virginia, Stafford

In 1675 Anne Gerrard (age 44) died at Stafford.

Americas, United States of America, Wakefield Virginia

On 22 Feb 1732 President George Washington was born to Augustine Washington (age 37) and Mary Ball (age 23) at Wakefield Virginia.

Americas, United States of America, West Shirley Hundred Colony Virginia

Before Feb 1624 Nathaniel West (age 31) died at West Shirley Hundred Colony Virginia.

Americas, United States of America, Virginia, Williamsburg

Travels through the middle settlements in North America Chapter 1. 05 Jul 1759. July 5. About six in the morning we caught some green fish: upon this we founded, and found eighteen fathom water. At ten we discovered land, which proved to be Cape Charles; and about three hours afterward sailed through the capes into Chesapeak Bay. The commodore took his leave to go upon a cruise; and at eight in the evening we came to an anchor in York river, after a tedious and disagreeable voyage of almost ten weeks.

The next morning, having hired a chaise at York, a small inconsiderable town, I went to Williamsburg, about twelve miles distant. The road is exceedingly pleasant, through some of the finest tobacco plantations1 in North-America, with a beautiful view of the river and woods of great extent.

On 15 Oct 1770 Norborne Berkeley 4th Baron Botetort (age 53) died in Williamsburg. Baron Botetort abeyant.

Travels through the middle settlements in North America Chapter 1. Williamsburg is the capital of Virginia: it is situated between two creeks; one falling into James, the other into York river; and is built nearly due east and west. The distance of each landing-place is something more than a mile from the town; which, with the disadvantage of not being able to bring up large vessels, is the reason of its not having increased so fast as might have been expected. It consists of about two hundred houses, does not contain more than one thousand fouls, whites and negroes; and is far from being a place of any consequence. It is regularly laid out in parallel streets, interfered by others at right angles; has a handsome square in the center, through which runs the principal street, one of the most spacious in North America, three quarters of a mile in length, and above a hundred feet wide. At the opposite ends of this street are two public buildings, the college and the capitol: and although the houses are of wood, covered with shingles2, and but indifferently built, the whole makes a handsome appearance. There are few public edifices that deserve to be taken notice of; those, which I have mentioned, are the principal; and they are far from being magnificent. The governor's palace is tolerably good, one of the best upon the continent; but the church, the prison, and the other buildings, are all of them extremely indifferent. The streets are not paved, and are consequently very dusty, the soil hereabout confining chiefly of sand: however, the situation of Williamsburg has one advantage, which few or no places in these lower parts have; that of being free from mosquitoes. Upon the whole, it is an agreeable residence; there are ten or twelve gentlemen's families constantly residing in it, besides merchants and tradesmen: and at the times of the assemblies, and general courts, it is crowded with the gentry of the country: on those occasions there are balls and other amusements; but as soon as the business is finished, they return to their plantations; and the town is in a manner deferted3.

Note 1. The tobacco growing upon York river, is esteemed superior to any other in North America; particularly that which is raised upon the plantations belonging to colonel Edward Diggs, which is said to have a flavour excelling all others. Of the growth of one plantation, distinguished from the rest, the tobacco is in such high estimation, that colonel Diggs puts upon every hogfnead in which it is packed, the initial of his name; and it is from thence called the E. D. tobacco, and sells for a propnrtronab'y higher pr'rce. Some time ago, colonel Diggs having a tract of land, seemingly of the same quality, and under the same exposure and aspect as the plantation producing the E. D. tobacco, from which it was separated only by a small rill of water, he directed it to be planted; and as the produce was apparently similar in quality, colour, flavour, and every other particular, he thought himself warranted to delineate E. D. upon the hogsheads in which it was packed. Accordingly, it was sent to market with this recommendatory mark or token. But some time after, he received a letter from his factor or merchant in London, informing him that his inspector or agent, had been guilty of some great oversight or error, as the tobacco contained in certain casks, which he specified, though marked with E. D. was of a different and very inferior quality to that commodity; and that if the same fault shoald be again committed, it would ruin the reputation and sale of the E D. tobacco. It is to be observed, that the soil or mould had been carefully analised and examined previous to its being planted: and that not the smallest difference could be perceived between that of the old and new plantation. The experiment, it will easily be believed, was not repeated.

Note 2. These are formed in the shape of tiles, and are generally made of white cedar or of cypress.

Note 3. Since the revolution, the seat of government has been removed to Richmond, a town situated just below the falls of James river.

Americas, United States of America, Virginia, York County

On 03 Jan 1642 Augustine Warner was born to Colonel Augustine Warner (age 30) at York County.