Biography of Æthelric King Deira -604

Æthelric King Deira was born to Yffe Deira.

Around 588 Æthelric King Deira succeeded King Deira.

In 604 Æthelric King Deira died. His son [his son] Osric King Deira succeeded King Deira.

Anglo-Saxon Chronicle. 634. This year [his son] Osric, whom Paulinus baptized, succeeded to the government of King of Deira. He was the son of Elfric, the uncle of Edwin. And to Bernicia succeeded Eanfrith (age 44), son of Ethelfrith. This year also Bishop Birinus first preached baptism to the West-Saxons, under King Cynegils. The said Birinus went thither by the command of Pope Honorius; and he was bishop there to the end of his life. Oswald (age 30) also this year succeeded to the government of the King Northumbrians, and reigned nine winters. The ninth year was assigned to him on account of the heathenism in which those lived who reigned that one year betwixt him and Edwin.

[his son] Osric King Deira was born to Æthelric King Deira.

Family Trees of Æthelric King Deira -604

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Royal Ancestors of Æthelric King Deira -604

Kings Deira: Son of Yffe Deira

Royal Descendants of Æthelric King Deira -604

King Oswine of Deira x 1

Osric King Deira x 1