Biography of Æthelwulf Mercia Earldorman Berkshire 824-871

870 Battle of Englefield

871 Battle of Reading

Æthelwulf Mercia Earldorman Berkshire was appointed Earldorman Berkshire.

Before 825 Æthelwulf Mercia Earldorman Berkshire was born.

Battle of Englefield

On 31 Dec 870 Æthelwulf Mercia Earldorman Berkshire (age 45) defeated the Viking army at the Battle of Englefield at Englefield. The Viking Army retreated to Reading [Map]. Sidrac Viking was killed.

Anglo-Saxon Chronicle. 871. This year came the army to Reading in Wessex; and in the course of three nights after rode two earls up, who were met by Alderman Ethelwulf (age 46) at Englefield; where he fought with them, and obtained the victory. There one of them was slain, whose name was Sidrac.

Assers Life of Alfred 871. 871. 35. The Danes defeated at Englefield.77 In the year of our Lord's incarnation 871, which was the twenty-third of King Alfred's life, the heathen army, of hateful memory, left East Anglia, and, entering the kingdom of the West Saxons, came to the royal vill called Reading [Map], situated on the south bank of the Thames, in the district called Berkshire; and there, on the third day after their arrival, their [two] ealdormen, with great part of the army, rode forth for plunder, while the others made an entrenchment between the rivers Thames and Kennet, on the southern side of the same royal vill. They were encountered by Æthelwulf (age 46), Ealdorman of Berkshire, with his men, at a place called Englefield78 [in English, and in Latin 'The Field of the Angles'].79 Both sides fought bravely, and made long resistance to each other. At length one of the heathen ealdormen was slain, and the greater part of the army destroyed; upon which the rest saved themselves by flight, and the Christians gained the victory and held the battle-field.

Note 77. Chiefly from the Chronicle.

Note 78. Five and one-half miles southwest of Reading.

Note 79. Added from Florence of Worcester by Stevenson.

Assers Life of Alfred 871. 871. 36. Battle of Reading.77 Four days afterwards, King Æthelred (age 24) and his brother Alfred (age 22), uniting their forces and assembling an army, marched to Reading, where, on their arrival at the castle gate, they cut to pieces and overthrew the heathen whom they found outside the fortifications. But the heathen fought no less valiantly and, rushing like wolves out of every gate, waged battle with all their might. Both sides fought long and fiercely, but at last, sad to say, the Christians turned their backs, the heathen obtained the victory and held the battle-field, the aforesaid Ealdorman Æthelwulf (age 46) being among the slain.

Note 77. Chiefly from the Chronicle.

Battle of Reading

Anglo-Saxon Chronicle. 04 Jan 871. About four nights after this, King Ethered (age 24) and Alfred (age 22) his brother led their main army to Reading, where they fought with the enemy; and there was much slaughter on either hand, Alderman Ethelwulf (age 46) being among the skain; but the Danes kept possession of the field.

On 04 Jan 871 King Æthelred of Wessex (age 24) and Alfred the Great's (age 22) army attacked, but were repulsed by, the Viking army at Battle of Reading at Reading [Map]. Æthelwulf Mercia Earldorman Berkshire (age 46) was killed.

After 04 Jan 871 Æthelwulf Mercia Earldorman Berkshire (age 46) was buried at Derby [Map].