Biography of Archbishop Oda -958

Before 928 Archbishop Oda was consecrated as Bishop of Ramsbury.

In 936 Archbishop Oda was sent to France to arrange the return to the throne of France of Louis "Overseas" IV King West Francia (age 15) by King Æthelstan I of England (age 42). Louis "Overseas" IV King West Francia (age 15) being Athelstan's (age 42) nephew (According to the chronicler Richer of Rheims).

Battle of Brunanburh

In 937 King Æthelstan I of England (age 43) and his son Edmund (age 16) defeated the Scottish, Irish Viking and Strathclyde army at the Battle of Brunanburh. Two of Æthelstan's cousins, Æthelwine Wessex and Aelfwine Wessex were killed.

Archbishop Oda was present although there are no contemporary records of Oda's appearance at the battle. He is said to have miraculously provided a sword to the king when the king's own sword slipped out of its scabbard.

In 940 Archbishop Oda arranged a truce between Olaf III Guthfrithson, King of Dublin and York, and King Edmund I of England (age 19).

In 941 Archbishop Oda was appointed Archbishop of Canterbury.

Around 957 Archbishop Dunstan (age 48) was consecrated as Bishop Wprcester by Archbishop Oda.

In or before 958 Eadwig "All Fair" I King England and Ælfgifu Queen Consort of England were married. She by marriage Queen Consort England. The were separated in 958 on the instruction of Archbishop Oda for being too closely related. He the son of King Edmund I of England and Aelfgifu of Shaftesbury Queen Consort England.

Anglo-Saxon Chronicle. 958. This year Archbishop Oda separated King Edwy and Elfgiva; because they were too nearly related.

In 958 Archbishop Oda died.

Anglo-Saxon Chronicle. 961. This year departed Odo, the good archbishop, and St. Dunstan (age 52) took to the archbishopric. This year also died Elfgar, a relative of the king, in Devonshire; and his body lies at Wilton [Map]: and King Sifferth killed himself; and his body lies at Wimborn [Map]. This year there was a very great pestilence; when the great fever was in London; and St. Paul's minster was consumed with fire, and in the same year was afterwards restored. In this year Athelmod the masspriest, went to Rome, and there died on the eighteenth before the calends of September.