Biography of Archbishop Oswald -992

In 972 Archbishop Oswald was elected Archbishop of York.

Anglo-Saxon Chronicle. 979. In this year was Ethelred (age 13) consecrated king, on the Sunday fortnight after Easter, at Kingston [Map]. And there were at his consecration two archbishops [Note. Archbishop Dunstan (age 70) and Archbishop Oswald], and ten diocesan bishops. This same year was seen a bloody welkin oft-times in the likeness of fire; and that was most apparent at midnight, and so in misty beams was shown; but when it began to dawn, then it glided away.

Anglo-Saxon Chronicle. 992. This year Oswald the blessed archbishop died, and Abbot Eadulf succeeded to York and to Worcester. And this year the king (age 26) and all his witan decreed that all the ships which were worth anything should be gathered together at London, in order that they might try if they could anywhere betrap the army from without. But Aelfric the ealdorman, one of those in whom the king had most confidence, directed the army to be warned; and in the night, as they should on the morrow have joined battle, the selfsame Aelfric fled from the forces; and then the army escaped.

On 29 Feb 992 Archbishop Oswald died.