Biography of Archbishop Tatwine 670-734

Around 670 Archbishop Tatwine was born.

Anglo-Saxon Chronicle. 729. This year appeared the comet-star, and St. Egbert (age 90) died in Iona. This year also died the etheling Oswald; and Osric was slain, who was eleven winters king of Northumberland; to which kingdom Ceolwulf succeeded, and held it eight years. The said Ceolwulf was the son of Cutha, Cutha of Cuthwin, Cuthwin of Leodwald, Leodwald of Egwald, Egwald of Ealdhelm, Ealdhelm of Occa, Occa of Ida, Ida of Eoppa. Archbishop Bertwald died this year on the ides of January. He was bishop thirty-seven winters, and six months, and fourteen days. The same year Tatwine (age 59), who was before a priest at Bredon in Mercia, was consecrated archbishop by Daniel Bishop of Winchester, Ingwald Bishop of London, Aldwin Bishop of Lichfield, and Aldulf Bishop of Rochester, on the tenth day of June. He enjoyed the archbishopric about three years.

On 10 Jun 729 Archbishop Tatwine (age 59) was consecrated Archbishop of Canterbury by Bishop Daniel of Winchester.

Anglo-Saxon Chronicle. 734. This year was the moon as if covered with blood; and Archbishop Tatwine (age 64) and Bede (age 61) departed this life; and Egbert was consecrated bishop.

On 30 Jul 734 Archbishop Tatwine (age 64) died.