Biography of Archbishop Wulfstan -956

In 931 Archbishop Wulfstan was appointed Archbishop of York.

Anglo-Saxon Chronicle. 943. This year Anlaf stormed Tamworth [Map]; and much slaughter was made on either hand; but the Danes had the victory, and led away with them much plunder. There was Wulfrun (age 8) taken, in the spoiling of the town. This year King Edmund (age 22) beset King Anlaf and Archbishop Wulfstan in Leicester; and he might have conquered them, were it not that they burst out of the town in the night. After this Anlaf obtained the friendship of King Edmund (age 22), and King Edmund (age 22) then received King Anlaf in baptism; and he made him royal presents. And the same year, after some interval, he received King Reynold at episcopal hands. This year also died King Anlaf.

Anglo-Saxon Chronicle. 947. This year came King Edred to Tadden's-cliff; and there Archbishop Wulfstan and all the council of the Northumbrians bound themselves to an allegiance with the king. And within a little space they abandoned all, both allegiance and oaths.

In 947 King Eadred I of England accepted the allegiance of the Northumbrians and Archbishop Wulfstan. The earliest burials are dated to 700AD.

Anglo-Saxon Chronicle. 952. This year the Northumbrians expelled King Anlaf (age 25), and received Eric the son of Harold. This year also King Edred ordered Archbishop Wulfstan to be brought into prison at Jedburgh; because he was oft bewrayed before the king: and the same year the king ordered a great slaughter to be made in the town of Thetford [Map], in revenge of the abbot, whom they had formerly slain.

Anglo-Saxon Chronicle. 954. This year the Northumbrians expelled Eric; and King Edred took to the government of the Northumbrians. This year also Archbishop Wulfstan received a bishopric again at Dorchester [Map].

Anglo-Saxon Chronicle. 956. This year died Wulfstan, Archbishop of York, on the seventeenth day before the calends of January; and he was buried at Oundle [Map]; and in the same year was Abbot Dunstan (age 47) driven out of this land over sea.

On 16 Dec 956 or 26 Dec 956 Archbishop Wulfstan died at Oundle [Map].