Biography of Bishop Æthelwine -1071

In 1056 Bishop Æthelwine was consecrated Bishop of Durham.

In 1056 Bishop Æthelwine was elected Bishop of Durham.

Anglo-Saxon Chronicle. 1071. This year Earl Edwin and Earl Morkar fled out93, and roamed at random in woods and in fields. Then went Earl Morkar to Ely by ship; but Earl Edwin was treacherously slain by his own men. Then came Bishop Aylwine, and Siward Barn, and many hundred men with them, into Ely. When King William (age 43) heard that, then ordered he out a naval force and land force, and beset the land all about, and wrought a bridge, and went in; and the naval force at the same time on the sea-side. And the outlaws then all surrendered; that was, Bishop Aylwine, and Earl Morkar, and all that were with them; except Hereward (age 36)94 alone, and all those that would join him, whom he led out triumphantly. And the king (age 43) took their ships, and weapons, and many treasures;95 and all the men he disposed of as he thought proper. Bishop Aylwine he sent to Abingdon [Map], where he died in the beginning of the winter.

Note 93. i.e.-threw off their allegiance to the Norman usurper, and became voluntary outlaws. The habits of these outlaws, or, at least, of their imitators and descendants in the next century, are well described in the romance of "Ivanhoe"

Note 94. The author of the Gallo-Norman poem printed by Sparke elevates his diction to a higher tone, when describing the feasts of this same Hereward (age 36), whom he calls "le uthlage hardi."

Note 95. Or much "coin"; many "scaettae"; such being the denomination of the silver money of the Saxons.

In 1071 Bishop Æthelwine died.