Biography of Bishop Frithestan -933

In 909 Bishop Frithestan was appointed Bishop of Winchester.

Anglo-Saxon Chronicle. 910. This year Frithestan took to the bishopric of Winchester; and Asser died soon after, who was Bishop of Sherborne. The same year King Edward (age 36) sent an army both from Wessex and Mercia, which very much harassed the northern army by their attacks on men and property of every kind. They slew many of the Danes, and remained in the country five weeks. This year the Angles and the Danes fought at Tootenhall; and the Angles had the victory. The same year Ethelfleda (age 40) built the fortress at Bramsbury.

In 932 or 933 Bishop Frithestan died.

Anglo-Saxon Chronicle. 933. This year died Bishop Frithestan; and Edwin the atheling was drowned in the sea.