Biography of Bishop Heahmund of Wessex -871

Around 867 Bishop Heahmund of Wessex was appointed Bishop of Sherborne.

Battle of Merton

Anglo-Saxon Chronicle. Around 22 Mar 871. About two months after this, King Ethered (age 24) and Alfred (age 22) his brother fought with the army at Marden. They were in two divisions; and they put them both to flight, enjoying the victory for some time during the day; and there was much slaughter on either hand; but the Danes became masters of the field; and there was slain Bishop Heahmund, with many other good men. After this fight came a vast army in the summer to Reading. And after the Easter of this year died King Ethered (age 24). He reigned five years, and his body lies at Winburn-minster [Map]. Then Alfred (age 22), his brother, the son of Ethelwulf, took to the kingdom of Wessex.

Around 22 Mar 871 Halfdan Ragnarsson defeated the Wessex army led by King Æthelred of Wessex (age 24) and King Alfred "The Great" of Wessex (age 22) at the Battle of Merton. The location of 'Marton' is not known; suggestions include Marden, Wiltshire in Wiltshire and Winterborne St Martin, Dorset in Dorset. Bishop Heahmund of Wessex was killed.