Biography of Bishop Wulfwy -1067

In 1053 Bishop Wulfwy was elected Bishop of Dorchester.

Anglo-Saxon Chronicle. 15 Apr 1053. In this year was the king (age 50) at Winchester, Hampshire [Map], at Easter; and Earl Godwin (age 52) with him, and Earl Harold (age 31) his son, and Tosty (age 27). On the day after Easter sat he with the king at table; when he suddenly sunk beneath against the foot-rail, deprived of speech and of all his strength. He was brought into the king's chamber; and they supposed that it would pass over: but it was not so. He continued thus speechless and helpless till the Thursday; when he resigned his life, on the seventeenth before the calends of May; and he was buried at Winchester in the old minster. Earl Harold (age 31), his son, took to the earldom that his father had before, and to all that his father possessed; whilst Earl Elgar took to the earldom that Harold (age 31) had before. The Welshmen this year slew a great many of the warders of the English people at Westbury, Wiltshire [Map]. This year there was no archbishop in this land: but Bishop Stigand held the see of Canterbury at Christ church, and Kinsey that of York. Leofwine and Wulfwy went over sea, and had themselves consecrated bishops there. Wulfwy took to the bishopric which Ulf had whilst he was living and in exile.

Anglo-Saxon Chronicle. 1067. This year came the king (age 39) back again to England on St. Nicholas's day; and the same day was burned the church of Christ at Canterbury [Map]. Bishop Wulfwy also died, and is buried at his see in Dorchester [Map].

John of Worcester. 1067. Wulfwi, bishop of Dorchester, died at Winchester, but was buried at Dorchester [Map].

In 1067 Bishop Wulfwy died.

Charter S1478 Agreement between Wulfwig, Leofric and Godgifu. Agreement between Bishop Wulfwig, and Earl Leofric and Godgifu, his wife, concerning the endowment of a monastery at Stowe St Mary, Lincs [Map].