Biography of Ceawlin King Wessex -592

Paternal Family Tree: Wessex

556 Battle of Beran Burg

568 Battle of Wibbandun

577 Battle of Dyrham

584 First Battle of Woden's Barrow

584 Battle of Fethan Leag

592 Battle of Wanborough

Ceawlin King Wessex succeeded King Wessex.

Ceawlin King Wessex was born to Cynric King Wessex.

Anglo-Saxon Chronicle. 556. This year [his father] Cynric and Ceawlin fought with the Britons at Beranbury.

Battle of Beran Burg

In 556 [his father] Cynric King Wessex and Ceawlin King Wessex defeated the Britons at Barbury Castle [Map] during the Battle of Beran Burg. Barbury Castle [Map] possibly of strategic importance since it is located on the Ridgeway with extensive views over the Thames valley.

Anglo-Saxon Chronicle. 560. This year Ceawlin undertook the government of the West-Saxons; and Ella, on the death of Ida, that of the Northumbrians; each of whom reigned thirty winters. Ella was the son of Iff, Iff of Usfrey, Usfrey of Wilgis, Wilgis of Westerfalcon, Westerfalcon of Seafowl, Seafowl of Sebbald, Sebbald of Sigeat, Sigeat of Swaddy, Swaddy of Seagirt, Seagar of Waddy, Waddy of Woden, Woden of Frithowulf. This year Ethelbert came to the kingdom of the Cantuarians, and held it fifty-three winters. In his days the holy Pope Gregory sent us baptism. That was in the two and thirtieth year of his reign. And Columba, the mass-priest, came to the Picts, and converted them to the belief of Christ. They are the dwellers by the northern moors. And their king gave him the island of Hii, consisting of five hides, as they say, where Columba built a monastary. There he was abbot two and thirty winters; and there he died, when he was seventy-seven years old. The place his successors yet have. The Southern Picts were long before baptized by Bishop Ninnia, who was taught at Rome. His church or monastery is at Hwiterne, hallowed in the name of St. Martin, where he resteth with many holy men. Now, therefore, shall there be ever in Hii an abbot, and no bishop; and to him shall be subject all the bishops of the Scots; because Columba was an abbot—no bishop.

Around 565 [his son] Cuthwine was born to Ceawlin King Wessex.

Anglo-Saxon Chronicle. 568. This year Ceawlin, and [his brother] Cutha the brother Ceawlin, fought with Ethelbert, and pursued him into Kent. And they slew two aldermen at Wimbledon, Oslake and Cnebba.

Battle of Wibbandun

In 568 Ceawlin King Wessex and [his brother] Cutha Wessex fought against King Æthelberht of Kent (age 18) at the Battle of Wibbandun and drove him into Kent. The location of the battle is unknown.

Anglo-Saxon Chronicle. 577. This year Cuthwin and Ceawlin fought with the Britons, and slew three kings, Commail, and Condida, and Farinmail, on the spot that is called Derham, and took from them three cities, Gloucester, Cirencester, and Bath.

Battle of Dyrham

In 577 Ceawlin King Wessex and his son [his son] Cuthwine (age 12) won a major victory over the Britons at the Battle of Dyrham at Hinton Hill Dyrham, Gloucestershire. The victory of resulted in the capture of Gloucester, Gloucestershire [Map], Cirencester, Gloucestershire [Map] and Bath, Somerset [Map].

Coinmail Briton, Condidan Briton and Farinmail Briton were killed.

Battle of Fethan Leag

In 584 Ceawlin King Wessex and his son [his brother] Cutha Wessex defeated the Britons at the Battle of Fethan Leag which was probably fought at Stoke Lyne, Oxfordshire [Map].

Anglo-Saxon Chronicle. 584. This year Ceawlin and [his brother] Cutha fought with the Britons on the spot that is called Fretherne. There Cutha was slain. And Ceawlin took many towns, as well as immense booty and wealth. He then retreated to his own people.

First Battle of Woden's Barrow

In 584 Ceawlin King Wessex was defeated, probably by the Britons, possibly by Ceol King Wessex at the First Battle of Woden's Barrow which fought at Adam's Grave [Map], Pewsey, Wiltshire.

592 Battle of Wanborough

Anglo-Saxon Chronicle. 592. This year there was a great slaughter of Britons at Wanborough; Ceawlin was driven from his kingdom, and Ceolric reigned six years.

In 592 Ceawlin King Wessex was killed at the Battle of Wanborough. His nephew Ceol King Wessex succeeded King Wessex.

Anglo-Saxon Chronicle. 593. This year died Ceawlin, and Cwichelm, and Cryda; and Ethelfrith succeeded to the kingdom of the Northumbrians. He was the son of Ethelric; Ethelric of Ida.

Ceawlin King Wessex -592 appears on the following Descendants Family Trees:

Cerdic King Wessex 534

Royal Ancestors of Ceawlin King Wessex -592

Kings Wessex: Son of Cynric King Wessex

Royal Descendants of Ceawlin King Wessex -592

Mul King of Kent x 1

Cuthburh Wessex Queen Consort Northumbria x 1

Ealmund King of Kent x 1

King Cædwalla of Wessex x 1

King Ine of Wessex x 1

Ancestors of Ceawlin King Wessex -592

GrandFather: Cerdic King Wessex

Father: Cynric King Wessex

Ceawlin King Wessex