Biography of Cenwalh King of Wessex -672

Paternal Family Tree: Wessex

652 Battle of Bradford on Avon

658 Battle of Pen or Peonnum

Cenwalh King of Wessex was born to King Cynegils of Wessex.

In 611 [his father] King Cynegils of Wessex succeeded King Wessex.

Around 641 [his father] King Cynegils of Wessex died. His son Cenwalh King of Wessex succeeded King Wessex.

Anglo-Saxon Chronicle. 643. This year Kenwal succeeded to the kingdom of the West-Saxons, and held it one and thirty winters. This Kenwal ordered the old20 church at Winchester [Map] to be built in the name of St. Peter. He was the son of Cynegils.

Note 20. This epithet appears to have been inserted in some copies of the "Saxon Chronicle" so early as the tenth century; to distinguish the "old" church or minster at Winchester from the "new", A.D. 903.

Anglo-Saxon Chronicle. 645. This year King Kenwal was driven from his dominion by King Penda.

Anglo-Saxon Chronicle. 646. This year King Kenwal was baptized.

Anglo-Saxon Chronicle. 648. This year Kenwal gave his relation Cuthred three thousand hides of land by Ashdown. Cuthred was the son of Cwichelm, Cwichelm of Cynegils. [Note. Cuthred was nephew to Kenwal.].

Battle of Bradford on Avon

Anglo-Saxon Chronicle. 652. This year Kenwal fought at Bradford by the Avon [Map].

Battle of Pen or Peonnum

Anglo-Saxon Chronicle. 658. This year Kenwal fought with the Welsh at Pen, and pursued them to the Parret. This battle was fought after his return from East-Anglia, where he was three years in exile. Penda had driven him thither and deprived him of his kingdom, because he had discarded his sister.

Anglo-Saxon Chronicle. 660. This year Bishop Egelbert (age 35) departed from Kenwal; and Wina held the bishopric three years. And Egbert (age 35) accepted the bishopric of Paris, in Gaul, by the Seine.

Anglo-Saxon Chronicle. 661. This year, at Easter, Kenwal fought at Pontesbury; and Wulfere (age 21), the son of Penda, pursued him as far as Ashdown. Cuthred, the son of Cwichelm, and King Kenbert, died in one year. Into the Isle of Wight [Map] also Wulfere (age 21), the son of Penda, penetrated, and transferred the inhabitants to Ethelwald, king of the South-Saxons, because Wulfere adopted him in baptism. And Eoppa, a mass-priest, by command of Wilfrid and King Wulfere, was the first of men who brought baptism to the people of the Isle of Wight [Map].

Anglo-Saxon Chronicle. 672. This year died King Cenwal; and Sexburga his queen held the government one year after him.

In 672 Cenwalh King of Wessex died.

Bede. 673. Eleutherius was the fourth bishop of the West Saxons; for Birinus was the first, Agilbert the second, and Wine the third. When Coinwalch, in whose reign the said Eleutherius was made bishop, died, his under-rulers took upon them the kingdom of the people, and dividing it among themselves, held it ten years; and during their rule he died, and Heddi succeeded him in the bishopric, having been consecrated by Theodore (age 71), in the city of London; during whose prelacy, Cadwalla (age 14), having subdued and removed those rulers, took upon him the government. When he had reigned two years, and whilst the same bishop still governed the church, he quitted his sovereignty for the love of the heavenly kingdom, and, going away to Rome, ended his days there, as shall be said more fully hereafter.

Before Cenwalh King of Wessex and Seaxburh Queen of Wessex were married. He the son of King Cynegils of Wessex.

[his son] Cenfus Wessex was born to Cenwalh King of Wessex.

Cenwalh King of Wessex -672 appears on the following Descendants Family Trees:

Cerdic King Wessex 534

Royal Ancestors of Cenwalh King of Wessex -672

Kings Wessex: Son of King Cynegils of Wessex

Ancestors of Cenwalh King of Wessex -672

Great x 3 Grandfather: Cerdic King Wessex

Great x 2 Grandfather: Cynric King Wessex

Great x 1 Grandfather: Cutha Wessex

GrandFather: Ceol King Wessex

Father: King Cynegils of Wessex

Cenwalh King of Wessex