Biography of Ceolwulf King Northumbria -760

Paternal Family Tree: Bernicia

Ceolwulf King Northumbria was born to Cutha Northumbria.

In 729 Osric King Northumbria died. His fourth cousin twice removed Ceolwulf King Northumbria succeeded King Northumbria.

Anglo-Saxon Chronicle. 729. This year appeared the comet-star, and St. Egbert (age 90) died in Iona. This year also died the etheling Oswald; and Osric was slain, who was eleven winters king of Northumberland; to which kingdom Ceolwulf succeeded, and held it eight years. The said Ceolwulf was the son of Cutha, [his father] Cutha of Cuthwin, [his grandfather] Cuthwin of Leodwald, Leodwald of Egwald, Egwald of Ealdhelm, Ealdhelm of Occa, Occa of Ida, Ida of Eoppa. Archbishop Bertwald died this year on the ides of January. He was bishop thirty-seven winters, and six months, and fourteen days. The same year Tatwine (age 59), who was before a priest at Bredon in Mercia, was consecrated archbishop by Daniel Bishop of Winchester, Ingwald Bishop of London, Aldwin Bishop of Lichfield, and Aldulf Bishop of Rochester, on the tenth day of June. He enjoyed the archbishopric about three years.

Anglo-Saxon Chronicle. 737. This year Bishop Forthere and Queen Frithogitha went to Rome; and King Ceolwulf received the clerical tonsure, giving his kingdom to Edbert, his [his uncle] uncle's son: who reigned one and twenty winters. Bishop Ethelwold and Acca (age 77) died this year, and Cynewulf was consecrated bishop. The same year also Ethelbald ravaged the land of the Northumbrians.

In 737 Ceolwulf King Northumbria Abdicated. His first cousin Eadberht King of Northumbria succeeded King Northumbria.

737. Church of St Lawrence [Map] is next to the River Coquet 2.5km from where the river joins the sea at Amber. A wooden church is mentioned in 737AD when Ceolwulf King Northumbria gave Wercewode aka Warkworth, including the church, to the Abbot of Lindisfarne Abbey [Map].

In 760 Ceolwulf King Northumbria died.

Ancestors of Ceolwulf King Northumbria -760

Great x 4 Grandfather: Occa Northumbria

Great x 3 Grandfather: Ealdhelm Northumbria

Great x 2 Grandfather: Egwald Northumbria

Great x 1 Grandfather: Leodwald Northumbria

GrandFather: Cuthwin Northumbria

Father: Cutha Northumbria

Ceolwulf King Northumbria