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In 495 Cerdic King Wessex landed with his son [his son] Cynric King Wessex in five ships at Hampshire.

After 495 Cerdic King Wessex conquered the Isle of Wight [Map].

Anglo-Saxon Chronicle. 508. This year Cerdic and [his son] Cynric slew a British king, whose name was Natanleod, and five thousand men with him. After this was the land named Netley, from him, as far as Charford.

In 508 Natanleod King Britons was killed by Cerdic King Wessex and 5000 of his men, according to the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle at Netley Marsh, Hampshire.

Anglo-Saxon Chronicle. 519. This year Cerdic and [his son] Cynric undertook the government of the West-Saxons; the same year they fought with the Britons at a place now called Charford. From that day have reigned the children of the West-Saxon kings.

In 519 Cerdic King Wessex was appointed as the first King Wessex.

Anglo-Saxon Chronicle. 527. This year Cerdic and [his son] Cynric fought with the Britons in the place that is called Cerdic's-ley.

Anglo-Saxon Chronicle. 530. This year Cerdic and [his son] Cynric took the isle of Wight, and slew many men in Carisbrook.

Anglo-Saxon Chronicle. 534. This year died Cerdic, the first king of the West-Saxons. [his son] Cynric his son succeeded to the government, and reigned afterwards twenty-six winters. And they gave to their two nephews, Stuff and Wihtgar, the whole of the Isle of Wight.

In 534 Cerdic King Wessex died. His son [his son] Cynric King Wessex succeeded King Wessex.

[his son] Cynric King Wessex was born to Cerdic King Wessex.

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