Biography of Eadberht King of Northumbria -768

Paternal Family Tree: Bernicia

Eadberht King of Northumbria was born to Eata Northumbria.

Anglo-Saxon Chronicle. 737. This year Bishop Forthere and Queen Frithogitha went to Rome; and King Ceolwulf received the clerical tonsure, giving his kingdom to Edbert, his [his father] uncle's son: who reigned one and twenty winters. Bishop Ethelwold and Acca (age 77) died this year, and Cynewulf was consecrated bishop. The same year also Ethelbald ravaged the land of the Northumbrians.

In 737 Ceolwulf King Northumbria Abdicated. His first cousin Eadberht King of Northumbria succeeded King Northumbria.

Anglo-Saxon Chronicle. 738. This year Eadbery, the son of Eata the son of Leodwald, succeeded to the Northumbrian kingdom, and held it one and twenty winters. [his brother] Archbishop Egbert, the son of Eata, was his brother. They both rest under one porch in the city of York.

Anglo-Saxon Chronicle. 757. This year Eadbert, king of the Northumbrians, received the tonsure, and his son Osulf the kingdom; which he held one year. Him his own domestics slew on the ninth day before the kalends of August.

Anglo-Saxon Chronicle. 768. This year died King Eadbert, the son of Eata, on the fourteenth day before the calends of September.

On 19 Aug 768 19 Aug 768 Eadberht King of Northumbria died. His son [his son] Oswulf King of Northumbria succeeded King Northumbria. He reigned for less than a year being murdered on 25 Jul 759.

[his son] Oswulf King of Northumbria was born to Eadberht King of Northumbria.

Royal Descendants of Eadberht King of Northumbria -768

Oswulf King of Northumbria x 1

Ancestors of Eadberht King of Northumbria -768

Great x 1 Grandfather: Leodwald Northumbria

GrandFather: Cuthwin Northumbria

Father: Eata Northumbria

Eadberht King of Northumbria