Biography of Egbert King Wessex 773-839

Paternal Family Tree: Wessex

800 Battle of Kempsford

823 Battle of Ellendun

836 Battle of Charmouth

838 Battle of Hingston Down

Around 773 Egbert King Wessex was born to Ealmund King of Kent.

Battle of Kempsford

Anglo-Saxon Chronicle. 800. This year was the moon eclipsed, at eight in the evening, on the seventeenth day before the calends of February; and soon after died King Bertric and Alderman Worr. Egbert (age 27) succeeded to the West-Saxon kingdom; and the same day Ethelmund, alderman of the Wiccians, rode over the Thames at Kempsford; where he was met by Alderman Woxtan, with the men of Wiltshire, and a terrible conflict ensued, in which both the commanders were slain, but the men of Wiltshire obtained the victory.

In 802 Egbert King Wessex (age 29) succeeded King Wessex.

Anglo-Saxon Chronicle. 813. This year Archbishop Wulfred returned to his own see, with the blessing of Pope Leo; and King Egbert (age 40) spread devastation in Cornwall from east to west.

Battle of Ellendun

Anglo-Saxon Chronicle. 823. This year a battle was fought between the Welsh in Cornwall and the people of Devonshire, at Camelford, Cornwall; and in the course of the same year Egbert, king of the West-Saxons (age 50), and Bernwulf, King of Mercia, fought a battle at Wilton, in which Egbert (age 50) gained the victory, but there was great slaughter on both sides. Then sent he his son [his son] Ethelwulf into Kent, with a large detachment from the main body of the army, accompanied by his bishop, Elstan, and his alderman, Wulfherd; who drove Baldred, the king, northward over the Thames. Whereupon the men of Kent immediately submitted to him; as did also the inhabitants of Surrey, and Sussex, and Essex; who had been unlawfully kept from their allegiance by his relatives. The same year also, the king of the East-Angles, and his subjects besought King Egbert (age 50) to give them peace and protection against the terror of the Mercians; whose king, Bernwulf, they slew in the course of the same year.

In Sep 825 Beornwulf King Mercia defeated Ecgberht, King of Wessex (age 52), at the Battle of Ellendun replacing Mercian with Wessex dominance over the Saxon Heptarchy. Sir Frank Stenton described it as 'one of the most decisive battles of English history'. The location of the battle is not known although a number of locations have been suggested: Wroughton, Wiltshire, Lydiard Park Swindon, Wiltshire and Wilton, Wiltshire [Map].

In 825 King Sigered of Essex ceded the King Essex to Egbert King Wessex (age 52).

Anglo-Saxon Chronicle. 827. This year was the moon eclipsed, on mid-winter's mass-night; and King Egbert (age 54), in the course of the same year, conquered the Mercian kingdom, and all that is south of the Humber, being the eighth king who was sovereign of all the British dominions. Ella, king of the South-Saxons, was the first who possessed so large a territory; the second was Ceawlin, king of the West-Saxons: the third was Ethelbert, King of Kent; the fourth was Redwald, king of the East-Angles; the fifth was Edwin, king of the Northumbrians; the sixth was Oswald, who succeeded him; the seventh was Oswy, the brother of Oswald; the eighth was Egbert, king of the West-Saxons (age 54). This same Egbert (age 54) led an army against the Northumbrians as far as Dore, where they met him, and offered terms of obedience and subjection, on the acceptance of which they returned home.

Anglo-Saxon Chronicle. 828. This year Wiglaf recovered his Mercian kingdom, and Bishop Ethelwald departed this life. The same year King Egbert (age 55) led an army against the people of North-Wales, and compelled them all to peaceful submission.

Battle of Charmouth

Anglo-Saxon Chronicle. 836. Text 833AD. This year fought King Egbert (age 63) with thirty-five pirates at Charmouth, where a great slaughter was made, and the Danes remained masters of the field. Two bishops, Hereferth and Wigen, and two aldermen, Dudda and Osmod, died the same year.

In or before 838 [his son] King Æthelwulf of Wessex and [his daughter-in-law] Osburgh Queen Consort Wessex were married. She by marriage Queen Consort Wessex. He the son of Egbert King Wessex (age 64).

Battle of Hingston Down

Anglo-Saxon Chronicle. 838. Text 835AD. This year came a great naval armament into West-Wales, where they were joined by the people, who commenced war against Egbert (age 65), the West-Saxon king. When he heard this, he proceeded with his army against them and fought with them at Hengeston, where he put to flight both the Welsh and the Danes.

Anglo-Saxon Chronicle. 839. Text 836AD. This year died King Egbert (age 66). Him Offa, King of Mercia, and Bertric, the West-Saxon king, drove out of England into France three years before he was king. Bertric assisted Offa because he had married his daughter. Egbert (age 66) having afterwards returned, reigned thirty-seven winters and seven months. Then [his son] Ethelwulf, the son of Egbert, succeeded to the West-Saxon kingdom; and he gave his son Athelstan the kingdom of Kent, and of Essex, and of Surrey, and of Sussex.

In 839 Egbert King Wessex (age 66) died. His son [his son] King Æthelwulf of Wessex succeeded King Wessex.

[his son] King Æthelwulf of Wessex was born to Egbert King Wessex.

Royal Ancestors of Egbert King Wessex 773-839

Kings Wessex: Great x 7 Grand Son of Ceawlin King Wessex

Royal Descendants of Egbert King Wessex 773-839

King Æthelwulf of Wessex x 1

Ancestors of Egbert King Wessex 773-839

Great x 4 Grandfather: Ceolwald Wessex

Great x 3 Grandfather: Cenred Wessex

Great x 2 Grandfather: Ingild Wessex

Great x 1 Grandfather: Eoppa Wessex

GrandFather: Eafa Wessex

Father: Ealmund King of Kent

Egbert King Wessex