Biography of Eohric King East Anglia -902

Eohric King East Anglia was appointed King East Anglia.

Battle of the Holme

On 13 Dec 902 Æthelwold Prince Wessex revolted against his cousin King Edward "Elder" of the Anglo Saxons (age 28) helped by the Danes.

Sigehelm Earldorman Kent was killed fighting for King Edward "Elder" of the Anglo Saxons (age 28).

Brihtsige Wessex, Ysopa Wessex, Oscetel Wessex and Eohric King East Anglia were killed fighting for Æthelwold Prince Wessex.

Anglo-Saxon Chronicle. 905. This year Ethelwald enticed the army in East-Anglia to rebellion; so that they overran all the land of Mercia, until they came to Cricklade [Map], where they forded the Thames; and having seized, either in Bradon or thereabout, all that they could lay their hands upon, they went homeward again. King Edward (age 31) went after, as soon as he could gather his army, and overran all their land between the foss and the Ouse quite to the fens northward. Then being desirous of returning thence, he issued an order through the whole army, that they should all go out at once. But the Kentish men remained behind, contrary to his order, though he had sent seven messengers to them. Whereupon the army surrounded them, and there they fought. There fell Aldermen Siwulf and Sigelm; Eadwold, the king's thane; Abbot Kenwulf; Sigebriht, the son of Siwulf; Eadwald, the son of Acca; and many also with them; though I have named the most considerable. On the Danish side were slain Eohric their king, and Prince Ethelwald, who had enticed them to the war. Byrtsige, the son of Prince Brihtnoth; Governor Ysop; Governor Oskytel; and very many also with them that we now cannot name. And there was on either hand much slaughter made; but of the Danes there were more slain, though they remained masters of the field. Ealswitha died this same year; and a comet appeared on the thirteenth day before the calends of November.