Biography of King Æthelhere of East Anglia -655

654 Battle of Bulcamp

655 Battle of the Winwaed

King Æthelhere of East Anglia was born to Eni Wuffingas.

Battle of Bulcamp

In 654 King Penda of Mercia defeated the East Anglian army at the Battle of Bulcamp at Bulcamp, Blythburgh. [his brother] King Anna of East Anglia -654 and his son Jurmin Wuffingas were killed. Anna's son His uncle King Æthelhere of East Anglia succeeded King East Anglia.

Battle of the Winwaed

Anglo-Saxon Chronicle. 655. This year Penda was slain at Wingfield, and thirty royal personages with him, some of whom were kings. One of them was Ethelhere, brother of Anna, king of the East-Angles. The Mercians after this became Christians. From the beginning of the world had now elapsed five thousand eight hundred and fifty winters, when Peada, the son of Penda, assumed the government of the Mercians. In his time came together himself and Oswy (age 43), brother of King Oswald, and said, that they would rear a minster to the glory of Christ, and the honour of St. Peter. And they did so, and gave it the name of Medhamsted [Map]; because there is a well there, called Meadswell. And they began the groundwall, and wrought thereon; after which they committed the work to a monk, whose name was Saxulf. He was very much the friend of God, and him also loved all people. He was nobly born in the world, and rich: he is now much richer with Christ. But King Peada reigned no while; for he was betrayed by his own queen, in Easter-tide. This year Ithamar, Bishop of Rochester, consecrated Deus-dedit to Canterbury, on the twenty-sixth day of March.

On 15 Nov 655 King Oswiu of Northumbria (age 43) defeated the Mercian army (probably) at Cock Beck during the Battle of the Winwaed ending the period of Mercian dominance. The battle is believed to have ended Anglo-Saxon paganism.

On 15 Nov 655 Æthelwald King Deira 642- (age 13), an ally of King Penda of Mercia, withdrew his forces, one of many Mercian allies to do so, weakening King Penda's army.

King Penda of Mercia and King Æthelhere of East Anglia were killed. Penda's son Paeda King South Mercia succeeded King South Mercia.

[his brother] King Æthelwold of East Anglia -664 succeeded King East Anglia after the death of his father at the Battle of the Winwaed.

Family Trees of King Æthelhere of East Anglia -655

Paternal Family Tree: Wuffingas

Descendants Family Trees:

Ancestors of King Æthelhere of East Anglia -655

Great x 2 Grandfather: Wehha Wuffingas

Great x 1 Grandfather: Wuffa King East Anglia

GrandFather: Tytila King East Anglia -616

Father: Eni Wuffingas

King Æthelhere of East Anglia -655