Biography of King Ealdwulf of East Anglia -713

King Ealdwulf of East Anglia was born to Æthilric of East Anglia.

In 664 [his uncle] King Æthelwold of East Anglia died. His nephew King Ealdwulf of East Anglia succeeded King East Anglia.

680 Synod of Heathfield

Bede. 680. About this time, Theodore (age 78) being informed that the faith of the church at Constantinople was much perplexed by the heresy of Eutyches, and desiring to preserve the churches of the English, over which he presided, from that infection, an assembly of many venerable priests and doctors was convened, at which he diligently inquired into their doctrines, and found they all unanimously agreed in the Catholic faith. This he took care to have committed to writing by the authority of the synod, as a memorial, and for the instruction of succeeding generations; the beginning of which instrument is as follows:

"In the name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, in the tenth year of the reign of our most pious lord, Egfrid, king of the Northumbrians (age 35), the seventeenth of October, the eighth indiction; and in the sixth year of the reign of Ethelfrid, king of the Mercians, in the seventeenth year of the reign of Aldhulf, of the East Angles, in the seventh year of the reign of King Hlothhere of Kent, king of Kent; Theodore (age 78), by the grace of God, archbishop of the island of Britain, and of the city of Canterbury, being president, and the other venerable bishops of the island of Britain sitting with him, the holy Gospels being laid before them, at the place which, in the Saxon tongue, is called Heathfield [Map], we conferred together, and expounded the true and orthodox faith, as our Lord Jesus in the flesh delivered the same to his disciples, who saw him present, and heard his words, and as it is delivered in the creed of the holy fathers, and by all holy and universal synods in general, and by the consent of all approved doctors of the Catholic church; we, therefore, following them jointly and orthodoxly, and professing accordance to their divinely inspired doctrine, do believe, and do, according to the holy fathers, firmly confess, properly and truly, the Father, and Son, and Holy Ghost, a trinity consubstantial in unity, and unity in trinity, that is, one God subsisting in three consubstantial persons, of equal honour and glory."

Before 713 King Ealdwulf of East Anglia and Hereswith were married.

[his son] King Ælfwald of East Anglia was born to King Ealdwulf of East Anglia and Hereswith.

Bede. Resolving to quit the secular habit, and to serve him alone, Abbess Hilda of Whitby withdrew into the province of the East Angles, for she was allied to the king [Note. His sister-in-law]; being desirous to pass over from thence into France, to forsake her native country and all she had, and so live a stranger for our Lord in the monastery of Cale, that she might with more ease attain to the eternal kingdom in heaven; because her sister Hereswith, mother to [his son] King Ælfwald of East Anglia, king of the East Angles, at that time living in the same monastery, under regular discipline, was waiting for her eternal reward. Being led by her example, she continued a whole year in the aforesaid province, with the design of going abroad; afterwards, Bishop Aidan being recalled home, he gave her the land of one family on the north side of the river Wire; where for a year she also led a monastic life, with very few companions.

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Ancestors of King Ealdwulf of East Anglia -713

Great x 1 Grandfather: Tytila King East Anglia

GrandFather: Eni Wuffingas

Father: Æthilric of East Anglia

King Ealdwulf of East Anglia