Biography of King Ecgberht I of Kent -673

Paternal Family Tree: Oisingas

King Ecgberht I of Kent was born to King Eorcenberht of Kent and Seaxburh Wuffingas Queen Consort Kent.

On 20 Jan 640 [his grandfather] King Eadbald of Kent died. His son [his father] King Eorcenberht of Kent succeeded King of Kent. [his mother] Seaxburh Wuffingas Queen Consort Kent by marriage Queen Consort Kent.


In the above-mentioned year of the aforesaid eclipse, which was presently followed by the pestilence, in which also Bishop Colman, being overcome by the unanimous consent of the Catholics, returned home, Deusdedit, the sixth bishop of the church of Canterbury, died on the 14th of July. [his father] Erconbert, also, king of Kent, departed this life the same month and day; leaving his kingdom to his son Egbert, which he held nine years. The see then became vacant for some considerable time, until the priest Wighard, a man skilled in ecclesiastical discipline, of the English race, was sent to Rome by the said King Egbert, and Oswy, king of the Northumbrians (age 52), as was briefly mentioned in the foregoing book, with a request that he might be ordained bishop of the church of England; sending at the same time presents to the apostolic pope, and many vessels of gold and silver. Arriving at Rome, where Vitalian presided at that time over the Apostolic See, and having made known to the aforesaid pope the occasion of his journey, he was not long after snatched away, with almost all his companions that went with him, by a pestilence which happened at that time.

664 Plague Outbreak

Anglo-Saxon Chronicle. 664. This year the sun was eclipsed, on the eleventh of May; and [his father] Erkenbert, King of Kent, having died, Egbert his son succeeded to the kingdom. Colman with his companions this year returned to his own country. This same year there was a great plague in the island Britain, in which died Bishop Tuda, who was buried at Wayleigh-Chad and Wilferth were consecrated-And Archbishop Deus-dedit died.

Before 14 Jul 664 [his father] King Eorcenberht of Kent and [his mother] Seaxburh Wuffingas Queen Consort Kent were married. She the daughter of King Anna of East Anglia. He the son of King Eadbald of Kent and Emma Austrasia Queen Consort Kent.

On 14 Jul 664 [his father] King Eorcenberht of Kent died. His son King Ecgberht I of Kent succeeded I King of Kent.

Anglo-Saxon Chronicle. 667. This year Oswy (age 55) and Egbert sent Wighard, a priest, to Rome, that he might be consecrated there Archbishop of Canterbury; but he died as soon as he came thither.

Anglo-Saxon Chronicle. 669. This year King Egbert gave to Bass, a mass-priest, Reculver [Map] - to build a minster upon.

Around 670 [his son] King Wihtred of Kent was born to King Ecgberht I of Kent.

Anglo-Saxon Chronicle. 673. This year died Egbert, King of Kent; and the same year there was a synod at Hertford [Map]; and [his aunt] St. Etheldritha (age 37) began that monastery at Ely [Map].

On 04 Jul 673 King Ecgberht I of Kent died. His son [his son] King Eadric of Kent succeeded King of Kent.

[his son] King Eadric of Kent was born to King Ecgberht I of Kent.

Bede. They proceeded by sea to Marseilles, and thence by land to Arles, and having there delivered to John, archbishop of that city, Pope Vitalian's letters of recommendation, were by him detained till Ebrin, the king's mayor of the palace, sent them a pass to go where they pleased. Having received the same, Theodore repaired to Agilbert, bishop of Paris, of whom we have spoken above, and was by him kindly received, and long entertained. But Hadrian went first to Emme, and then to Faro, bishops of Sens and Meaux, and lived with them a considerable time; for the hard winter had obliged them to rest wherever they could. King Egbert, being informed by messengers that the bishop they had asked of the Roman prelate was in the kingdom of France, sent thither his prefect, Redfrid, to conduct him; who, being arrived there, with Ebrin's leave, conveyed him to the port of Quentavic; where, being indisposed, he made some stay, and as soon as he began to recover, sailed over into Britain. But Ebrin detained Hadrian, suspecting that he went on some message from the emperor to the kings of Britain, to the prejudice of the kingdom, of which he at that time took especial care; however, when he found that he really had no such commission, he discharged him, and permitted him to follow Theodore. As soon as he came, he received from him the monastery of St. Peter the apostle [Map], where the archbishops of Canterbury are usually buried, as I have said before; for at his departure, the apostolic lord had ordered that he should provide for him in his diocese, and give him a suitable place to live in with his followers.

673 Synod of Hertford

Bede. This synod was held in the year from the incarnation of our Lord 673. In which year, Egbert, king of Kent, died in the month of July; his brother [his brother] Lothere succeeded him on the throne, which he had held eleven years and seven months. Bisi, the bishop of the East Angles, who is said to have been in the aforesaid synod, was successor to Boniface, before spoken of, a man of much sanctity and religion; for when Boniface died, after having been bishop seventeen years, he was by Theodore substituted in his place. Whilst he was still alive, but hindered by much sickness from administering his episcopal functions, two bishops, Ecci and Badwin, were elected and consecrated in his place; from which time to the present, that province has had two bishops.

King Ecgberht I of Kent -673 appears on the following Descendants Family Trees:

Octa King of Kent 500-543

Royal Descendants of King Ecgberht I of Kent -673

King Eadric of Kent x 1

King Wihtred of Kent x 1

Ancestors of King Ecgberht I of Kent -673

Great x 3 Grandfather: Octa King of Kent

Great x 2 Grandfather: Eormenric King of Kent

Great x 1 Grandfather: King Æthelberht of Kent

GrandFather: King Eadbald of Kent

Great x 3 Grandfather: Clothar "The Old" I King Paris Merovingian King Franks

Great x 2 Grandfather: Charibert King Paris Merovingian

Great x 1 Grandmother: Bertha Merovingian Queen Consort Kent

Great x 2 Grandmother: Ingoberga Unknown Queen Consort Paris

Father: King Eorcenberht of Kent

Great x 1 Grandfather: Theudebert II King Austrasia

GrandMother: Emma Austrasia Queen Consort Kent

King Ecgberht I of Kent

Great x 4 Grandfather: Wehha Wuffingas

Great x 3 Grandfather: Wuffa King East Anglia

Great x 2 Grandfather: Tytila King East Anglia

Great x 1 Grandfather: Eni Wuffingas

GrandFather: King Anna of East Anglia

Mother: Seaxburh Wuffingas Queen Consort Kent