Biography of King Oswine of Deira -651

Paternal Family Tree: Deira

633 Battle of Hatfield Chase

641 Battle of Maserfield

King Oswine of Deira was born to Osric King Deira.

In 604 [his grandfather] Æthelric King Deira died. His son [his father] Osric King Deira succeeded King Deira.

Battle of Hatfield Chase

On 12 Oct 633 King Penda's alliance of Gwynedd and Mercia defeated the Northumbrians at the Battle of Hatfield Chase.

Eadfrith Deira was captured.

King Edwin of Northumbria (age 47) was killed. He was buried at Whitby Abbey [Map] - see Bede. His first cousin [his father] Osric King Deira succeeded King Deira. His nephew Eanfrith King Bernicia (age 43) succeeded King Bernicia.

Edwin's son Osfrith Deira was killed.

Battle of Maserfield

On 05 Aug 641 (or 642 or 644 depending on the source) King Penda of Mercia Mercian and Welsh army defeated the Northumbrian army at the Battle of Maserfield. The battle is believed to have taken place at Oswestry, Shropshire. Northumbria was once again separated into two kingdoms.

King Oswald of Northumberland (age 37) was killed. His body was subsequently dismembered with his head and arms mounted on poles. His brother King Oswiu of Northumbria (age 29) succeeded King Bernicia. Rhiainfellt Rheged Queen Consort Bernicia by marriage Queen Consort Bernicia.

[his father] Osric King Deira was killed. His son King Oswine of Deira succeeded King Deira.

Eowa King Mercia was killed (probably).

Anglo-Saxon Chronicle. 644. This year died at Rochester, Kent [Map], on the tenth of October, Paulinus, who was first Archbishop at York, and afterwards at Rochester. He was bishop nineteen winters, two months, and one and twenty days. This year the son of Oswy's uncle (Oswin), the son of Osric, assumed the government of Deira, and reigned seven winters.

Gilling Abbey [Map] was founded by King Oswiu of Northumbria (age 39) at the request of his wife Eanflæd Queen Consort Bernicia (age 24) at the site where Oswiu (age 39) had killed a rival and kinsman, King Oswine of Deira, Eanflæd's (age 24) second cousin, the cost being compensation for his death.

The abbey's first abbot was a relative of King Oswine: Bishop Trumhere.

The abbey's second abbot was Abbot Cynefrith.

The abbey's third abbot was Trumbert.

Anglo-Saxon Chronicle. 651. This year King Oswin was slain, on the twentieth day of August; and within twelve nights afterwards died Bishop Aidan, on the thirty-first of August.

On 20 Aug 651 King Oswine of Deira was killed at Gilling East. He was buried at Tynemouth Priory [Map].

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Yffe Deira

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Kings Deira: Son of Osric King Deira

Ancestors of King Oswine of Deira -651

Great x 1 Grandfather: Yffe Deira

GrandFather: Æthelric King Deira

Father: Osric King Deira

King Oswine of Deira