Biography of King Wihtred of Kent 670-725

Paternal Family Tree: Oisingas

On 14 Jul 664 [his grandfather] King Eorcenberht of Kent died. His son [his father] King Ecgberht I of Kent succeeded I King of Kent.

Around 670 King Wihtred of Kent was born to King Ecgberht I of Kent.

On 04 Jul 673 [his father] King Ecgberht I of Kent died. His son [his brother] King Eadric of Kent succeeded King of Kent.

In 687 Mul King of Kent was killed. King Wihtred of Kent (age 17) succeeded King of Kent.

Anglo-Saxon Chronicle. 690. This year Archbishop Theodore (age 88), who had been bishop twenty-two winters, departed this life22, and was buried within the city of Canterbury [Map]. Bertwald, who before this was abbot of Reculver [Map], on the calends of July succeeded him in the see; which was ere this filled by Romish bishops, but henceforth with English. Then were there two kings in Kent, Wihtred (age 20) and Webherd.

Note 22. He was a native of Tarsus in Cilicia, the birth-place of St. Paul.

Bede. Bertwald  succeeded Theodore in the archbishopric, being abbot of the monastery called Racuulfe [Map], which stands at the northern mouth of the river Genlade. He was a man learned in the Scriptures, and perfectly instructed in ecclesiastical and monastic teaching, yet in no wise to be compared to his predecessor. He was chosen bishop in the year of our Lord 692, on the first day of July, when Wictred (age 23) and Suaebhard were kings in Kent; but he was ordained the next year, on Sunday the 29th of June, by Godwin, metropolitan bishop of Gaul, and was enthroned on Sunday the 31st of August. Among the many bishops whom he ordained was Tobias, a man instructed in the Latin, Greek, and Saxon tongues, and otherwise of manifold learning, whom he consecrated in the stead of Gedmund, bishop of the Church of Rochester, who had died.

Anglo-Saxon Chronicle. 694. This year the people of Kent covenanted with Ina (age 24), and gave him 30,000 pounds in friendship, because they had burned his brother Mull. Wihtred (age 24), who succeeded to the kingdom of Kent, and held it thirty-three winters, was the son of Egbert, Egbert of Erkenbert, Erkenbert of Eadbald, Eadbald of Ethelbert. And as soon as he was king, he ordained a great council to meet in the place that is called Bapchild; in which presided Wihtred (age 24), King of Kent, the Archbishop of Canterbury, Brihtwald, and Bishop Tobias of Rochester; and with him were collected abbots and abbesses, and many wise men, all to consult about the advantage of God's churches that are in Kent. Now began the king to speak, and said, "I will that all the minsters and the churches, that were given and bequeathed to the worship of God in the days of believing kings, my predecessors, and in the days of my relations of King Ethelbert and of those that followed him-shall so remain to the worship of God, and stand fast for evermore. For I Wihtred (age 24), earthly king, urged on by the heavenly king, and with the spirit of righteousness annealed, have of our progenitors learned this, that no layman should have any right to possess himself of any church or of any of the things that belong to the church. And, therefore, strongly and truly, we set and decree, and in the name of Almighty God, and of all saints, we forbid all our succeeding kings, and aldermen, and all lawmen, ever, any lordship over churches, and over all their appurtenances, which I or my elders in old days have given for a perpetual inheritance to the glory of Christ and our Lady St. Mary, and the holy apostles. And look! when it happeneth, that bishop, or abbot, or abbess, depart from this life, be it told the archbishop, and with his counsel and injunction be chosen such as be worthy. And the life of him, that shall be chosen to so holy a thing, let the archbishop examine, and his cleanness; and in no wise be chosen any one, or to so holy a thing consecrated, without the archbishop's counsel. Kings shall appoint earls, and aldermen, sheriffs, and judges; but the archbishop shall consult and provide for God's flock: bishops, and abbots, and abbesses, and priests, and deacons, he shall choose and appoint; and also sanctify and confirm with good precepts and example, lest that any of God's flock go astray and perish-"

Anglo-Saxon Chronicle. 725. This year died Wihtred (age 55), King of Kent, on the ninth day before the calends of May, after a reign of thirty-two winters. His pedigree is above; and he was succeeded by [his son] Eadbert. Ina (age 55) this year also fought with the South-Saxons, and slew Ealdbert, the etheling, whom he had before driven into exile.

In 725 [his son] King Æthelbert II of Kent was born to King Wihtred of Kent (age 55).

On 23 Apr 725 King Wihtred of Kent (age 55) died. His son [his son] King Eadbert I of Kent succeeded King of Kent. He may have eigned with his brothers [his son] King Æthelbert II of Kent and [his son] King Alric of Kent.

[his son] King Alric of Kent was born to King Wihtred of Kent.

[his son] King Eadbert I of Kent was born to King Wihtred of Kent.

Royal Descendants of King Wihtred of Kent 670-725

King Eadbert I of Kent x 1

King Æthelbert II of Kent x 1

Ancestors of King Wihtred of Kent 670-725

Great x 4 Grandfather: Octa King of Kent

Great x 3 Grandfather: Eormenric King of Kent

Great x 2 Grandfather: King Æthelberht of Kent

Great x 1 Grandfather: King Eadbald of Kent

Great x 4 Grandfather: Clothar "The Old" I King Paris Merovingian King Franks

Great x 3 Grandfather: Charibert King Paris Merovingian

Great x 2 Grandmother: Bertha Merovingian Queen Consort Kent

Great x 3 Grandmother: Ingoberga Unknown Queen Consort Paris

GrandFather: King Eorcenberht of Kent

Great x 2 Grandfather: Theudebert II King Austrasia

Great x 1 Grandmother: Emma Austrasia Queen Consort Kent

Father: King Ecgberht I of Kent

Great x 4 Grandfather: Wuffa King East Anglia

Great x 3 Grandfather: Tytila King East Anglia

Great x 2 Grandfather: Eni Wuffingas

Great x 1 Grandfather: King Anna of East Anglia

GrandMother: Seaxburh Wuffingas Queen Consort Kent

King Wihtred of Kent