Biography of Osred King of Northumbria -792

Osred King of Northumbria was born to Alhred King of Northumbria.

Anglo-Saxon Chronicle. 788. This year Elwald, king of the Northumbrians, was slain by Siga, on the eleventh day before the calends of October; and a heavenly light was often seen on the spot where he was slain. He was buried in the church of Hexham [Map]; and Osred, the son of Alred, who was his nephew, succeeded him in the government. This year there was a synod assembled at Acley.

On 23 Sep 788 Ælfwald I King of Northumbria was murdered. He was buried at Hexham Abbey [Map]. Osred King of Northumbria succeeded King Northumbria.

In 792 Osred King of Northumbria was executed.

Anglo-Saxon Chronicle. 792. This year Archbishop Eanbert died, and Abbot Ethelherd was chosen archbishop the same year. Osred, king of the Northumbrians, was betrayed and banished from his kingdom, and Ethelred (age 30), the son of Ethelwald, succeeded him.

Anglo-Saxon Chronicle. and Osred, who had been king of the Northumbrians, returning home after his exile, was apprehended and slain, on the eighteenth day before the calends of October. His body is deposited at Tinemouth. Ethelred (age 32) this year, on the third day before the calends of October, took unto himself a new wife, whose name was Elfleda.