Biography of Saint Wihtburh Wuffingas -743

Paternal Family Tree: Wuffingas

Saint Wihtburh Wuffingas was born to King Anna of East Anglia (possibly).

Around 636 [her father] King Anna of East Anglia succeeded King East Anglia.

Battle of Bulcamp

In 654 King Penda of Mercia defeated the East Anglian army at the Battle of Bulcamp at Bulcamp, Blythburgh. [her father] King Anna of East Anglia and his son [her brother] Jurmin Wuffingas were killed. Anna's son His uncle [her uncle] King Æthelhere of East Anglia succeeded King East Anglia.

After her father's death in 654 Saint Wihtburh Wuffingas decided to build a convent at East Dereham. A traditional story relates that while she was building the convent, she had nothing but dry bread to give to the workmen. She prayed to the Virgin Mary and was told to send her maids to a local well each morning. There they found two wild does which were gentle enough to be milked; they provided nutritious drink for the workers. This allowed the workers to be fed.

In 743 Saint Wihtburh Wuffingas died.

In 798 Saint Wihtburh's remains were dug up and found not to have decayed. This was considered a miracle and her remains were re-interred in the church which she had built in East Dereham. The church became a place of pilgrimage, with people visiting Wihtburh's tomb.

In 974 Brithnoth, the abbot of Ely stole her remains so that he could profit from the pilgrims' visits. A spring had arose in Saint Wihtburh's violated tomb. The water in this spring was considered to be compensation for the loss of their saint; pilgrims continued to come to from the spring. The spring has never run dry.

Around 1250. St Withburga's Church, Holkham [Map]. The tower circa 13th Century. The rest of the church extensively rebuilt in 1767. It is now located in the grounds of Holkham Hall, Norfolk. It was built on a mound which may pre-date the church and may represent high ground near to the coast which is now further from the church as a consequence of land reclamation. The church is uniquely dedicated to Saint Wihtburh Wuffingas.

Saint Wihtburh Wuffingas -743 appears on the following Descendants Family Trees:

Wehha Wuffingas

Ancestors of Saint Wihtburh Wuffingas -743

Great x 3 Grandfather: Wehha Wuffingas

Great x 2 Grandfather: Wuffa King East Anglia

Great x 1 Grandfather: Tytila King East Anglia

GrandFather: Eni Wuffingas

Father: King Anna of East Anglia

Saint Wihtburh Wuffingas