Earldorman is in Anglo Saxon Titles.

Earl Bernicia

Around 1020 Ealdred Northumbria Earl Bernicia succeeded Earl Bernicia.

In 1038 Ealdred Northumbria Earl Bernicia was murdered by Carl son of Thurbrand in revenge for the murder of his father Thurbrand The Hold. His brother Eadwulf IV of Bamburgh succeeded Earl Bernicia.

Earl East Anglia

Around 1056 Gyrth Godwinson Earl East Anglia (age 24) was created Earl East Anglia.

Anglo-Saxon Chronicle. 1075. This year King William (age 47) gave Earl Ralph (age 33) the daughter of William Fitz-Osborne to wife. This same Ralph (age 33) was British on his mother's side; but his father, whose name was also Ralph, was English; and born in Norfolk. The king (age 47) therefore gave his son the earldom of Norfolk and Suffolk; and he then led the bride to Norwich [Map]. There was that bride-ale The source of man's bale. There was Earl Roger, and Earl Waltheof, and bishops, and abbots; who there resolved, that they would drive the king (age 47) out of the realm of England. But it was soon told the king (age 47) in Normandy how it was determined. It was Earl Roger and Earl Ralph (age 33) who were the authors of that plot; and who enticed the Britons to them, and sent eastward to Denmark after a fleet to assist them. Roger went westward to his earldom, and collected his people there, to the king's (age 47) annoyance, as he thought; but it was to the great disadvantage of himself. He was however prevented. Ralph (age 33) also in his earldom would go forth with his people; but the castlemen that were in England and also the people of the land, came against him, and prevented him from doing anything. He escaped however to the ships at Norwich [Map].97 And his wife was in the castle; which she held until peace was made with her; when she went out of England, with all her men who wished to join her. The king (age 47) afterwards came to England, and seized Earl Roger, his relative, and put him in prison. And Earl Waltheof went over sea, and bewrayed himself; but he asked forgiveness, and proffered gifts of ransom. The king (age 47), however, let him off lightly, until he98 came to England; when he had him seized. Soon after that came east from Denmark two hundred ships; wherein were two captains, Cnute Swainson, and Earl Hacco; but they durst not maintain a fight with King William (age 47). They went rather to York, and broke into St. Peter's minster, and took therein much treasure, and so went away. They made for Flanders over sea; but they all perished who were privy to that design; that was, the son of Earl Hacco, and many others with him. This year died the Lady Edgitha (age 49), who was the relict of King Edward, seven nights before Christmas, at Winchester; and the king (age 47) caused her to be brought to Westminster with great pomp; and he laid her with King Edward, her lord. And the king (age 47) was then at Westminster, at midwinter; where all the Britons were condemned who were at the bride-ale at Norwich. Some were punished with blindness; some were driven from the land; and some were towed to Scandinavia. So were the traitors of King William (age 47) subdued.

Note 97. Whence he sailed to Bretagne, according to Flor. S. Dunelm, etc.; but according to Henry of Huntingdon he fled directly to Denmark, returning afterwards with Cnute and Hacco, who invaded England With a fleet of 200 sail.

Note 98. i.e. Earl Waltheof.

Ralph de Gael 2nd Earl East Anglia succeeded Earl East Anglia. Emma Fitzosbern Countess East Anglia by marriage Countess East Anglia.

Ælfgar Earl of Mercia and East Anglia was appointed Earl East Anglia.

Earldorman Berkshire

Æthelwulf Mercia Earldorman Berkshire was appointed Earldorman Berkshire.

Earldorman Devon

In 964 Ordgar Earldorman Devon was appointed Earldorman Devon by his son-in-law King Edgar "Peaceful" I of England (age 21).

Earldorman East Anglia

Around 932 Æthelstan Half King (age 22) was appointed Earldorman East Anglia by King Æthelstan I of England (age 38).

In 1004 Ulfcytel Snillingr was appointed Earldorman East Anglia.

Earldorman Gaini

Æthelred Mucel Mercia Earldorman Gaini was appointed Earldorman Gaini.

Æthelwulf Mercia Earldorman Gaini succeeded Earldorman Gaini.

Earldorman Hwicce

In 994 Leofwine Mercia was created Earldorman Hwicce.

Earldorman Mercia

Anglo-Saxon Chronicle. 15 Apr 1053. In this year was the king (age 50) at Winchester, Hampshire [Map], at Easter; and Earl Godwin (age 52) with him, and Earl Harold (age 31) his son, and Tosty (age 27). On the day after Easter sat he with the king at table; when he suddenly sunk beneath against the foot-rail, deprived of speech and of all his strength. He was brought into the king's chamber; and they supposed that it would pass over: but it was not so. He continued thus speechless and helpless till the Thursday; when he resigned his life, on the seventeenth before the calends of May; and he was buried at Winchester in the old minster. Earl Harold (age 31), his son, took to the earldom that his father had before, and to all that his father possessed; whilst Earl Elgar took to the earldom that Harold (age 31) had before. The Welshmen this year slew a great many of the warders of the English people at Westbury, Wiltshire [Map]. This year there was no archbishop in this land: but Bishop Stigand held the see of Canterbury at Christ church, and Kinsey that of York. Leofwine and Wulfwy went over sea, and had themselves consecrated bishops there. Wulfwy took to the bishopric which Ulf had whilst he was living and in exile.

Before 31 Aug 1057 Leofric Earldorman Mercia was created Earldorman Mercia. Godgifu aka Lady Godiva by marriage Earldorman Mercia.

Around 31 Aug 1057 Leofric Earldorman Mercia died at Kings Bromley, Staffordshire [Map]. His son Ælfgar Earl of Mercia and East Anglia succeeded Earldorman Mercia.

Anglo-Saxon Chronicle. 1065. Soon after this all the thanes in Yorkshire and in Northumberland gathered themselves together at York, and outlawed their Earl Tosty (age 39); slaying all the men of his clan that they could reach, both Danish and English; and took all his weapons in York, with gold and silver, and all his money that they could anywhere there find. They then sent after Morkar, son of Earl Elgar, and chose him for their earl. He went south with all the shire, and with Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire and Lincolnshire, till he came to Northampton, Northamptonshire [Map]; where his brother Edwin came to meet him with the men that were in his earldom. Many Britons also came with him. Harold (age 43) also there met them; on whom they imposed an errand to King Edward (age 62), sending also messengers with him, and requesting that they might have Morcar for their earl. This the king granted; and sent back Harold (age 43) to them, to Northampton, on the eve of St. Simon and St. Jude; and announced to them the same, and confirmed it by hand, and renewed there the laws of Knute. But the Northern men did much harm about Northampton, whilst he went on their errand: either that they slew men, and burned houses and corn; or took all the cattle that they could come at; which amounted to many thousands. Many hundred men also they took, and led northward with them; so that not only that shire, but others near it were the worse for many winters.

On 03 Oct 1066 Edwin Earl of Mercia was appointed Earldorman Mercia when Tostig Godwinson Earl Northumbria (deceased) was rejected by the Northumbrians for having acted against the law.

Earldorman Eadric "Streona aka Acquisitive" Mercia was appointed Earldorman Mercia.

Earldorman Wiltshire

Before 12 Jun 898 Æthelhelm Earldorman Wiltshire was appointed Earldorman Wiltshire.