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A Complete History of England Elizabeth I

A Complete History of England Elizabeth I 1583

Such was the End of this powerful Man in Ireland, who deriv'd his Pedigree from Maurice Fitz-Gerald of Windsor, an Englishman, and of great Renown amongst the first Conquerors of Ireland in the Year 1170. He had very fait Lands and Possessions, yea whole Provinces, with Kerry a County-Palatine, many Castles, a number of Vassals and Dependents, and of his own Kindred and Surname he had about 500 Gentlemen at his Devotion. Of all which, as well as of his life also, he was bereft within three Years, very few of his Family being left, after he had once fortited his Allegiance to his Prince through the Persuasion of certain Priests. The principal of whom was Nicholas Sanders, an Englishman, who very near the same time was miserably famish'd to death, when forsaken of all, and troubled in mind for the bad success of the Rebellion, he wander'd up and down amongst Woods, Forests and Mountains, and found no Comfort or Relief. In his Pouch were found several Speeches and Letters made and written to confirm the Rebels, stuff'd with large Promises from the Pope and the Spaniard. Thus the Divine Justice (if a Man may judge ) stopt that Mouth with Hunger which had been always open to encourage Rebellions, and to belch forth malicious Lyes and Slanders. For (to omit other things) he was the first Man that broached that abomnable Lye concerning the Birth of Queen Elizaheth's Mother, which no Man in those Days (tho' the Hatred and Malice of the Papists was then fresh againit her, and might remember it) ever knew, England in full forty Years after never heard of the computation of Time doth egregiously convince of Falsehood and Vanity; and he, forgetting himself, (which a Lyar should not do) doth himself plainly confute. Yet are there some ill disposed People who blush not at this Day to beslur their Writings with this so impudent a Lye.