A Description of the Western Isles of Scotland

A Description of the Western Isles of Scotland is in Georgian Books.

A Description of the Western Isles of Scotland Called Hybrides With the Genealogies of the Chief Clans of the Isles By Sir Donald Monro High Dean of the Isles Who travelled through many of them in the year 1549.

First published from the manuscript in the year 1774, and printed by William Auld, Edinburgh.

A Description of the Western Isles of Scotland.

A Descriptionp of the Western Isles of Scotland I Man

FIRST in the Ireland seas, fornent the poynt of Galloway, neirest betwixt Scotland, England, and Ireland, lyes the first iyle of the saids isles, called in Latin tongue Mona and Sodora, in English Man, in Erishe Manain, whilks sometime, as auld historiographers sayes, was wont to be the seat first ordynit by Fynan king of Scottis to the priest and the philosophers called in Latine Druides, in English Culdeis and Kildeis, that is, worshippers of God, in Erish Leid Draiche, quhilks were the first teachers of religion in Albion, quherinto is the cathedrall of the bishop of Man and Isles dedicate, in the honour of St. Peter the apostle. This ile is twenty-four myles lang and eight myles braid, with twa castellis.

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2. ELSAY. Northwart from this ile of Man, sixty myles off, layes Elsay, an iyl of ane myle lange, quherin is ane grate high hill, round and roughe, and ane heavin, and als aboundance of Soland geise, and ane small poynt of ane nesse, quherat the fishing bottis lyis: for in the same ile is verey good killing, ling, and uther whyte fishes. Fornent this ile layes Carrick on the southeast pairt, Ireland on the southwest pairt, and the lands of Kintyre on the west and northwest pairt; the said Elsay being neir hand midsa betwixt the said marches.

3. ARRAN. Be north or northeist fra this ile, twenty-four myles of sea, lies Arran, ane grate ile, full of grate mountains and forrests, good for hunting,with pairt of woods, extending in lenthe from the Kyle of Arran to Castle Dounan southwart to twenty-four myles, and from the Kyle of Drumdouin to the Ness of Kilbride, sixteen myles of breadthe, inhabit onlie at the sea coasts. Herein are thre castils; ane callit Braizay, pertening to the Earle of Arran; ane uther auld house callit the castle of the heid of Lochrenasay, pertyning likeways to the said Earle; and the third callit castle Dounan, pertaining to ane of the Stuarts of Bute's blood, callit Mr. James: he and his bluid are the best men in that countrey. In Arran is a loche callit Lochrenasay, with three or four small waters: two paroch kirks, the ane callit Kilbride, the uther callit Kylmure. Fornent this ile layes the coste of Kyle in the east and southeist, be ten or twelve myles of sea in the north, Bute, be eight myles of sea in the west Skibness, pertening to the Erle of Argyle.

4. FLADA. 5. MOLASS. Upon the shore of this iyle lyes Flada, ane little iyle full of cunings, with ane uther little ile callit the yle of Molass, quherin there was foundit by Johne, Lord of the iles, ane monastry of friars, which is decayit.

6. BUITT. The yle of Buitt lyes, as we have said before, eight myles of sea to the northeist of Arran, ane mayne iyle, eight myle lange from the north to southe, and four myle braid fra the west to the eist, very fertyle ground, namelie for aitts, with twa strenthes; the ane is the round castle of Buitt, callit Rosay of the auld, and Borrowstone about it callit Buitt. Before the town and castle is ane bay of sea, quhilk is a gude heavin for ships to ly upon ankers. That uther castle is callit the castle of Kames, quhilk Kames in Erishe is alsmeikle as to say in English the bay Castle. In this ile ther is twa paroche kirks, that ane southe callit the kirk of Bride, the uther northe in the Borrowstone of Buitt, with twa chappells, ane of them above the towne of Buitt, the uther under the forsaid castle of Kames. On the north and northwest of this ile, be half myle of sea, lyes the coast of Ergyle; on the east syde of it the coast of Cuninghame, besix myle of sea.

7. INCHE MERNOCHE. On the west southwest of it lyes ane little iyle callit Inch Mernocke, twa myle frae sea, low mayne ground, weill inhabit and manurit, ane myle lange and half myle breadthe.

8. CUMBRA. On the eist and southeist lyes ane yle callit Cumbray, inhabit and manurit, three myle in lenth and ane myle in breadthe, with ane kirk callit Sanct Colmis kirke.

9. CUMBRAY DAIS. Besides this lyes ane iyle callit Cumbray of the Dais, because there is many Dayis intill it.

10. AVOYN. Before the south poynt of the promontory of Kintyre, lyes be ane myle of sea, ane iyle neire ane myle lange, callit the iyle Avoyn, quhilk iyle is obtained that name fra the armies of Denmark, quhilkis armies callit it in their leid Havin. It is inhabit and manurit, and guid for shipps to lay one ankers.

11. CARRITH SKEATHE. Fornent this iyle, one the shore of Kintyre, layes ane iyle with a castle, namet Carrick Skeath, with ane little water, quherin is ane guid havin for small bottis.

12. RACHLAIUN. On the southwest frae the promontory of Kyntyre, uppon the coast of Irland, be four myle to land, layes an iyle callit Rachlaine, pertaining to Irland, and possessit their money zeires by Clan Donald of Kyntyre, four myles longe and twa myle braid, guid land, inhabit and manurit.

13. CARAY. Upon the northwest coist of Kyntyre, be four myle of sea to the same, lyes ane little iyle, with a chapel in it, callit Caray, guid for quhite fishes, abundance of cunnings, inhabit and manurit; mair nor ane myle lange, and ane haffe myle braid.

14. GIGAY. At the heid of the iyle Caray, there fra northeist, lyes ane iyle callit Gigay, six myle lange, an myle and an half myle breidth, with ane paroche kirke, guid fertile mainland, it has therein abundance of eddirs. The auld thane of Gigay should be laird of the same, callit M'Neill of Gigay, and now it is possessit by the Clandonald. Streitest at the shore of Kintyre, from south west to northeist in length, four myle of sea from Kintyre.

15. DURAY. Nairest that iyle layes Duray, ane ather fyne forrest for deire, inhabit and manurit at the coist syde, part be Clandonald of Kyntyre, pairt be Mac Gullayne of Douard, pairt be M'Gellayne of Kinlochbuy, pairt be M'Duffithie of Colvansay, ane iyle of twenty-four myle of length, lyand from the southwest to the northeist twale myle of sea from Gigay above written, and ane myle from Ila, quhar is twa loches, meet and uthers throughe mide iyle, of salt water, to the lenthe of ane haff myle; and all the deire of the west pairt of that forrest, will be cahit be tainchess to that narrow entry, and the next day callit west againe, be tainchess through the said narrow entres, and infinit deire slaine there, pairt of small woods. This iyle, as the ancient iylanders alledges, should be callit Deiray, taking the name from the Deire innorne Leid, quhilk has given it that name in auld times. In this iyle there is twa guid and safe raids for shipps, the ane callit Lubnalierie, and the uther Loche Terbart, fornent others. The greatest hills in this iyle are chieflie Bencheelis, Bensenta, Corben, Benannoyre in Ardlaysay; ane chappel, sometime the paroch kirke Kiternadill. The watter of Lasay ther, the watter of Udergan, the watter of Glongargister, the waters of Knockbraik, Lindill, Caray, Ananbilley; all thir waters salmond slaine upon them. This iyle is full nobell coelts, with certaine fresche water Loches, with meikell of profit.

16. SKARBAY. Neiras this iyle, be twa myle, Iyes ane iyle called Scarbay. Betwixt thir twa iyles ther runnes ane streame, above the power of all sailing and rowing, with infinit dangers, callit Corybrekan. This stream is aught myle lang, quhilk may not be hantit bot be certain tyds. This Skarbay is four myles lange from the west to the eist, and an myle breadth, ane high rough yle, inhabit and manurit, with some woods in it.

17. VELICHE. Niarest the iyle of Skarbay layes ane iyle, called in Erish Ellan Veliche, unto the northeist.

18. GILBRASTOL. Narrest this lays the iyle Gilbrastoll, a very little iyle.

19. LUNGAY. Narrest to the iyle of Gilbrastol lays the iyle called Lungay.

20. FIDLACHAILLE. Narrest the iyle Lungay, thers ane iyle callit Fidlachaille.

21. FIDLAVIROW. Narrest the iyle of Fidlachaille ther layes ane iyle, callit in Erische Fidlavirow.

22. GAROWHELLACH SHEAIN. Narrest the iyle Fidlavirow ther layes an iyle, in Eriche namit Garowhellach Skean.

23. GAROWHILLACH-NANRONOW. Narrist to this forsaid iyle layes ther ane rockie knobe, namit in Erische Garowhillach-Nanronow.

24. NANAOSE. Narrist to this iyle of Garowhellach-Nanronow layes ther a verey little iyle, callit in Erische Eluche Nanaose.

25. CULIBRENYN. Narrist to the iyland Nanaose layes ther the small iylland, callit in the Erische Leid Culibrenyn.

26. DUNCHONILL. Dunchonil, ane iyle so namit from Conal Kernache, ane strenth, wich is alsmeike as to say in Englishe, ane round castle.

27. MADIE. Ellan Madie, in Erishe, layes betwixt Lungay, and being callit in Englishe the Wolfiis iyle.

28. BELNACHNA. Narrest the Wolfiis iyle layes ane iyllane, callit in Erische Leid-Ellan-Belnachna, quharin ther is fair skailzie aneuche.

29. VICRERAN. Narrest to the iyle of Belnachna layes the small iyle of Vickeran.

30. NAGAWNWA. Hard on the iyle Vyckeran layes ther a small iyland, namit in Erische Ellan Nagaruwa.

31. LUNGE. Lunge, three myle of lenthe, twa pairt myle of breadthe, with a paroch kirk, guid main land, inhabit and manurit, guid for store and corn. It possist be M'Gillayne of Doward, in feu fra the earl of Ergile. It is a havin sufficient for Highland galeyis in it, layand from the southwest to northeist in lenthe.

32. SEILL. Narrest this iyle layes Seill, thre myle of lenthe, ane half myle breidth, leyand from the southwest to the northest, inhabit and manurit, guid for store and corne, pertaining to the Erl of Ergyle.

33. SEUNAY. Narrest this iyle of Seill layes the iyle Seunay, two myle in lenthe, and half myle in breadthe from southwest to northeist, inhabit and manurit, guid for gersing store, and pcrtaining to the Erle of Ergyle.

34. SKLAITT. Narrest Seunay layes ther a litle iyle, callit in Erische Leid Ellan Sklaitt, quherein ther is abundance of skalzie to be win.

35. NAWISSOGE. Narrest this iyle layes the small ile of Nawissogu, in Erish callit Ellan Nawissogue.

36. EISDCALFE. Narrest this layes ther the iyle Eisdcalfe, namit in the Erische Leid Ellan Eisdcalfe.

37. INCHE KENYTH. Narrest this iyle layes ane iylland, namit Inche Kenyth.

38. INCHIAN. Narrest this iyle layes an iylland, namit in Erische Leid Ellan Inchian.

39. UDERGA. Narrest this forsaid iyl of Inchian layes ane uther verey small rock, callit in Erische Leid Ellan Uderga.

40. KING'S IYLE. Narrest to the iyle Uderga layes ane iyle, callit in Erische Leid Ellan Reigh, that is in English the King's isle.

41. BLACK ISLE. Narrest to the King's iyle layes ane isle, or rather a grate craig, callit in Erish Leid Ellan Duff, in English the Black isle.

42. KIRKE IYLE. Narrest the Black iyle layes there ane iyle, callit in Erisch Leid Nahagleis, and in English the Kirke iyle.

43. CHREARACHE. Narrest to this Kirk ile layes the iyle Chrearache.

44. ARDE. Narrest to Chrearache layes there ane iyle, callit in the Erische Leid Ellan Arde, in English the Highe iyle.

45. LAICH ILE. Narrest to the Arde layes ther ane iyle, callit in Erisch Leid Ellan Esill, in English the Laiche iyle.

46. GREINE IYLE. Narrest this Laiche ile layes ane iyle namit in Erish Leid Glassellan, that is in English the Green yland.

47. HEDDIR IYLE. Narrest the Green yle layes the yile which in the Erish is namit Freuch Ellan, or the Heddir yland.

48. HASIL IYLE. Narrest the Heddir iyle layes ther another, which in the Erish is callit Ellan-na-Crawiche.

49. GATIS IYLES. Narrest the Hasil iyle layes ane rockie scabrous iyle, callit in the Erishe Leid Ellan Nagonre, which in English is the Gaytis ile.

50. CONINGS ILE. Narrest to the Gaytis iyle layes ther a verey pretty little sandy ile, callit in the Erish Leid Ellan Nagenin, which in English is the Conings ile.

51. IDYLE IYLE. Narrest the Conings iyle layes the iyle callit be the Erish Ellan Dravin, that is the Idyle iyle.

52. EISELL. Narrest the Idyle iyle layes ther a laiche small iyle, namit by the Erisch Ellan Eisell, or the Laich iyle.

53. URIDITHE. Narrest to the aforesaid iyland layes the ile of the Erisch themselves, callit Uridithe.

54. LISMOIR. Lismoir, ane iyle quher leid ure is, fornent Douard. This iyle is four myle lang, with ane paroche kirke in it.

55. ILA. Nar this forsaid iyle, on the west side of it, layes Ila, an ile of twentie mile lenthe from the north to the south, and sixteen myle in breadth from the eist to the west, fertil, fruitful, and full of natural grassing, with maney grate diere, maney woods, faire games of hunting beside everey toune, with ane watter callit Laxay, whereupon maney salmon are slaine, with ane salt water loch callit Lochegunord, quherin runs the water of Gyinord, with high sandey bankes, upon the quhilk bankes upon the sea lyes infinit selccheis, whilkis are slain with doges lernt to the same effect. In Ila is meikle lead ure in Mochyills. In this iyle there is ane guid raid for schipps, callit in Erische Polmoir, and in English the Mechell puill; this layes at ane toune callit Lanlay Vanych. Ane uther raid layes within Ellan Grynard, callit in English the isle at the poynt of the ness; the raid is callit Leodannis. Within this iyle ther is sundrie freshe water lochis, sic as Lochmoyburge, wherein ther layes an iyle perteining to the Bishopes of the iyles; the loch of Ellan Charrin, quherin ther is ane iyle pertyning to M'Gillane of Doward; Loch Cherossa, with ane iyle perteining to the abbot of Colmkill. In this iyle there is strenths castells; the first is callit Dunowaik, biggit on ane craig at the sea side, on the southeist part of the countery pertaining to the Clandonald of Kintyre; second is callit the castle of Lochgurne, quhilk is biggit ill ane iyle within the said fresche water loche far fra land, pertaining of auld to the Clandonald of Kintyre, now usurped be M'Gillayne of Doward. Ellan Forlagan, in the middle of Ila, ane faire iyle in fresche water.

56. EARNE ISLE. At the mouth of Kyle Ila, betwixt it and Duray, lyes ane ile, callit in Erische Leid Ellan Charne, in English the iyle of Earne. Her begin to circkell Iyla, sune gaittis aboute with litle iyles.

57. HESSIL IYLE. Narrest this southwardes layes an iyle, callit in Erish the Leid Ellan Natravie, in English the Hessil iyle.

58. MULMOYRIS IYLE. Narrest that, at the said shore of Ila, layes there ane little iyle, callit Ellan M'luray, callit in English Mulmorysis iyle.

59. OFRUM. Narrest this, at the said shore, southwart, lyes that iyle, callit in the Erische Ellan Ofrum.

60. BRYDES IYLE. Narrest to this, at the said shore, southwart, layes that iyle, which the Erische name Ellan Birde, in English Brydes iyle.

61. CORS KER. Narrest this, at the said shore, layes ane litle iyle, by the Eriche callit Cors Ker, tha is, the Stay Skarey or craige.

62. EISILACHE. Narrest to this is ther a small iyle, at the said shore of Ila, which the Eriche call Ellan Eisillache, that is, the Liche iyle.

63. IMERSKA. Narrest this layes the litle island Imerska.

64. BETHEY. Narrest to the iyle Imerska layes that iyle, which the Erische name Elan Bethey.

65. TISGAY. Narrest this layes, at the south cost of Ila, thir is ane iyle, callit by the Erische Tisgay, ane myle of lenthe guid maineland, and ane kirk in it; very guid it is for sheep and for fishing.

66. SCHEIPIS IYLE. Narrest this layes Ellan Nakerath, by the Eirische so called, and in Englische the Scheipis iyle, quhilk is verey guid for the same, and for corn also.

67. MYRESNYPES IYLE. Narrest this, to the southwarte, layes ther ane iyle, by the Erishe namit Ellan na Naoske, in Englicshe the Myresnypes iyle.

68. NESS POYNTE IYLE. Narrest this layes ther ane ysle, by the Erishe nameit in their Leide Ellan, that is the yle at the west poynt.

69. LYART IYLE. Narrest this layes Leach Ellan, Ryndnahard, by the Erishe namit sa, in Englische namit the Lyart iyle.

70. TAIRSKERAY. Narrest to this layes ane iyle, by Erische themselves called Tairskeray.

71. ACHNARRA. Narrest to Tairskeray layes the iyle namit Achnarra.

72. GRAIT IYLE. Narrest this layes that iyle by the Erische namit Ellan Moire, that is the great iyle, guid for store and pasturage.

73. THE IYLE OF THE MAN'S FIGURE. Narrest to the grate iyle lyes that which the Erische namit Ellancalffe, callit in Englishe the iyle of Man's figure.

74. JHONE'S IYLE. Narrest this layes Ellan Ean, callit in Englishe Jhone's ile.

75. STARBEADES. Narrest to this layes that iyle that the Erische calls Stackbeades.

76. ONERSAY. Narrest this, at the west poynt of Ilay, lyes ane iyle, callit by the Erische Ellan Onersay, ane myle in lenthe. It hath ane paroch kirke, and is verey guid for fishing, inhabit and manurit, with ane right dangerous kyle and stream callit Corey Garrache; na man dare enter in it bot at ane certain tyme of the tyde, or ellis he will perish. This iyle layes in lenth from the southeist to the northwest.

77. MERCHANDS IYLE. Narrest this, on the northwest coist of Ila, layes an iyle, callit by the Erische Ellan Kenyth, that is the merchands iyle.

78. USABRAST. Narrest this, on the foresaid northwest coist of Ila, lyes an iyle, callit Usabrast, good for grass and fishing.

79. TANEFTE. Narrest this, on the north coist of Iyla, lyes ane iyle, nameit Ellan Tanefte.

80. NESE. Narrest the same, on the north coist of Ila, beside the entresse of Lochgrunord, layes ane iyle, called by the Erish Ellan-nese, with ane kirke in it. This iyle is half ane myle in lenthe, fair maynland, inhabit and manurit, guid for fishing.

81. VEBSTER. Narrest this iyles lyes ther ane, callit by the Erische themselves Ellan Nabaney, that is the Vebster's iyle.

82. ORNANSAY. North from Ilay layes ane iyle callit Ornansay, it is twa myle lange, and neire alls meikell in breidth, quherin ther is ane monastery of chanons, mayne laiche land, full of hairs and foulmarts, with convenient havens for Heyland galleys, and shald at the shores. It lays eight miles of sea north from Ila.

83. Beside this iyle Ornansay layes ane uther ile lesse than it, callit by the Irische Ellan Namuche, half ane myle lang, which is guid for swyne and alse uther bestiall.

84. COLNANSAY. Northward from the isle of Ornansay, be ane half myle of sea, lyes ane ile, callit Colnansay, seven myle lange from the northeist to the southwest, with twa myle bredthe, ane fertile ile guid for quhit fishing. It hath ane paroch kirke. This ile is bruikit be ane gentle capitane, callit M'Duffyhe, and pertened of auld to Clandonald of Kyntyre.

85. MULL. Twelfe myle northward from the iyle of Colnansay lyes the iyle of Mull, ane grate rough ile, noch the les it is fertile and fruitful. This ile contains in lenth from the northeist to the southweste twenty-four myles, and in breid from the eist southeist to west northwest uther twenty-four myles, with certain woodes, maney deire, and verey fair hunting games, with many grate mertines and cunnings for hunting, with a guid raid fornent Colmkill, callit Pollaisse. There is sevin paroche kirks within this iyle, and thre castles, to wit the castle of Doward, a strenthey place, bigged on a craige at the sea syde; the castle of Lochbowy, pertaining to M'Gillayne of Lochbowy; the castle of Arose, quhilk in former time pertinet to the Lord of the iyles, and now is bruked be M'Gillayne of Doward. In this ile there is twa guid fresche waters, ane of them are callit Ananva, and the water of Glenforsay, full of salmond, with uther waters that has salmond in them, but not in sic aboundance as the twa forsaid waters. This ile hath alsa salt water loches, to wit, Loch Ear, ane little small loche, with guid take of herringes: this loche layes in the southwest of the countrey. Then is Loch Fyne, quherin ther is a guid take of herrings. Northwest fra this loche, lyes Loch Seaforte, guid for the herring fishing. Lykwayes on the east pairt of the countrey layes ane loche, callit Lchepetit. Narrest this loche, in the southe southeist, layes Lochbowy, a fair braid loche, quherin there is grate take of herring and uther fishings. As als within this ile ther is twa freshe water loches; the ane is callit Loche Strathsenaban, with an ile in it, callit by the Erische Ellan Strathsenaban; the uther fresche water loche is callit Lochebaa, with an iyle therein. Thir iyles are baith strenthe and inhabit. This iyle pertains pairtly to M'Gillayne of Doward, pairtly to M'Gillayne of Lochbowy, pairtly to M'Kynnoun, and pairtly to the Clandonald of awld. This iyland layes but four myle from the firme land of Moriwarne.

86. THE DOW ILE. At the southwest shore of the ile of Mull, lyes ane little ile, by the Erische namit Ellan-chane, that is the Dow illyand, inhabit, half a myle lange, fruitfull for corne and gressing, with ane havin for Heighland bottis.

87. ERRAY. Northwest from this ile layes ane ile, namit by the Erische Ellan Erray, ane iyle of halffe myle lange and halffe myle braid, guid main land, inhabit and manurit, fruitfull of corne and pastorage, with abundance of fisching.

88. COLMKILL. Narrest this, be twa myles of sea, layes the ile the Erische callit I-colm-kill, that is, Sanct Colm's ile, an faire mayne ile of twa myle lange and maire, and ane myle braid, fertill, and fruitfull of corne and store, and guid for fishing. Within this ile there is a monastery of mounckes, and ane uther of nuns, with a paroche kirke, and sundrie uther chapells, dotat of auld by the kings of Scotland, and be Clandonald of the iyles. This abbay forsaid was the cathedrall kirk of the bishops of the iyles, sen the tyme they were expulsed out of the ile of Man by the Englishmen, for within the ile of Man was ther cathedrall kirk and living of auld, as I have already said in the description of that ile. Within this ile of Colmkill, there is ane sanctuary also, or kirkzaird, callit in Erische Religoran, quhilk is a very fair kirkzaird, and weill biggit about with staine and lyme. Into this sanctuary ther is three tombes of staine, formit like little chapels, with ane braid gray marble or quhin staine in the gavill of ilk ane of the tombes. In the staine of the ane tombe there is wretten in Latin letters, Tumulus Regum Scotiæ, that is, The tombe ore grave of the Scotts Kinges. Within this tombe, according to our Scotts and Erische cronikels, ther layes fortey-eight crouned Scotts kings, through the quhilk this ile has been richlie dotat be the Scotts kings, as we have said. The tombe on the south syde forsaid hes this inscription, Tumulus Regum Hyberniæ, that is, The tombe of the Irland kinges; for we have in our auld Erische cronickells, that ther wes foure Irland kinges eirdit in the said tombe. Upon the north syde of our Scotts tombe, the inscriptione beares Tumulus Regum Norwegiæ, that is, The tombe of the kings of Norroway; in the quhilk tombe, as we find in our ancient Erische cronickells, ther layes eight kings of Norroway, and als we find, in our Erishe cronickells, that Coelus king of Norroway commandit his nobils to take his bodey and burey it in Colmkill, if it chancit him to die in the iles; bot he was so discomfitit, that ther remained not so maney of his armey as wald burey him ther; therefor he wes eirded in Kyle, after hc stroke ane field against the Scotts, and was vanquisht be them. Within this sanctuary also lyes the maist pairt of the Lords of the iles, with their lineage. Twa Clan Lynes with their lynage, M'Kynnon and M'Guare with their lynages, with sundrie uthers inhabitants of the hail iles, because this sanctuarey wes wont to be the sepulture of the best men of all the iles, and als of our kings, as we have said; becaus it was the maist honorable and ancient place that was in Scotland in thair dayes, as we reid.

89. SOA. At the southwest end of this ile of Colmkill, layes ane ile callit Soa, quherin ther is infinit number of wyld fowels nests. It is half ane myle in lenthe, verey guid for sheepe. It pertains to Colmkill.

90. NABAN. On the southeist syde of the yland of Colmkill, ther layes ane ile, callit in Erishe Ellan Naban, that is the Woemens ile. It is full of heddir, guid for store and fishing. It pertains to Colmkill.

91. MOROAN. On the north northest end of Colmkill, lyes ane little ile, by the Erishe namit Ellan Moroan, ane little laiche maine sandie ile, full of bent and guid for sheepe. It pertains to Colmkill.

92. RERINGE. On the north syde of Colmkill layes ther ane litel iyle, by the Erishe namit Ellan Reringe, ane profitable ile, yielding verey grate plentey of wyld fowls eggs, and guid for fishing, perteining to Colmkill.

93. INCHE KENZIE. On the north and north-northeist of Colmkill, lyes ane iyle, be twalve myles of sea till within the entres of Lochseaford forsaid, callit Inch Kenzie, half ane myle in lenthe, and not fully half a myle in breadthe, a fair ile, fertill and fruitful, inhabit and manurit, full of cunings about the shores of it, with a paroch kirk, the maist part of the parochin being upon the mayne shoar of Mull, being onlie ane half myle distant from the said ile, and the haill parochin of it pertains to the prioress of Colmkill.

94. EORSAY. Within this iyle of Inch Kenzie, in the said Loche of Seaforte, be ane myle of sea, lyes ane ile callit Eorsay, ane fertile ile, full of corne and grassing, mair than a myle lang, pertaining to the prioress of Colmkill.

95. CALFA. Upon the narrest coste of Mull layes ane iyle callit Calfe, ane myle of lenthe, full of woods, with ane sufficient raid for shipes, perteyning to M'Gillayne of Doward.

96. THE GLASSE ILES. Befor the castel of Aross lyes ther twa iyles, the ane callit by the Erishe Glassmoire, the other Glassbeg, and in the southeist fra that, throughe the Kyle of Mull, lyes the said twa iles, perteyning to M'Gillayne of Doward.

97. ARDIN RIDER. From the twa Glass iles to the southeist lyes an ile, callit by the Erishe Ardin Rider, that is, the ile of Knightsness, perteining to M'Gillayne of Doward.

98. ELLAN MADIE. Southward from Doward layes ane ile, upon the shore side, namit Ellan Madie by the Erishe. It is very guid for store, being bentey. It pertains to M'Gillayne of Doward.

99. ELLAN MOIR. Southwest from Ellan-madie, upon the shore of Mull, lyes ane ile, callit by the Erishe Ellan-moir, guid for store and for fishing, pertening to M'Gillayne of Lochbuy.

100. RONIN. Sixteen myle northwast from the ile of Coll, lyes ane ile, callit Ronin ile, of sixteen myle lang, and six in bredthe in the narrowest, ane forest of heigh mountains, and abundance of litle deire in it, quhilk deir will never be slane dounewith, but the principal saitts man be in the height of the hill, because the deir will be callit upwart, ay be the Tainchell, or without tynchell they will pass upwart perforce. In this ile will be gotten about Britane als many wild nests upon the plane mure as men pleasis to gadder, and yet by resson the fowls hes few to start them except deir. This iyle lyes from the west to the eist in lenth, and pertains to M'Kenabrey of Colla. Maney solan geise are in this ile.

101. THE HORSE IYLE. Be foure of sea toward the southeist, layes ane little ile, half ane myle lang, callit be the Eriche Ellannaneache, that is in Englishe the Horse ile, guid for horse and uther store, perteining to the Bishope of the iles.

102. SWYNES ILE. Be ane haffe myle of sea to this ile, lyes ane ile of twa myle lang, callit in Erische Ellannaneche, that is the Swynes ile, and very fertill and fruitful of cornes and grassing for all store, and verey guid for fishing, inhabit and manurit, a good falcon nest in it. It perteynis to the Bishope of the iles, with ane guid heighland haven in it, the entrey quherof is at the west cheik.

103. KANNAY. Be twa myle of sea towards the northwest, towards the ile of Ronin, layes ane ile callit Kannay, faire maine land, foure myle lange, inhabit and manurit, with paroche kirke in it, guid for corne, fishing and grassing, with a falcon nest in it, pertines to the Abbot of Colmkill.

104. EGGA. North from Ellan-muche be four myles Iyes ane ile, callit the ile of Egga, four myle lange and twa myle braid, gude maine land, with a paroche kirke in it, and many solan geese, and verey guid for store, namelie for sheip, with a haven for heighland bottis.

105. SOA URETTIL. Northeist be twalve myles of sea from the ile Ronin, layes ane ile of half myle in lenth, callit Soa Urettill, ane roughe iyle, quherin deir uses to be, and hunting games. It pertaines to M'Cloid of Heray.

106. SKY. North fra the ile Soa Urettill, be twa myle of sea, lyes the grate ile of Sky, tending from the south to the north to fortey twa myles, roughe and hard land; that is to say, from the south poynt of Sleitt to the north poynt of Trouternesse, and eight myle braid in some places, and in uther places twalve myles braid. In this ile there is twalve paroche kirkes, manurit and inhabit, fertill land, namelie for aitis, excelling aney uther, ground for grassing and pastoures, abounding in store, and of studds in it, maney woods, maney forrests, maney deire, fair hunting games, maney grate hills, principally Euilvelimi and Glannock. Within this ile ther is gud take of salmant upon five watters principally, to wit, the water of Sneisport, Sligachan, Straitswardill, Ranlagallan, and Kilmtyne, with seven or aught uther smallar watters, quherupon salmont are also slayne. In this ile there is ane freshe water loche, callit the loche of Glenmoire, quheron ther is abundance of salmont and kipper slane. Within this ile of Sky there is five castills; to wit, the castill of Dunbeggan, pertaining to M'Cloyd of Herray, ane starke strengthe, biggit upon ane craig; the castill of Dunnakyne, perteining to Mackynnoun; the castill Dunringill, perteining to the said Mackynnoun; the castill of Camns in Sleit, perteining to Donald Gromsone; the castill of Dunskay, perteining to the said Donald Gromsone; and the castill of Donntwyline, perteining to Donald Gromesone lykeways. Within this ile ther is seven sundry countreys: to wit, Slaitt; perteining to Donald Gromsone; Straytsnardill, perteining to M'Kynnoun, quhilk lies next the Sleit; Menzenise, perteining to M'Cloyde of Herrays; Brachedill, perteining to the said M'Cloyde; Watterness, perteining to M'Cloyd of the Lewis; and Trontieness, perteining to Donald Gromesone. Into this isle ther is three principal salt water loches; to wit, Loch Sleigachan, Loch Downort, and Loch Sleippan. In thir three principal loches there is a guid take of herrings, for by thir three principal loches, there is thirteen salt water loches also within this ile, to wit, 1. Loche Skahanask, 2. Loche Emorte, 3. Loche Vrakdill, 4. Loche Kensale serloss, 5. Loche Dunbegan, 6. Loche Gorsarmis, 7. Loche Arnoffort, 8. Loche Snasporte, 9. Loche Portri, 10. Loche Ken, 11. Loch Nadalae, in Sleit. The uther twa loches my memorey is fayled of them; but in mony of them ther is guid tack of herrings sometymes, but nought so guid by far as in the three first loches. This iyle is callit by the Erishe Ellan Skyane, that is to say in Englishe the Wingitt ile, be reason it has maney wyngs and points lyand furth frae it, through the devyding of thir loches.

107. ORANSAY. About this ile of Sky lyes in ane cirkill certain iles, to wit, at the west syde of Sleit lyes ane callit Oransay, ane myle lange, inhabit and manurit, guid land, pertaining to Donald Gormesone.

108. NAGOYNEYNE. Fornent Loche Alshe lyes ane iyle, callit in Erishe Ellan Nagoyneyne, that is to say, Cunings ile, full of woode and cunnings, hafe an myle in lenth. It perteynes to M'Kenzie.

109. PABAY. At the shore of Sky foresaid, lyes ane iyle callit Pabay, neyre ane myle in lenthe, full of woodes, guid for fishing, and a main shelter for thieves and cut-throats. It perteins to M'Kynnoun.

110. SCALPAY. Fra this ile of Pabay, northwest be aught myle of sea, lyes ane ile callit Scalpay, foure myle lange, and als meikle in breid, ane faire hunting forrest, full of deire, with certain little woodis and small tounes, weill inhabit and manurit, with maney strenthey coves, guid for fishing. In heritage it perteines to M'Gillayne of Dowarde.

111. CROWLING. Crowling, ane small ile, zea rather a guid raid, betwixt the mouth of Loche Carron and the ile of Raarsay.

112. RAARSAY. Twa myle off sea fra the ile of Scalpay forsaid, lyes ane ile callit Raarsay, seiven myles lange from the southe to the northe, bot ane myle of sea from Tronternesse, and twa myle of breid, with pairt of birkin woodis, maney deires, pairt of profitable landes, inhabit and manurit, with twa castles, to witt, the castle of Killmorocht and the castle of Brolokit, with twa fair orchards at the saids twa castells, with ane paroche kirk, callit Killmolowocke, ane roughe countrey, bot all full of freestanes and guid quarelles. It is excellent for fishing, perteining to M'Gyllychallan of Raarsay be the sword, and to the bishope of the iles by heritage. This same M'Gyllychallan shuld obey M'Cloyd of the Lewis.

113. RONAY. At the north end of Raarsay, be half myle of sea frae it, layes ane ile callit Ronay, mair then a myle in lengthe, full of wood and heddir, with ane havin for heiland galeys in the middis of it, and the same havein is guyed for fostering of theives, ruggairs, and reivairs, till a nail, upon the peilling and spulzeing of poure pepill. This ile perteins to M.' Gillychallan of Raarsay by force, and to the bishope of the iles be heritage.

114. ELLAN GEARLOCHIE. Ellan Gearlochie, a guid raid for the shipes in the mouthe of Lochaber.

115. FLADDAY. To the north fra Ronay, be sex myle of sea, lyes ane ile namit Fladday, ane maine laiche ile, half ane myle lange, inhabit and manurit fruitfull in corne and gerssing, perteining to Donald Gormesone.

116. TUILIN. Narrest the Fladday, be twa myle of sea at the shore of Tronternesse, lyes an ile, callit Ellan Tuilin, haffe myle lange or thereby, manurit, guid for corne and store, perteining to Donal Gormesone.

117. Four myle of sea fra this ile Tuilin, northwart, lyes an ile callit -----.

118. CRANSAY. Upon the south coste of Sky, be ane half myle to the shore of Brakadill, is ane ile callit Cransay, haffe myle lange ane boney ile for corne and gerssing, perteining to M'Cloyd of Herray.

119. BUYAMOIRE. Be ane myle of sea to this ile of Cransay, layes ane callit Buyamoire, guid for corne and store, perteining to M'Cloyd of Herray.

Narrest the ile of Buyamoir lyes foure small iles, quhose names the author has left blanks for, with the numbers of 120, 121, 122, 123.

Before the castell of Dunbogan lyes three small iles, to wit, 124, 125, 126.

127. ISAY. At the shore of Watternesse lyes ane ile callit Isa, ane faire laiche maine ile, inhabit and manurit, verey fertill and fruitfull for corne and gerssing, ane myle langc and halfe myle braid, having beside it ane uther laiche ile full of sheepe. This ile is guid for fishing, quhilk iles pertines to M'Cloyd of Lewis.

128. ASKERIN. On the eist shore of Watternesse lyes ane ile callit Ellan Askerin, abounding in gressing and pasture, maire usit for sheilling and pasture than for corne land, guid for fishing and slaughter of selchies, perteining to M'Cloyd of Lewis.

129. LINDILL. Upon the shore of Askerin lyes ane ile, callit Ellan Lindill, very guid for bear and for pasture of sheepe. It perteines to M'Cloyd of Heray.

130. LINGAY. From the ile of Sky towards the southwest, be foure score myles of sea, lyes ane ile callit Lingay, guid for gressing and fishing, ane ile of haffe myle lange. It has a falcon nest in it, perteins to the bishope of the iles.

131. GIGARUN. Backwart to the north, besydes the ile of Lingay, lyes ane ile callit Gigarun, halfe myle lang, perteining to the bischop of the iles.

132. BERNERAY. Besydes the ile of Gigarun, towards the north, lyes ane ile, inhabit and manurit, ane myle lange, callit Berneray, verey fertill land, and guid for fishing, perteining to the bishop of the iles.

133. MEGALY. Besydes the ile of Berneray, towards the north, lyes ane ile callit Megaly, twa myle lange, inhabit and weill manurit, guid for fishing and corne, perteining to the bishop of the iles.

134. PABAY. Besydes the ile of Megaly, to the north northeist, lyes ane ile callit Pabay, ane myle lang, manurit. In it is a guid take of fische. It perteines to the bishope of the iles.

135. FLADAY. Besides the ile of Pabay lies ane pretty little ile to the northwart, callit Fladay, of ane myle lange, fruitfull in corne, and alsa in fishing, perteining to the bishope of the iles.

136. SCARPNAMUTT. Neire the ile of Fladay, towards the north, layes ane ile namit Scarpnamutt, twa myle in lenthe, with a hake nest in it, full of pastures, and verey guid for fishing, perteining to the bishop of the iles.

137. SANDERAY. Nixt to the forsaid ile lyes ther ane uther, callit Sanderay, inhabit and manurit, guid for corne and fishing, twa myle lange. It perteines to the bishope of the iles.

138. WATTERSAY. Besydes this ile, northwart, Iyes ane ile callit Wattersay, twa myle in lenthe and ane myle in breadthe, ane excellent raid for shippes that comes ther to fische, ane faire maine ile, inhabit and manurit, abounding in corne and gerssing, with guide pastorage for sheepe. All thir nine iles forsaid had a chappell in every ile. This ile perteyns to the bishope of the iles.

139. BARRAY. Not far from this ile of Wattersay, towards the north, be twa myle of sea, lyes the ile Barray, being seven myle in lenthe from the southwest to the northeist and be north, and four in breadthe from the southeist to the northwest, ane fertill and fruitfull ile in cornes, abounding in the fishing of keilling, ling, and all uther quhyte fish, with ane paroche kirke, namit Killbare. Within the southwest end of this isle, ther enters a salt water loche, verey narrow in the entrey, and round and braide within. Into the middis of the saide loche there is ane ile, upon ane strenthey craige, callit Kiselnin, perteining to M'Kneil of Barray. In the north end of this ile of Barray ther is ane round heigh know, mayne grasse and greine round about it to the heid, on the top of quhilk ther is ane spring and fresh water well. This well treuly springs up certaine little round quhyte things, less nor the quantity of confeit corne, lykest to the shape and figure of ane little cokill, as it appearit to me. Out of this well runs ther ane little strype downwith to the sea, and quher it enters into the sea ther is ane myle braid of sands, quhilk ebbs ane myle, callit the Trayrmore of Killbaray, that is, the Grate sandes of Barray. This sand is all full of grate cokills, and alledgit be the ancient countrymen, that the cokills comes doun out of the forsaid hill throughe the said strype in the first small forme that we have spoken off, and after ther coming to the sandis growis grate cokills alwayses. Ther is na fairer and more profitable sands for cokills in all the warld. This ile pertains to M'Neill of Baray.

140. ORVANSAY. Betwixt Barray and Ywist, their lyes, first, Orvansay, half myle lange with ane falcone nest, ane guid profitable ile, manurit, guid for sheepe, perteining to M'Neill of Barray.

141. NAHACHARRACH. Besides this ile lyes Ellan-Nahacharrach, by the Erishe so callit, and in Englishe the Sheipes ile, ane little ile full of gerssing and store, perteining to M'Neill of Barray.

142. NAHAKERSAIT. Nairest this forsaid ile lyes ane ile callit Nahakersait, half a myle lange, with ane heaven for heighland galleys. It pertains to M'Neill of Barray.

143. GARNLANGA. Besides this lyes ane ile callit Garnlanga, guid for fishing and verey fruitful, perteining to M'Neill of Barray.

144. FLADAY. Besides this lyes ane ile callit Fladay, halfe a myle lange, with ane falcone nest in it, verey fertill and fruitfull. It pertains to M'Niell of Barray.

145. BWYABEG. Besides Flada layes ane ile namit Bwyabeg, haffe a myle lang, guid for gerssing and fishing, perteining to M'Neill of Barray.

146. BWYA-MOIR. Narrest Bwyabeg lyes ane ile, namit Bwya-moir, twa myle lange, manurit, full of gersing and pasture, with ane falcon nest in it, pertaining to M'Neill of Barray.

147. HAY. Not far from Bwya-moir lyes ane ile callit Hay, haffe a myle lang, fertill and fruitfull, and guid for fishing, perteining to M'Neill of Barray.

148. HETTESAY. Besides Hay lyes ane ile callit Hettesay, ane myle lange, fertill and fruitful, weill manurit, and excellent for all sorte of quhyte fish taking. It perteins to M'Neill of Barray.

149. GIGAY. Besides this ile lyes ane ile callit Gigay, ane myle lange, fertill and fruitfull, guid for store and fishing, perteining to M'Neill of Barray.

150. LINGAY. Narrest to Gigay lyes ane ile callit Lingay, haffe a myle lange, ane verey guide ile for gressing, pastures, and for sheiling, perteining to M'Neill of Barray.

151. FERAY. Besides this ile lyes ane ile laiche, namit by the Erishe Feray, haffe a myle lange, guid in corne and gersing, and excellent for fishing, perteining to M'Neill of Barray.

152. FUDAY. Besides this ile lyes an maine sandey ile callit Fuday, fertill for beare and marenis, the quhilk ile pay murenis zeirly to M'Neill of Barray, for part of mailles and dewties.

153. ERISKERAY. To the eist of this ile of Fuday, be three myle of sea, lyes ane ile callit Eriskeray, twa myle lang, inhabit and manurit. In this ile ther is daylie gottin aboundance of verey grate pintill fishe, at ebb seas, and als verey guid for uther fishing, perteining to M'Neill of Barray.

154. YWST. Northwart fra thir iles forsaid, lyes the grate ile of Ywst, 34 myles lange from southwest to the northeist, sex myle braid, ane fertile countrey and maine laiche land, full of heigh hills and forests on the eist cost, ore southeist and all plenisht laiche land in the northwest, with five paroche kirkes. Within this south part of Ywst, on the east cost of the same, layes ane salt water loche callit Vayhastill. This countrey is bruiked by sundrey captains; to witt, the south southwest end of it, callit Bayhastill, be M'Neill of Barray, the rest of the ile, namit Peiter's parochin, the parochin of Howes, and the mayne land of the mid countrey callit Mackermeanache, perteins to Clanronald, halding of the Clandonald. At the end heirof the sea enters, and cuts the countrey be ebbing and flowing through it: and in the north syde of this there is ane parochin callit Buchagla, perteining to the said Clandonald. At the north end thereof the sea cuts the countrey againe, and that cutting of the sea is called Careynesse, and benorth this countrey is called Kenehnache of Ywst, that is in Englishe, the north head of Ywst, whilk term is twa paroche kirks, and is mair of profit than the rest of haill of Ywst, perteining to Donald Gormesone. In this ile there are infinite number of fresh water loches; but ther is ane maine loche callit Lochebi, three myle lang, and a arme of the sea has worne the earth, that was at the ae end of this loche, quhilk the sea has gotten enteries to this fresche water loche, and in that narrow entries that the sea has gotten to the loche, the countreymen has bigit upe ane thicke dyke of rough staines, and penney stanes caste lange narrest, notwithstanding the flowing streams of the sea enters throughe the said dyke of stanes in the said fresche water loche, and so ther is continually getting stiking amange the rough stains of the dyke foresaid, fluikes, podloches, skatts, and herings. Upone this loche ther is gottin a kynd of fishe, the quhantitie and shape of ane salmont, but it has na skaills at all; the under haffe, narrest his vombe is quhite, and the upmaist haffe narrest his back, is als black as jett, with fines like to a salmont. Into this north heid of Ywst ther is sundrie covis and holes in the earth, coverit with heddir above, quhilk fosters maney rebellis in the countrey of the north heid of Ywst.

155. Betwixt the Kentnache and Benvalgha lyes ane very small ile, callit ----- 156. HELSRER NAGAILLON. Be aught myle of sea frae this ile, towards the west, lyes ane ile four myle and haff myle braid, laiche maine land, callit Hesker Nagaillon. It has abandance of corne, and elding for fire. It perteins to the Nuns of Columnkill.

157. HAYSKER. To the northwast fra this Kentnache of Ywst, be twalve myle of sea, lyes an ile, callit Haysker, quherin infinit slaughter of selchis is. This ile pertains to Donald Gormsone.

158. HIRTA. To the west northwest of this ile foresaid, out in the mayne ocean seas, be three-score of myle of sea, layes ane ile callit Hirta, ane maine laiche ile, sa far as is manurit of it, aboundant in corne and gressing, namelie for sheipe, for ther are fairer and greiter sheip ther, and larger tailled, then ther is in any uther ile about. The inhabitants thereof ar simple poor people, scarce learnit in aney religion, but M'Cloyd of Herray, his stewart, or he quhom he deputs in sic offfice, sailes anes in the zear ther at midsummer, with some chaplaine to baptize bairnes ther, and if they want a chaplaine, they baptize ther bairns themselfes. The said stewart, as he himself tauld me, uses to take ane maske of malt ther with a masking fatt, and makes his malt, and ere the fatt be ready, the comons of the town, baith men, weemin, and bairns, puts their hands in the fatt, and findis it sweeit, and eets the greyns after the sweeitness thereof, quhilk they leave nather wirt or draffe unsuppit out ther, quharwith baith men, women, and bairns, were deid drunken, sua that they could not stand upon their feet. The said stewart receives thir dewties in miell and reistit mutton, wyld foullis reistit, and selchis. This ile is maire nor ane mile lange, and narrest als meikle in braid, quhilk is not seine of aney shore, bot at the shoresyde of it lyes three grate hills, quhilk are ane pairt of Hirta, quhilk are seen affar off from the fore landis. In this fair ile is fair sheipe, falcon nests and wyld fouls biggand, but the streams of the sea are starke, and are verey eivil entring in aney of the saids iles. This ile of Hirta perteins of auld to M'Cloyd of Herray.

159. VALAY. At the northwest cost of the foresaid Kentnache lyes ane ile callit Valay, twa myle lang from the north to the south, ane myle braid, ane fayr mayne ile, inhabit and manurit, pertaining to Donald Gormesone.

160. SOA. Betwixt this Kentnache and the Herray lyes ane ile callit Soa, inhabit and manurit, ane myle lang, mayne land, pertaining to Donald Gormesone.

161. THE PIGMIES ILE. At the north poynt of Lewis there is a little ile, callit the Pigmies ile, with ane little kirk in it of ther awn handey wark. Within this kirk the ancients of that countrey of the Lewis says, that the saids pigmies has been eirded thair. Maney men of divers countreys had delvit up dieplie the flure of the little kirke, and I myself amanges the leave, and hes found in it, deepe under the erthe, certain baines and round heads of wonderful little quantity, allegit to be the baines of the said Pigmies, quhilk may be lykely, according to sundry historys that we reid of the Pigmies; but I leave this far of it to the ancients of Lewis. This ile pertains to M'Cloyd of the Lewis.

162. FABILL. Besouth this, at the southeist shore of the Lewis, lyes ane ile, callit Ellan Fabill, verey guid for waike store and fisching, perteining to M'Cloyd of Lewis.

163. ADAIN. South fra this said cost lyes Ellan Adain, manurit, guid for waike bestiall, pertaining to M'Cloyd of the Lewis.

164. NA-NAUN. Upon the said shore, towards the west, lyes Ellan Na-naun, that is, the Lambes ile, wherein all the lambes of that end of the countrey uses to be fed and spained fra the zowes. This ile perteines to M'Cloyd of the Lewis.

165. HUITURE. Betwixt this ile and Stornaway ther lyes Ellan Huiture, manurit, and guid for store an corne, perteining to M'Cloyd of the Lewis.

166. VIC-COUILL. Southwart fra this ile lyes Ellan Vic-couill, ane guid ile for corne, store, and fishing, perteining to M'Cloyd of the Lewis.

167. HALEURAY. Besides this layes Haleuray, ane guid ile for corne and gressing, verey excellent for fishing, of ane myle of lenthe, perteining to M'Cloyd of Lewis.

168. LAXAY. Bcsides this lyes the ile of Laxay, ane guid ile, full of corne and gressing, and all fishing, perteining to M'Cloyd of the Lewis.

169. ERR. Besides this ile of Laxay lyes ane ile callit Err, which is in English Irland, laiche mayne and full of corne and grass, perteining to M'Cloyd of the Lewis.

170. ST. COLMES ILE. Within the loches foresaid lyes Ellan Colmkill, that is in English St. Colmes ile. Within this ile M'Cloyd of the Lewis has ane faire orchard, and he that is gardener hes that ile free, guid in mayne land for corne, and gressing and fishing, perteining to M'Cloyd of the Lewis.

171. TOORAY. Besides this ile lyes ane ile namit Ellan Tooray, ane ile weill manurit, guid for corn, grass, and fishing, perteining to M'Cloyd of the Lewis.

172. ELLAN HURTE. Southwart frae this lyes ane ile callit Ellan Hurte, with manurit land, guid to pasture and schielling of store, with faire hunting of ottars out oftheir bouries. It perteines to M'Cloyd of Lewis.

173. SCALPAY OF HARRAY. Southwart far frae this lyes ane ile callit Scalpay of Harray, twa myle lange, ane profitable ile in corn, gressing, and fishing. It perteins to M'Cloyd of Herray.

174. FLADAY. Towards the northeist frae this ile be 20 myle of sea, lyes an ile in the sea callit Fladay, halfe myle lange, ane profitable ile in corne, and grassing, and fishing, perteining to Donald Gormesone.

175. SENTA. Northwart fra this ile lyes ther ane ile callit Ellan Senta, that is in English a Saw, ane ile mair than twa myle lang, verey profitable for corne, store, and fishing, perteining to M'Cloyd of the Lewis. On the eist side of this ile ther is a bore, maid like a vylt, mair nore an arrow shot of any man under the eirde, through the quilk vylt we use to row ore saill with our bottis, for fear of the horrible breake of the seas that is on the outwar side thereof, bot na grate ships can saill ther. It perteins to M'Cloyd of the Lewis.

176. SENCHASTLE. Be eist this ile lyes ane ile, callit Senchastle by the Eriche, that is the alde castle ile in the Englishe, an strenthe, full of corne and grassinge, full of wyld fowls nests, and verey guid for fishing. It perteins to M'Cloyd of the Lewis.

177. ELLAN EW. Upon the shore of Lochebrune lyes Ellan Ew, haffe myle in length, full of woods, guid for thieves to wait upon uther mens gaire. It perteins to M'Enzie.

178. GRUYNORDE. Northwarte frae this ile lyes the ile of Gruynorde, maire nore ane myle lange, full of wood, guid for fostering of thieves and rebellis. It perteins to M'Enzie.

179. NA-CLERACHE. Northwart fra this ile lyes ane ile callit Ellan Naclerache, an haffe myle lange, guid for gerssing and wyld fowls eggs, perteining to M'Enzie.

180. AFUIL. Narrest this lyes the ile by the Erishe callit Ellan Afuil, guid for store and fishing.

181. HAWRARYMOIR. Narrest this lyes Hawrarymoir, by the Erish sa callit.

182. HAWRARYBEG. Besides this lyes ane ile namit Hawrarybeg.

183. NANEACHE. Besydes this lyes ane iland, by the Erishe callit Naneache.

184. MERTARYE. Besides this lyes ilandMertarye.

185. SOYA-MOIR. Besides this lyes aneile, callit by the Erishe themselfes Soya-moir. It is ane myle of lenthe, verey fertill and fruitfull, excellent for fisching.

186. ELLAN IISA. Besides this lyes an ile, namit by the Erishe Ellan Iisa, manurit, fertill and fruitfull.

187. SENNA-BEG. Besides this lyes ther an ile Senna-beg, manurit, fertill and fruitful, guid for corne, store and fishing, haff ane myle lange.

188. SENNA-MOIR. Besydes this Senna-moir, ane ile of a myle of lenthe and haffe myle breadthe, inhabit and manurit, guid for corne, store, and fishing.

189. TARANDSAY. Besides this lyes Tarandsay, ane ile of five myle lange, and haffe myle braid, ane rough ile, with certain tounis, weil inhabit and manurit; bot all this fertill is delved with spaides, excepting sa meikell as ane horse pleuch will teill, and zet they have maist abundance of beir, meikel of corn, store, and fishing. It pertains to M'Cloyd of Harrey.

190. SLEYEIN. Besides this lyes the ile of Sleyein, manurit, guid for corne, store, and fisching, perteining to M'Cloyd of Harrey.

191. TIVEIN. Besides this lyes Tivein, ane ile guid for store, corne, and fisching, perteining to M'Cloyd of Harrey.

192. SCARPE. Besides this, out in the sea about Vsenesse in Harrey, lyes ane ile callit the Scarpe, fertil and fruitful, guid for corne, store, and fishing, perteining to M'Cloyd of Harrey.

Aboute the northe west coste of the Lewis, towards the mayne Occident seas, lyes certaine iles, of quhome wee will make mention, befor that wee shall begin with Harrey and Lewis, to wit,

193. SEVEN HALEY ILES. First, furth, 50 myle in the Occident seas from the coste of the parochin Vye in Lewis, towarts the west northwest, lyes the seven iles of Flanayn, claid with girth, and Haley iles, verey natural gressing within thir saids iles; infinit wyld sheipe therein, quhilk na man knawes to quhom the said sheipe apperteines within them that lives this day of the countrymen; bot M'Cloyd of the Lewis, at certaine tymes in the zeir, sendis men in, and huntis and slayis maney of thir sheipe. The flesche of thir sheipe cannot be eaten be honest men for fatnesse, for there is na flesche on them, bot all quhyte lyke talloune, and it is verey wyld gusted lykways. The saids iles are nouder manurit nor inhabit, bot full of grein high hills, full of wyld sheipe in the seven iles forsaid, quhilk may not be outrune. They perteine to M. Cloyd of the Lewis.

194. GARVELLAN. Besydis this coste of Lewis towards the said northwest, lyes ane ile callit Garvellan, guid for store and fisching.

195. LAMBAY. Besydis this ile lyes ane uther ile namit Lambay, guid also for store and fishing, perteining to M'Cloyd of the Lewis.

196. FLADAY. Besydis the ils of Lambay lyes one uther ile, by the Erische namit Fladay of the Lewis, ane pretty laiche ile, guid for store and fishing. It apperteins to M'Cloyd of the Lewis.

197. KEALNSAY. Besydis this lyes Kealnsay, ane guid ile, narrest ane myle lange, fruitful for store and fishing, and also manurit, perteining to M'Cloyd of the Lewis.

198. BERNERAY-BEG. Besydis this Kealnsay forsaid layes Berneray-beg, haffe ane myle lange, and ane myle of breadthe, ane laiche rough ile, full of little roughe craiges and how betwixt, of naturall fertile eirthe, with infinite sea ware on every stane of the same. This ile is weill inhabit and manurit, and will give maire nor twa hundred bows of beire, with delving only. It perteins to M'Cloyd of the Lewis.

199. BERNERAY-MOIR. Besydis this lyes Berneray-moir, ane ile of five myle lang, inhabit and manurit, fertill and fruitfull, with maney pastures and meikell store, guid for fisching, and fewell also. It perteines to M'Cloyd of the Lewis.

200. KERTAY. Besydis this ile lyes Kertay, ane ile of a myle in lenthe, inhabit and manurit, fertill and fruitful, guid for store and fisching, perteining to M'Cloyd of the Lewis.

201. BUYA-BEG. Besydis this lyes Buya-beg, an ile inhabit and manurit, guid for corne, store, and fisching, perteining to M'Cloyd of the Lewis.

202. BUYA-MOIR. Besydis this lyes the ile, callit by the Erishe Buya-moir, mair nore ane myle lange, inhabit and manurit, guid for corne, store and fisching, perteining to M'Cloyd of the Lewis.

203. VAXAY. Besydis this lyes ane ile, by the Erishe namit Vaxay, ane guid mayne ile of ane myle lenthe, inhabit and manurit, full of natural pasture, for store, fisching, and excellent guid fewall. It pertains to M'Cloyd of the Lewis.

204. PABAY. Besydis this ile lyes Pabay, an ile maire nor ane myle lange, ane fruitfull and fertile mayne ile, full of corne and scheipe, quherein ther was a kirke, quherein also M'Cloyd of the Lewis ussit to dwell, quhen he wald be quyeit, or yet fearit. This ile is guid for fisching, and perteins to M'Cloyd of the Lewis.

205. SIGRAIN-MOIR-NAGOINEIN. Besides this Pabay layes the ile which the Erishemen calleth Sigrain-moir-Nagoinein, that is to say the Cuninges ile, quherein ther are manay cuninges. This ile is guid for gressing and fisching, and perteins to M'Cloyd of the Lewis.

206. SIGRAIN-BEG. Besydis this ile layes Sigrain-beg, ane fertill and fruitfull ile, guid for corne, gressing and fisching, ane myle of lenthe. It perteins to M'Cloyd of the Lewis.

207. HARREY. Now we returne backwards to the Harrey, quhilk is bot ane ile and the Lewis togidder, extending in lenthe from the south west to the north eist to three scoir of myles, and from the north west to the south eist to 16 myle in breid. Within the south pairt of this ile lyes ane monastery with ane steipell, quhilk was foundit and biggit by M'Cloyd of Harrey, callit Roodill. This south pairt of the countrey, callit Harrey, is verey fertill and fruitfull for corne, store, and fisching, twisse mair of delving in it nor of teilling. Within this end of the countrey ther is ane water, with an guid take of salmont fisching in it, with ane heighe greine hill callit Copesaall, maist excellent for scheipe in the pairts quhereon there wes scheipe, quhen I wes ther, without auners, and very ald. In this countrey of Harrey, northwart betwixt it and the Lewis, are maney forrests, quherein are aboundance deir, bot not grate quantitie, verey faire hunting games without any woodes, with infinite slaughter of otters and macttickes. This ile has neather wolfes, taides, nor edders in it.

Lewis is the north pairt of this ile, and the maist also, faire and weill inhabit at the coste, ane fertile fruitfull countrey, for the most part all beire, with 4 paroche kirks, and with ane castell callit Steornaway; with 3 principal salt water loches, verey guid for take of herrings, to wit, Loche Selga, farrest to the southwest, Loche Fasirt, northwart fra that ane loche that is lange and has certaine small loches in it, quhilke is for the same cause callit the Loches. By these there is uther 3 loches, not eivill qulylomes for take of herrings, to wit, Loche Steornaway, with infinit fresche water loches in this Lewis. Ther are 8 waters with take of salmont. In this ile ther are maney schiep, for it is verey guid for the same, for they lay furth ever one mures and glenis, and entir nevir in a house, and ther wool is but anes in the ziere pluckit aff them in some fauldes. In this countrey is peitmoss-land at the cea cost, and the place quhar he winnes his peitts this zeir, ther he sawis his corne the next zeire, after that he guidds it weill with sea ware. A grait take of whailles is oftimes in this countrey, so that be the relatione of the maist ancient in this countrey, ther comes 26 or 27 quhailles young and ald to the teynd anes ther. Ther is ane cove in this countrey quherin the sea fallis, and is twa fadome deepe at the ebb sea, and four faddom and maire at the full sea. Within this cove ther uses whytteins to be slain with huikes, verey maney haddocks, and men with their wands sitting upon the craiges of that cove, and lades and women also.

208. RONAY. Towards the north northeist from Lewis, three score myles of sea, lyes ane little ile callit Ronay, laiche maine lande, inhabit and manurit be simple people, scant of ony religione. This ile is uther haffe myle lange, and haffe myle braide; aboundance of corne growes on it by delving onlie, aboundance of clover gerse for sheipe. Ther is an certain number of ky and sheipe ordainit for this ile be ther awin ald right, extending to sa maney as may be sustainit upon the said gerssing, and the countrey is so fertill of gerssing, that the super-excrescens of the said ky and schiepe baith feidis them in flesche, and als payes ther dewties with the samen for the maist pairt. Within this ile there is sic faire whyte beir meal made like flour, and quhen they slay their sheipe, they slay them belly flaught, and stuffes ther skins fresche of the bear meil, and send their dewties be a servant of M'Cloyd of Lewis, with certain reistit muttan, and mony reistit foulis. Within this ile there is ane chapell, callit St. Ronay's chapell, unto quhilk chapell, as the ancients of the country alledges, they leave an spaid and ane shuil, quhen any man dies, and upon the morrow findes the place of the grave markit with an spaid, as they alledge. In this ile they use to take maney quhaills and uther grate fisches.

209. SUILSKERAY. Be sexteen myle of sea to this ile, towards the west, lyes ane ile callit Suilskeray, ane myle lang, without grasse or hedder, with highe blacke craigs, and black fouge thereupon part of them. This ile is full of wylde foulis, and quhen foulis hes ther birdes, men out of the parochin of Nesse in Lewis use to sail ther, and to stay ther seven or aught dayes, and to fetch hame with them their boitt full of dray wild foulis, with wyld foulis fedders. In this ile ther haunts ane kynd of foule callit the colk, little less nor a guise, quha comes in the ver to the land to lay hir eggis, and to clecke hir birds quhill she bring them to perfytness, and at that time her fleiche of fedderis falleth of her all hailly, and she sayles to the mayne sea againe, and comes never to land quhyll the zier end againe, and then she comes with her new fleiche of fedderis. This fleiche that she leaves zeirly upon her nest hes nae pens in the fedderis, nor nae kynd of hard thinge in them that may be felt or graipit, bot utter fyne downes.




Imprimis, Clan-Donald, and of them five Branches in the Iles, by Branches smaller.

First, Donald Gormersone his kin are called of surname Hutfcheon, that is to say, the succession of Hutfcheon M'Donald, quhom of they descendit and sprange. Therefore this man is called Donald M'Donald Gorme, Vic Donald Gurmacke, Vic Donald Gorvaicke, Vic Hutfcheon, quho was sone to Alexander of Ila, Earl of Rosse, and Lord of the Iles, or as the Heighlandmen calls him King of the Iles.

And this Alexander was sone to Donald Earle of Rosse by the marriage of Walter Lesley Earle of Rosse daughter and heir, and this Earle Donald wes the first Earle of memory that of the Clanronald justly brukit Rosse.

And this Donald wes the Stocke, quherfra Clanronald were named last in ther names, quha wes sone to Ihone of Ila, and of the best that came of that sorte, quho had the Stewarte to his wyffe, mother to this Donald forsaid.

This Johne of Ila wes sone to Angus M'Angus, Vic Donald, fra quhome they werr called first, and of the auld Clan Donald.

This Donald wes the sone of Raynald M'Somerle or Somerledi, fra quhome they were for a quhile named and called Clan Somerle.

This Somerle wes the sone of Gillebryde M'Gilleadam, name Vic Sella, Vic Mearshaighe, Vic Swyffine, Vic Malgheussa, Vic Eacime, Vic Gothefred, fra quhome they were called at that time Clan Gothofred, that is, Clan Gotheray in Hybers Leid, and they were very grate men in that tymes zeire, and ay on called Clan Gotherey, quhill Donald Gorme quhom I last made mentione.

This Gotheray wes the sone of Fergus M'Eriche, Vic Cartayne, Vic Ethay, Vic Thola Craisme, Vic Ethay de wiff Leist. Ethodius Vic Frathrequerwy fratherus, Vic Clarpæ Lisse Chuyr, Corbredus, Vic Chrorinweet Alada, Cormacus Vic Airt, Lermeche King of Irland, maist royall in all his actions. Vic Chuyin Chidekakey, Condus lenti bellus King of Irland, a royal prince and lyon like in all his actions of warre, of quhome I make thir the stoke in Irland, for that he is lineally descendit of Gatholus seed.



Sir James Macconeill of Kyntyre is the second House of the Iles, quho is sone of Alexander M'Johne, Vic Anald Agnaldi, Vic Ean Johannis, Vic Donald Ballay, Vic Ean, of quhom they are called to surname Sleight Ean Moire successio Johannis Mgni, quho wes sone to Johne the best Lord of the Iles, as I have said off befor, quho had the Stewarte's dauchter to his Ladey. Here I impe this Branch to the Tree justly as is afforsaid.



Ihone Moydeor Fyeiche is the sone of Alexander Macallan filius Alani, Vic Rorey Roderici, Vic Ean Iohanis, Vic Roynald Reginaldi, quhom I impe to this good Iohne of Ila his father forsaid. Heir sprouted twa Branches out of the Tree at ance; that is, the Clan Ean-moire, and the Clan Raynald.



Alexander M'Donald Donaldi M'Ean Johannis M'Aloir Alexandri M'Angus M'Ean Achechterwache M'Angus Moire, who wes the Lord of the Iles; and him I impe to the Tree.


Neirest this descendit frae the House of Clan Donald is Alexander Carrath, that is, Shawit Alexander sua that be the countrie's custome, because Highlandmen callit the fairest hared man Chewit man, and the Chewit the hared, and sua furthe, for this Alexander was the fairest hared man, as they say, of aney that ever was; and this said Alexander was brother to this Donald of the Iles forsaid, and to John Moir, fra quhome James of Kintyre descendit, and brother of the father syde to Raynald, of quhome came to Clanranald.

And this Carrath hes maney come of him, and good succession in Loch aber called Clan Ranald, M'Donald Glasse, Vic Alexander, quhilk bruikes a pairt of Lochaber sinsyne.

Ther wes by thir I have written offe. Iohne Gothofred,and Angus, the quhilke had nae succession.