Books, Prehistory, Long Barrows of the Cotswolds, Abbreviations

Abbreviations is in Long Barrows of the Cotswolds.


A.J. ... Archeological Journal.

Arch. ... Archæologia.

Arch. Camb ... Archæologia Cambrensis.

Brit. Bars ... Greenwell's British Barrows, 1877.

Cran. Brit ... Crania Britannica (2 vols., 1865).

J.A.I. ... Journal of the (Royal) Anthropological Institute.

J.B.A.A. ... Journal of the British Archæological Association.

Proc. C.N.F.C. ... Proceedings of the Cotteswold Naturalists' Field Club.

Trans. B. & G.A.S. ... Transactions of the Bristol and Gloucestershire Archæological Society.

W. ... Archæological Handbook of the County of Gloucester, by G. B. Witts, C.E. (1883). W .34, etc., means NO 34 in his list of Long Barrows and on his map.

W.A.M. ... Wiltshire Archeological Magazine (Devizes).

V.C.H. ... Victoria County History.

N.O.A.S .... Transactions Of the North Oxfordshire Archæological Society.

Antiq. Journ. ... Antiquaries' Journal.

P.P. No. 6 ... Ordnance Survey Professional Paper No. 6 (published by H.M. Stationery Offce, 1922). against the Reference Numbers indicates that the site is marked on the quarter-inch map accompanying (see end of volume).