Archaeologia Volume 13 Appendix

Archaeologia Volume 13 Appendix is in Archaeologia Volume 13.

Read June 26, 1800. As an Appendix to an account of certain inscriptions discovered lately on the walls of a room in the Tower of London, printed in this volume, p. 68, and particularly the very interesting Autographs found there of the amiable and unfortunate lady Jane Grey, the Secretary requests permission to lay before the Society a copy of an exceedingly rare (if not unique) printed tract, not noticed that he can find in Ames or Herbert, one part of which is entitled, "The Ende of the Ladye Jane upon the Scaffolde." It is without date, but contains internal evidence of having been printed immediately after that event in the first year of the reign of queen Mary.

The Ende of the Lady Jane Dudley, Doughter to the Duke of Suffolke upon the Scaffolde, at the houre of her death, being the 12 day of February.

Fyrst, whan she was mounted on the scaffolde, she sayd to the people standinge thereabout, Good people, I com hether to die, and by a lawe I am condemned to the same. The facte, indede, against the queenes highnes was unlawful, and the consenting thereunto by me, but touching the procurement and desyre therof by me, or on my halfe, I doo wash my handes thereof in innoceneie, before God and the face of you good christian people this day, and therwith she wrong her handes in which she had her booke. Then she fayd, I pray you all good christian people to here me wytnes that I dye a true christian woman, and that I looke to be saved by none other mene but only by the mercy of God, in the merites of the bloud of his onlye sonne Jesus Christe, and I consede when I dyd know the word of God, I neglected the same and loved myselfe and the world, and therefore this plage or punyshment is happely and worthely happened unto me for my sinnes. And yet I thanke God of his goodnes that he hath thus geven me a tyme and respet to repent. And now good people while I am alyve I pray you to assyst me with your prayers. And then die knelyng downe, she turned to Fecknam, saying, Shall I say this Psalm? and he said yea. Then she said the Psalm of Misereri Mei Deus in English in mod; devout maner to thende. Then she stode up and gave her mayde Mistres Tylney her gloves and handkercher, and her booke to Maistre Thomas Brydges, the lyvetenantes brother. Forthwith she untyed her gowne. The hangman went to her to have helped her of therwith, then she desyred him to let her alone, turning towardes her two gentlewomen, who helped her of therwith, and also her Frose paste and neckecher, geving to her a fayre handkercher to knytte about her eyes. Then the hangman kneled downe, and adeed her forgevenes, whome she forgave most willingly. Then he willed her to stand upon the strawe, which doing she sawe the blocke. Then she sayd I pray the dispatche me quickly. Than she kneeled downe saying, Wil you take it of before I lay me dowme? And the hangman answered her, No, madame. She tyed the kercher about her eyes. Than feeling for the blocke, saide, What shal I do, where is it? One of the standers by guyding her therunto, she layde her head downe upon the block, and stretched forth her body, and sayd, Lorde, into thy handes I commende my spirite.

And so she ended."