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Archaeologia Volume 19 Appendix is in Archaeologia Volume 19.

01 Apr 1819. William Daniell, Esq. presented to the Society a drawing of an Urn, found in a Pictish Cairn, at Crakraig, in the county of Sutherland, North Britain, on the farm of Major Clunes, in the spring of 1818. Its dimensions are: Height 7½ inches. Superior diameter 6½ inches.

The material is clay, and the colour yellowish grey: when found it lay in an obliquely inclined position, and on the lower side, near the bottom, there were indications of a liquid, which had apparently lodged so long as to produce an indelible stain on the substance of the vessel.

The drawing of the Urn was accompanied by a sketch of the country, including the two cairns, from one of which the Urn was taken. [See PI. XLIII.] The cairns are distant not more than two miles from the sea, and near the great parliamentary road leading through the Eastern side of Sutherlandshire.