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Proclamation of Henry the Eighth on his Marriage with Queen Anne Boleyn; in the possession of the Corporation of Norwich: Communicated by Hudson Gurney, Esg. V.P., in a Letter to Henry Ellis (age 54), Esq., F.R.S., Secretary.

Read 29th March, 1832.

Keswick, January 21, 1832.


I INCLOSE you a Copy of Henry the Eighth's Proclamation on his Divorce from Katherine and his Marriage with Anne Boleyn, which is in the possession of the Corporation of Norwich.

I am yours truly,


Hewry Extis, Esq. &c. &c. &c.

A Proclamacion devised by the Kynges Hygnes with the advyse of his Counsayle, that his subjectes be warned to avoyde (in some cases) the daunger and penaltie of the Statute of Provision and Premunire.

For as moche as the unlawful matrimonie betwene the Kynges Hyghness and the Lady Katherine, Princes Dowager, late wife to Prince Arthure, by just wayes and meanes is lawfully dissolved, and a Divorse and Separation had and done betwene his sayde Hyghnes and the said Lady Katherine by the Moste Reverende father in God the Archbishop of Canturbury, Legate and Primate of al England, and Metropolitane of the same: and thereupon the Kynges Majestie hath lawfully maried and taken to his wife, after the Lawes of the Church, the Ryght High and excellent Princes Lady Anne now Quene of England, and she solemptneley crowned and anoynted as appertayneth to the laude, prayse, and honour of Almightie God, the suretie of the Kynges Succession and posterite, and to the great joy, comfort, and contentation of all the subjectes of this Realme. All whiche premisses have groundely proceded and taken their effectes, as well by the cofiien assent of the Lordes Spirituall and Temporall and the Comiens of this Realme, by auctorite of Parlyament, as also by the assent and determinations of the Hole Clergie in their severall convocations holden and kepte in bothe Provinces of this Realme, and for perfayte and sure establyshment thereof it is enacted amonge other thynges, that whatsoever person or persons of what estate, degree, or cddition they be of, doe attempt or procure any maner proces, or do or move any acte or actes to the lette or derogation of any such procedynges, sentances, and determynations as is and have been done and hadde, as well in and about the said Divorse, as in the solempnisation of the lawful Matrimonie had and concluded betwene the Kynges Hyghnesse and the sayde Quene Anne, shall incurre and rounne in the peynes and penalities comprised in the Statute of Provision and Premunire made in the sixteenth yere of the late Kynge Richarde the Seconde, whiche is no lesse peyne than the offenders to be out of the Kynges protection, and their goodes and landes to be forfayted, and their bodies imprisoned at the Kynges wyll as by the sayde Acte more at large is expressed: By reason wherof and for as moche as the sayde Divorse and Separation is now had and done, and the Kynges Highnesse lawfully maryed, as is before rehersed, it is therefore evident and manifeste that the sayde Lady Katherine shulde not from hensforthe have or use the name, style, title, or dignitie of Quene of this Realme, nor be in any wyse reputed, taken, accepted, or written, by the name of Quene of this Realme, but by the name, style, title and dignitie of Princes Dowager, which name she ought to have, because she was lawfully and perfectly maried and accoupled with the sayd Prince Arthure. And what so ever officers, ministers, bayliffes, recevours, fermours, servatis, kepers of parkes or chaces of the sayde Princes Dowager, or any other person or persons, of what estate, degree, or condition they be of, contrary to the premissis, do name, repute, accept, and write, or in any wise obey the in the possession of the Corporation of the sayd Lady Katheryn, by vertu of any maner of warrat or writing to them directed by the name of Quene, or attempte, do, or move any other acte or actes, thynge or thynges to the lette or derogation of such doinges and procedynges as is determined and accomplyshed, as well for the dissolution of the sayd unlauful mariage as for the solempnisation and confirmation of the said lauful matrimonie justly finyshed and concluded, as is above rehersed, shall and dothe playnely and manifestly incurre and renne in the sayd great daungers and peynes comprised and specified in the sayde acte. In consideration wherof, all be it that the kynge our most dradde Soveraygne Lorde nothynge mystrusteth his lovynge subjectes for any attempt, acte, or actes, or any thynge to be done moved or spoken by them contrarye to the true meanynge of the sayde acte, and the due execution and procedynges in the premisses; yet, never the lesse, to thentent that his sayd humble and lovynge subjectes shall have playne, open and manifest notice of the greatte perylles, daungers, and penalities comprised and specyfyed in the sayde acte, wherby they maye eschewe the daungers therof: His Majestie therefore, of his mooste gratious and benigne goodnesse, more covaytynge and desirynge the good obediences and conformities of his sayde subjectis, than to be avaunced and enryched by theyr offences or contemptes, by the advyse of his sayde counsayle, hath caused this Proclamation to be made for a playne overture and publication of the premyssis: wherby, as well all and every his lovynge subjectes as others may (if they wyll) avoyde and eschewe the sayde greatte peynes, daungers, and penalties above especified—Wherunto his Gracis pleasure and high commaundment is, that every person from hens forth take good hede and respecte at theyr perylles.

And yet, never the lesse, the Kynges most gratious pleasure is, that the sayde Ladye Katheryne shall be welle used, obeyed, and intreted, according to her honour and noble parentage, by the name, tytle, state, and stile of Princes Dowager, as well by al hir officers, servantes, and ministers, as also by others his humble and lovynge subjectes in all hir lauful busynesses and affaires: So it extende not in any wyse contrary to this Proclamation.

God save the Kynge.

W. Berthelet, Regius impressor, excudebat.

Cum Privilegio.