Archaeologia Volume 3 Section XXIX

Archaeologia Volume 3 Section XXIX is in Archaeologia Volume 3.

Discoveries in a Barrow [Winster Barrow [Map]] in Derbyshire. Communicated by Mr. Mander, of Bakewell, in the said County. Read at the Society of Antiquaries, March 17, 1768.

Upon the commons of Winster [Map], a village within the King's great manor de Alto Pecco, which were lately inclosed, are divers barrows, or tumuli, chiefly of stone, and among the rest one of earth, which the inhabitants account the more singular. This being lately opened, there were found in it two glass vessels, between eight and ten inches in height, with wide circular mouths, and a little bulge in the middle, and containing about a pint of water, of a light greenish colour, and exceeding limpid. With these was also found a silver collar or bracelet, about an inch broad, joining at the ends in dovetail fashion, and studded with human heads, and other small ornaments, secured by rivets, which might occasionally be detached. Also an ornament of the size and fashion above [below] represented, composed chiefly of filligree work, of gold or silver gilt, and set with garnets, or red glass. The inward part (a) is raised above the rest, and suppofed to be gold. The partitions, marked (b), were filled with red glass or garnets; as were the four spots marked (c). The rest was filligree, or chain-work. The large sstone which filled the socket in the centre is wanting. To the back of this ornament is affixed a plate of silver, secured by four rivets, lying under the four circular stones in the border. There were also several square and round beads, of various colours, of glass and earth, and some small remains of brass, like clasps and hinges, and pieces of wood, as of a little box, in which the ornaments had been deposited.