Chronicle of Gregory 1459

Chronicle of Gregory 1459 is in Chronicle of Gregory 1451-1460.

1459 Battle of Blore Heath

1459 Parliament of the Devils

1459 Battle of Ludford Bridge

1460 January Raid on Sandwich

Battle of Blore Heath

23 Sep 1459. Ande thys yere was done a grete jornaye at the Blowre Hethe by the Erle of Saulysbury (age 59) ande the Quenys galentys. And that day the kynge made vij knyghtys, fyrste, Syr Robert Molyners, Syr John Daune, Syr Thomas Uttyng, Syr John Brembly, Syr Jon Stanley, Syr John Grysly, and Syr Rychard Hardon; and v of thes knyghtys were slayne fulle manly in the fylde, and many men of yemonry soore hurte, and a fulle nobylle knyght, the Lorde Audeley (age 61), and Syr Thomas Hamdon, knyght, was the getynge of the fylde, and Thomas Squyer and Counteroller of the Pryncys house fulle sore hurte. And [the] batayle or jornay lastyd alle the aftyr none, fro one of the clocke tylle v aftyr non, and the chasse lastyd unto vij at the belle in the mornynge. And men were maymyd many one in the Quenys party. There were in the Quenys party vM [Note. 5000], and in that othyr party vC [Note. 500], a grete wondyr that evyr they myght stonde the grete multytude not ferynge, the kynge beyng with yn x myle and the quene (age 29) with yn v myle at the castelle of Egyllyssale [Map]. But the Erle of Saulysbury (age 59) hadde ben i-take, save only a Fryer Austyn schot gonnys [Note. shot guns] alle that nyght in a parke that was at the backe syde of the fylde, and by thys mene the erle come to Duke of Yorke (age 48). And in the morowe they founde nothyr man ne ehylde in that parke but the fryer, and he sayde that for fere he a-bode in that parke alle that nyght. But in the mornyng, by-twyne the fylde and Chester, Syr John Dawne ys sone that was at home in hys fadyrs place hadde worde that hys fadyr was slayne; a-non he raysyd hys tenantys and toke by-syde a lytyl towne i-namyd Torperlay [Map] Syr Thomas Nevyle (age 29), Syr John Nevyle (age 28), and Syr Thomas Haryngdon (age 59), and brought hem unto the castelle of Chester, ande there they a-boode tylle the batayle of Northehampton was done, &c.

1459. Also alle that seson the Erle of Warwyke (age 30) with sowdyers of Calysse were comynge unto the Duke of Yorke (age 47), and he come ovyr-wharte Colsylle be-syde Covyntre, and the Duke of Somerset (age 22) whythe hys men rode a-longe thoroughe the towne, and yet non of hem mette whythe othyr as hyt happyd, or by lyckely hode they wold have made a newe fraye. Ande the same day Androwe Throllope consayvyd [Note. conceived] that the Erle of Warwyke (age 30) was goyng unto the Duke of Yorke (age 47) and not unto the kynge, and utterly forsoke hym and come unto the kynge and was pardonyd; and that made the duke fulle sore a-frayde when he wyste that sum olde soudyers went from hym unto the kynge, &c.

1459. Mayor: William Hewlyn. Sheriffs: Plomer, Sokker.

Battle of Ludford Bridge

12 Oct 1459. Ande thys same yere there was a grete afray at Lodlowe by twyne the kynge (age 37) and the Duke of Yorke (age 48), the Erle of Salusbury (age 59), the Erle of Warwyke (age 30), the Erle of Marche (age 17). The Duke of Yorke lete make a grete depe dyche and fortefyde it with gonnys, cartys, and stakys, but hys party was ovyr weke, for the kyng was mo thenn xxxM [Note. 3000] of harneysyd men, by-syde nakyd men that were compellyd for to come with the kynge. And thenne the duke (age 48) fledde fro place to place in Walys, and breke downe the bryggys aftyr hym that the kyngys mayny schulde not come aftyr hym. And he wente unto Monde. And there he taryd tylle the jornay was endyd at Northehampton. And he made newe grotys of a newe kune in Irlonde; in on syde of the grote was a crowne and in that othyr syde a crosse. And there he made many newe statutys, and hys yong sonys [King Edward V of England and Richard of Shrewsbury 1st Duke York] were sende by yende the see unto the Duke of Burgayne (age 25) [Note. Husband of Edward's sister Margaret of York Duchess of Burgundy (age 13)], and they were fulle welle ande worschypfully ressayvyd.

12 Oct 1459. The Erle of Saulysbury (age 59), the Erle of Warwycke (age 30), the Erle of Marche (age 17), Syr John Wenlocke (age 59), alle thes come unto Devynschyre to Syr John Denham (age 26), and alle thes by the conveynge of Syr John Denham (age 26); and they bought a smalle vesselle in that contray, an they were conveyde unto Garnesey [Map], ande from Garnesaye unto Calys [Map], for fere of dethe that they sayde was ymagenyde by the kyng and hys lordys, and of hyr owne housolde mayny for hyr dystruccyon, the counselle and consent of King Harry the VI. Thes lordys departyd owte of Ingelonde on Synt Edwarde ys evyn, Synt Edwarde bothe kynge and confessoure, the xij day of Octobera, and they taryd at Calys xxxvj wekys.

Note a. This is really the date of the breaking up of their camp at Ludlow, not of their leaving England.

1460 January Raid on Sandwich

15 Jan 1460. But the Erle of Warwycke (age 31) come unto Sondewyche [Map], and there he toke the Lord Ryvers (age 55) with hys ladye (age 45), the lady and Duchyes of Bedfordeb and brought hem to Calys, for he was commaundyd to have londyd at C[a]lys by the kynge, but he was brought there sonner then hym lekyd.

Note b. Jaquetta (age 45), widow of the Regent Bedford. She was the daughter of Peter of Luxemburg, Count of St. Pol, and soon after her first husband's death married Sir Richard Woodville (age 55), who was created Baron Rivers by Henry VI. in 1448, and Earl Rivers by Edward IV. (who was his son-in law) in 1466.

After 14 Jan 1460. Ande Duke Harry of Somerset (age 23) was i-commaundyd to goo to Gyon, and soo he dyd, and fulle manly made sautys to Calys, ande ranne byfore Calys almoste dayly, and many a men were hurte by hym and hys men.

Parliament of the Devils

Oct 1459. Ande thes fore sayde lordys sende letters unto many placys of Inglonde howe they were a vysyde to reforme the hurtys and myschevys ande grevys that raynyd in thys londe; and that causyd them moche the more to be lovyde of the comyns of Kente and of London; and by thys mene the comyns of Kent sende hem worde to ressayve hem and to go with hem in that a-tente that they wolde kepe trewe promys, and as for the more parte of thys londe hadde pytte that they were attaynte and proclaymyd trayters by the Parlement at was holde at Covyntre.

After 09 Oct 1459. Also that same yere the Duchyes of Yorke (age 44) com unto Kyng Harry (age 37) and submyttyd hyr unto hys grace, and she prayde for hyr husbonde (age 48) that he myght come to hys answere and to be ressayvyd unto hys grace; and the kynge fulle humbely grauntyde hyr grace, and to alle hyrs that wolde come with hyr, and to alle othyr that wolde com yn with yn viij dayes. And after viij days to done þe execusyon of the lawe as hit requyryd. And many men, bothe knyghtys and squyers, come whythe Syr Water Deverose, in hyr schyrtys and halters in hyr hondys, fallynge by-fore the kynge, and alle hadde grace and marcy bothe of lyffe and lym.

Oct 1459. The mysrewle of the kyngys galentys at Ludlowe [Map], whenn they hadde drokyn i-nowe of wyne that was in tavernys and in othyr placys, they fulle ungoodely smote owte the heddys of the pypys and hoggys hedys of wyne, that men wente wete-schode in wyne, and thenn they robbyd the towne, and bare a-waye beddynge, clothe, and othyr stuffe, and defoulyd many wymmen.

The Duchyes of Yorke was take to the Duke Bokyngham and to hys lady, for they two ben susters, and there she was tylle the fylde was done at Northehampton, and she was kept fulle strayte and many a grete rebuke.