Chronicle of Gregory 1464

Chronicle of Gregory 1464 is in Chronicle of Gregory 1461-1469.

1464 Battle of Hedgeley Moor

1464 Marriage of Edward IV and Elizabeth Woodville

1464 Battle of Hexham

1464 Suppressing the Northumbrian Resistance

1464 Edward IV announces his marriage at Privy Council

Battle of Hedgeley Moor

Before 25 Apr 1464. The poyntement was that they Schottys and [t]ey shulde mete at Yorke. And thenn was my Lorde of Mountegewe (age 33) assygnyd to fecche yn the Schottys pesseabylly, for he was Wardon of the Marchys. And then my Lorde of Mountegewe (age 33) toke hys jornaye towarde the Newe Castelle [Map]. And by the waye was fulle falsely i-purvyde that fals Duke Harry of Somersett (age 28) and Percy (age 39), with hyr feleschyppe assocyat unto them, that there was layde by the waye, a lytylle from the Newecastel, in a woode, that fals traytoure Syr Umfray Nevyle (age 25), with iiij schore [Note. 80] sperys, and the bowys there too. And they shulde have falle on the Lorde Mountegeue (age 33) sodenly, and slayne hym sodenly, but, God be thonkyd, hyr fals treson was aspyde and knowe. And thenne the Lorde Montegewe (age 33) toke a nothyr waye, and made to be gaderyd a grete feleschippe, and went to the Newecastelle [Map], and soo toke hys jornaye unto Norham [Map] warde. Ande in the wey thedyrwarde there met with hym that fals Duke of Somersette (age 28), Syr Raffe Percy (age 39), the Lorde Hungerforde (age 33), and the Lorde Roos (age 36), whythe alle hyr company, to the nombyr of vM [Note. 5000] men of armys. And thys metynge was a pon Synte Markys day; and that same day was Syr Raffe Percy (age 39) slayne. And whenn that he was dede alle the party was schomfytyd and put to rebuke. Ande every man avoydyd and toke hys way with fulle sory hertys. And thenn my Lorde of Mountegeue (age 33) toke hys hors and roode to Norham, and fecchyd yn the Schottys, and brought hem unto the Lordys Commyssyonourys. And there was concludyd a pes [Note. peace] for xv yere with the Schottys. And the Schottys ben trewe hyt moste nedys contynu so longe, but hit ys harde for to tryste unto hem, for they byn evyr founde fulle of gyle and dyssayte.

Battle of Hexham

14 May 1464. Ande the xiiij daye of May nexte aftyr, my Lorde of Mountegeue (age 33) toke hys jornaye toward Hexham from the Newecastelle [Map]. And there he toke that fals Duke Harry Beuford of Somersett (age 28), the Lord Roos (deceased), the Lorde Hungerforde (age 33), Syr Pylyppe Wenteworthe (age 40), Syr Thomas Fyndorne, whythe many o[t]yr; loo, soo manly a man ys thys good Erle Mountegewe, for he sparyd not hyr malysse, nor hyr falssenysse, nor gyle, nor treson, and toke meny of men and slowe many one in that jornaye.

15 May 1464. The xv day of May folowynge thys good Lorde Mountegewe (age 33) let to be smete of the heddys of thes men, the whyche that hyr namys here folowyn in wrytyng: Henry Beaufort Duke of Somerset (age 28), Edmon Fysche, knyght, Edmon Bradschawe, Water Hunte, Blacke Jakys.

17 May 1464. At the Newecastelle [Map], the xvij day of May, he let to be smete of the heddys, as the namys of hem done appere here aftyr in wrytynge: Fyrste, the hedde of the Lorde Hungerforde (age 33), the Lorde Roos (deceased), Syr Thomas Fyndorne, Barnarde de la Mare, Nycholas Massam.

18 May 1564. Ande the xviij day of May he let to be smyte of at Mydlam [Map] the hedys of thes men that hyr namys folowyn here in wrytynge: Syr Phylippe Wentworthe, knyght, Wyllam Penyngton, Warde of Copclyffe1, Olyver Wentworthe, Wylliam Spyller, John Senyer, of Yorke, Thomas Hunte, foote man.

Note 1. Should read Topcliffe.

26 May 1464. At Yorke, the xxvj day of May, he let to be smete of the heddys of thos men that hyr namys folowyn here in wrytynge: Syr Thomas Hoosy, Thomas Gosse, Robert Myrfyn, John Butler, Roberte Wattys, porter to Kyng Harry, Thomas Fenwyke, Robert Cockefelde, Wylliam Bryce, Wylliam Dauson, John Chapman, John Edyrbeke, Rycharde Taverner, John Russelle, Robert Conqueror.

Battle of Hexham

Around 18 May 1464. Ande be syde Newecastelle [Map], the same monythe, [t]er was i-take Taylbosse (age 49) in a cole pyt, and he hadde moche mony with hym, bothe golde and sylvyr, that schulde have gon unto Kyng Harry: and yf [it] had come to Harry, lat Kynge of Ingelonde, hyt wolde have causyd moche sory sorowe, for he had ordaynyd harneys and ordenance i-nowe, but the men wolde not go one fote with hym tylle they had mony. And they waytyd dayly and howrely for mony that thys Taylebosse (age 49) shulde have send unto hem or brought hyt; the summa was iijMl [Note. 3000] marke. And the lordys mayny of Montegewe were sore hurte and seke, and many of hys men wer slayne by for in the grete jornays, but thys mony was departyd a-monge hem, and was a very holsum salfe for hem. And in the day folowyng Taylebosse (age 49) loste hys hedde at Newecastelle [Map].

Nowe take hede what love may doo, for love wylle not nor may not caste no faute nor perelle in noo thyng.

Marriage of Edward IV and Elizabeth Woodville

01 May 1464. That same yere, the fyrste day of May be fore sayde or wrete, oure soverayne lorde the Kynge, Edwarde the iiij (age 22), was weddyd to the Lorde Ryvers (age 59) doughter; hyr name ys Dame Elyzabethe (age 27), that was wyffe unto Syr John Grey, sone and heyre unto the Lady Ferys of Groby (age 45). And thys maryage was kepte fulle secretely longe and many a day, that no man knewe hyt; but men mervelyd that oure soverayne lorde was so longe with owte any wyffe, and were evyr ferde that he had be not chaste of hys levynge.

Edward IV announces his marriage at Privy Council

01 Nov 1464. But on Alle Halowe day at Redyng there it was knowe, for there the kynge (age 22) kepte hys comyn counselle, and the lordys mevyd hym and exortyd hym in Goddys name to ben weddyd and to lyffe undyr the lawe of God and Chyrche, and they wold sente in too sum stronge lond to inquere a quene good of byrthe, a-cordyng unto hys dygnyte. And thenn our soverayne myght not no longer hyde hys maryage, and tolde hem howe he hadde done, and made that the maryage shuld be oppynde unto hys lordys.

Suppressing the Northumbrian Resistance

Around Jul 1464. Alle so the same somer my Lorde of Warwycke (age 35) and hys brether the Lorde Mountegewe (age 33), that was made Erle of Northehumberlond by the kynge, they ij layde a sege unto the castelle of Anwyke [Map] a gate hyt by a-poyntement. And in the same wyse and forme they gate the castelle of Dunsterborowe [Map] by the same mene. And thenne they layd sege to the castelle of Bamborowe [Map], and layde grete ordynans and gonnys [Note. guns] there too. And manly they gate hyt by fors, and toke there yn that fals traytur Syr Raffe Gray (age 32), and brought hym unto the kynge to the castelle of Pomfrete [Map]. And fro thens he was ladde to Dankester [Map], and there hys hedde was smete of and sent to London, and hyt was sette a-pon Londyn Bryge [Map].

1464. Mayor of London: Raffe Gosselyn. Sheriffs: John Tate, John Stone.

And thys yere was hyt ordaynyd that the noubylle of vj s. viij d. shulde goo for viij s. iiij d. And a newe cane was made. Fyrste they made an Angylle and hit went for vj s. viij d., and halfe ande Angyl for xl d.; but they made non farthyngysa of that gold. And thenne they made a gretter cune and namyd hyt a ryalle, and that wentte for xs., and halfe the ryalle for vs., and the farthynge for ij s. vj d. And they made newe grotys not soo goode as the olde, bat they were worthe iiij d. And then sylvyr rosse to a grytter pryce, for an unce of sylvyr was sette at iij s., and better of sum sylvyr. But at the be-gynnynge of thys mony men grogyd passynge sore, for they couthe not rekyn that gold not so quyckely as they dyd the olde golde. And men myght goo thoroughe owte a strete or thoroughe a hoole parysche or that he myght chonge hit. And sum men sayd that the newe golde was not soo good as the olde golde was, for it was alayyd.

Note a. That is to say, no quarter angels.