Diary of Edward VI Volume 1

Diary of Edward VI Volume 1 is in Diary of Edward VI.

Diary of Edward VI Volume 1 Letters

26 Jun 1548. Besides this examination, or confession as it may be termed, there are also extant, under Edward's own hand, three other proofs of his having held communication with the lord admiral through John Fowler, one of his privy chamber. One consists in the two following lines prefixed to a letter of Fowler, dated from St. Jameses on the 26th June 1548.

[Burghley Papers, edited by Haynes, 1740, fol. p. 75: from the MSS. at Hatfield House.]

I commende me to you, my lord, and praie you to credit this writer. Edward.

Note. Fowler wrote to the lord admiral as follows:

After most humble recommendations to your good lordship. This shalbe to sertefy you that the King's majesty is in good healthe, thankes be gyvin to God, and has him1 hartely recommended to the Quines grace and to your good lordship. And his grace wyllid me to wrytt to your lordship, declaring to me that his mynd and love, notwithstanding your absens, is towards your lordship as mouche as to any man within Ingland. Also his grace willid me to wrytt to your lordship dissierring yow, as your lordship has willid him to do, if he lak any monny, to send to your lordship. His grace dessiers you, if you conveniently may, to let him have summ monny; I askid his grace, whatt summ I shuld wrytt to your lordship for; his grace wold name no summ, but as it pleasid your lord- ship to send him, for he determins to gjve it away, but to home he wooll not tell me as yet. I am not abull to send your lordship no newes, but that my lord of Winchester (age 65)2 prechis afore the King upon sainct Peter's day at Westmyster. His grace is now at St. James's, and my lord protector lies ther every night, but he dines at Westminster; I will send your lordship the bishop's sermon, God willing, the next time I wrytt to your lordship; and if anny newes cumm then I woU sartify your lordship. The King's majesty dessiers

Note 1. Misprinted bin by Haynes,

Note 2. This was the sermon which Gardiner was enjoined to preach in order to test his principles. Certain "points" upon which he was to be explicit were dictated to him by the council; but as he did not give satisfaction he was arrested two days afler. See the full particulars under the head of the 7th Article charged against him, in Foxe's Acts and Monuments: also the protector's letter to him, requiring his attention to the "points," dated Sion, the 28th June, in Burnetts History of the Reformation. Notes of the sermon itself arc preserved in the MSS. of Corpus Christi Coll. Camb. Misc. viii. 15.