Effigy in Wingfield Church, Norfolk

Effigy in Wingfield Church, Norfolk is in Monumental Effigies of Great Britain.

This effigy represents one of the Wingfields, Lords of Letheringham, in Suffolk, of whom Weever says, "The town of Wingheld hath given name to a family in this tract that is spread into a number of branches, and is besides for knighthood and ancient gentilitie renowned, and thereof it was the principal seat." He adds a mutilated inscription belonging to this tomb:

Hic jacet Dominius Wingfield de Letheringham .... cuius animea.

Details. Plate 1. Figure as originally painted, on the surcoat the arms of Wingfield, Azure, a fess Gules cotised Argent and Azure, charged with three pair of wings Azure.

Note a. Fun. Monuments, edit. 1631, p. 759.