Effigy of A De L'Isle

Effigy of A De L'Isle is in Monumental Effigies of Great Britain.

THERE were two families in England of this denomination; one deriving their appellative from the Isle of Wight [Map], the other from the Isle of Ely [Map]. Of the last was the subject of this effigy. The De Lisles possessed the manor of Rampton, in Cambridgeshire, from the reign of Henry the Third to that of the third Edward. They had from Edward the First a grant for a weekly market, and an annual fair in their manor of Rampton. A moated site, and some considerable ruins, near the church of that place, point out their residence. The effigy delineated is in the church. The mails on the hauberk of this figure appear to be effaced, and the mouth is sadly distorted by the carving of some idler. On the surcoat and shield is the coat of De Lisle, Or, a pale and two chevrons Sable, cotised Gules. The feet rest on a lion. Details. Plate 1. 1. Ornaments of the pillow. 2. Scroll-work on the chevron. 3. Pattern on the belt. 4. The figure as originally painted. Plate II. 1. Hood of the hauberk. 2. Rings of the mail. 3. Patterns on the waist-belt and appendages. 4. Heel of the spur, and straps.