Letters and Papers Foreign and Domestic Henry VIII 1509

Letters and Papers Foreign and Domestic Henry VIII 1509 is in Letters and Papers Foreign and Domestic Henry VIII.

1509 Marriage of King Henry VIII and Catherine of Aragon

1509 Coronation of Henry VIII and Catherine of Aragon

Apr 1509. Will of Henry VII (age 52):

At his manor of Richmond, Surrey [Map] March 24 Henry VII., the King (age 52) makes his last will, commending his soul to the Redeemer with the words he has used since his first "years of discretion," Domine Jesu Christe, qui me ex nichilo creasti, fecisti, redemisti et predestinasti ad hoc quod sum, Tu scis quid de me facere vis, fac de me secundum voluntatem Tuam cum misericordia, trusting in the grace of His Blessed Mother in whom, after Him, has been all his (testator's) trust, by whom in all his adversities he has had special comfort, and to whom he now makes his prayer (recited), as also to all the company of Heaven and especially his "accustumed avoures" St. Michael, St. John Baptist, St. John Evangelist, St. George, St. Anthony, St. Edward, St. Vincent, St. Anne, St. Mary Magdalene and St. Barbara, to defend him at the hour of death and be intercessors for the remission of his sins and salvation of his soul.

Desires to be buried at Westminster [Map], where he was crowned, where lie buried many of his progenitors, especially his granddame Catharine wife to Henry V and daughter to Charles of France, and whereto he means shortly to translate the remains of Henry IV in the chapel [Map] which he has begun to build (giving full directions for the placing and making of his tomb and finishing of the said chapel according to the plan which he has "in picture delivered" to the prior of St. Bartholomew's beside Smithfield, master of the works for the same); and he has delivered beforehand to the abbot, &c., of Westminster, £5,000, by indenture dated Richmond, 13 April 23 Hen VII, towards the cost.

His executors shall cause 10,000 masses in honor of the Trinity, the Five Wounds, the Five Joys of Our Lady, the Nine Orders of Angels, the Patriarchs, the Twelve Apostles and All Saints (numbers to each object specified) to be said within one month after his decease, at 6d. each, making in all £250 and shall distribute 2,£000 in alms; and to ensure payment he has left 2,£250 with the abbot, &c., of West-minster, by indenture dated (blank) day of (blank) in the (blank) year of his reign.

His debts are then to be paid and reparation for wrongs made by his executors at the discretion of the following persons, by whom all complaints shall be tenderly weighed, viz, the abp of Canterbury (age 59), Richard bp of Winchester (age 61), the bps of London and Rochester (age 39), Thomas Earl of Surrey (age 66), Treasurer General, George Earl of Shrewsbury (age 41), Steward of the House, Sir Charles Somerset Lord Herbert (age 49), Chamberlain, the two Chief Justices, Mr. John Yong (age 44), Master of the Rolls, Sir Thomas Lovell, Treasurer of the House, Mr. Thomas Routhall, secretary, Sir Ric Emson (age 59), Chancellor of the Duchy, Edm. Dudley (age 47), the King's attorney at the time of his decease, and his confessor, the Provincial of the Friars Observants, and Mr. William Atwater, dean of the Chapel, or at least six of them and three of his executors.

His executors shall see that the officers of the Household and Wardrobe discharge any debts which may be due for charges of the same.

Lands to the yearly value of above 1,000 mks have been "amortised" for fulfilment of certain covenants (described) with the abbey of Westminster.

For the completion of the hospital which he has begun to build at the Savoie place beside Charingcrosse, and towards which 10,000 mks in ready money has been delivered to the dean and chapter of St. Paul's, by indenture dated (blank), his executors shall deliver any more money which may be necessary; and they shall also make (if he has not done it in his lifetime) two similar hospitals in the suburbs of York and Coventry.

Certain cathedrals, abbeys, &c., named in a schedule hereto annexed [not annexed now] have undertaken to make for him orisons, prayers and suffrages "while the world shall endure," in return for which he has made them large confirmations, licences and other grants; and he now wishes 6s. 8d. each to be delivered soon after his decease to the rulers of such cathedrals, &c., 3s. 4d. to every canon and monk, being priest, within the same and 20d. to every canon, monk, vicar and minister not being priest. His executors shall bestow 2,£000 upon the repair of the highways and bridges from Windsor to Richmond manor and thence to St. George's church beside Southwark [Map], and thence to Greenwich manor, and thence to Canterbury.

To divers lords, as well of his blood as other, and also to knights, squires and other subjects, he has, for their good service, made grants of lands, offices and annuities, which he straitly charges his son, the Prince (age 17), and other heirs to respect; as also the enfeoffments of the Duchy of Lancaster made by Parliaments of 7 and 19 Henry VII. for the fulfilment of his will.

Bequests for finishing of the church of the New College in Cambridge and the church of Westminster, for the houses of Friars Observants, for the altar within the King's grate (i.e. of his tomb), for the high altar within the King's chapel, for the image of the King to be made and set upon St. Edward's shrine, for the College of Windsor, for the monastery of Westminster, for the image of the King to be set at St. Thomas's shrine at Canterbury, and for chalices and pixes of a certain fashion to be given to all the houses of Friars and every parish church not suitably provided with such.

Bequest of a dote of 50,£000 for the marriage of Lady Mary (age 13) the King's daughter with Charles Prince of Spain (age 9), as contracted at Richmond (blank) Dec. 24 Henry VIII., or (if that fail) her marriage with any prince out of the realm by "consent of our said son the Prince (age 17), his Council and our said executors.".

09 May 1509.

19. [5735.] Henry VII's Funeral.

File of warrants to John Heron (age 39), Treasurer of the Chamber, signed at the head by

(1) "Margaret R." [Countess of Richmond] and below by

(2) Chri. aBishop of York (age 45),

(3) Ric. Bishop of Winchester (age 61),

(4) Ric. Bishop of London,

(5) John Bishop of Rochester (age 39),

(6) T. Earl of Arundel (age 59),

(7) T. Earl of Surrey (age 66),

(8) C. Somerset [Lord Herbert] (age 49),

(9) John Yong (age 44),

(10) Sir Th. Lovell,

(11) Thomas Rowthale, and

(12) Sir John Cutte, or some of them, as executors of Henry VII., for payments towards the expenses of the funeral. The receipts attached indicate that Heron paid the money by the hands of John Daunce. The warrants are:—

F. 11.—24 April 1 Henry VIII. for 1,£000 to Andrew Wyndesore, the King's "wardroper" for black cloth for hangings in the chapel, &c. and for liveries to lords and others present. Signed by 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 12. (at ƒ. 21., Wyndesore's receipt, 29 Apr.).

F. 12.—26 Apr., £20 to Henry Smyth for timber work on the hearse. Signed by 1,7, 3, 8, 5. (Smyth's receipt, 29 Apr., subscribed)

F. 13.—28 Apr., £40 to Henry Wyatt for messengers and other charges. Sig. 1, 2, 3, 8. (at f. 26a, holograph note by Wyatt, 28 April, enclosing this, as from "thexecutors," to Heron, or in his absence Richard Tryse, with request for the money to be sent in groats by Richard Lee.)

F. 14.—9 May, £666 13s. 4d. to Sir John Cutte for payments to St. Paul's and Westminster Abbey, the four houses of Friars, &c. Sig. 1, 7, 3, 6., 8, 10, 12. (at ƒ. 18, Cutte's receipt, 20 May.)

F. 15.—28 Apr., £500 to Sir John Cutte, for scocheons, banners &c. Sig. 1, 2, 3, 8, 12. (at ƒ. 15a, Cutte's receipt, 30 April.)

F. 17.—26 May, 2,£895 11s. 2d. to Andrew Wyndesore, esq., Master of the Great Wardrobe, for funeral expenses of the Household and for rewards &c. Sig. 1, 7, 3, 8, 5, 10, 11, 9, 12. (at ƒ. 19, Wyndesore's receipt, 8 June.)

F. 20.—25 Apr., £500 to Sir John Cutte for torches &c. Sig. 1, 7, 3, 4, 8, 10, 6. (at ƒ. 16, Cutte's receipt, 28 Apr.)

F. 21a.—1 May, 2,£000 to Andrew Wyndesore, Keeper of the Great Wardrobe, for "divers things." Sig. 1, 7, 3, 5, 8, 10, 11, 12. (at ƒ. 22, Wyndesore's receipt, 12 May.)

F. 25.—25 Apr., £250 to Andrew Wyndesore and William Pawne, to be employed, by oversight of Sir Thomas Brandon, "for the chare and other apparels belonging to the Stable." Sig. 1, 7, 3, 4, 8, 10, 12. (at ƒ. 24, Pawne's receipt, 1 June.)

F. 26.—Undated, to "Master Doctor Edmayn the King's aumosner," for alms and wages of 330 poor men from Richmond to Westminster £66, 100 torch bearers from St. George's Barre to Westminster £10, alms by the way from Richmond to London £100, choirs of Paulles and Westminster each £10, and 30 "men lakkyng of the Household" to bear staff torches from Richmond to Westminster £6 Sig. 1, 7, 3, 8, 5, 10. (at ƒ. 27, receipt, by Richard Rayner, of the above, on behalf of Dr. "Edname," 8 May.)

F. 28.—5 May, £100 each to Mr. Roger Lupton, Mr. Richard Rawlyns, Mr. (blank) Honywode and Mr. Robert Bekynsals, for alms to be distributed in London and Westminster and the suburbs. Sig. 1, 7, 3, 8, 5, 10. (at ƒ. 23, several receipts signed by Rawlyns, Robert Honywode, Bekynsaw and Lupton, 11 May.)

S.P. Henry VIII., 1, f. 11. R. O.

11 May 1509. 20. Henry VII.'s Funeral.

"Th'entierment of the moost excellent prynce King Henry the vijth."

A book beginning with a long list of lengths and prices of black cloth bought from 56 merchants (named). Then follow the prices of "manteletts" and "kercheffes" allowed to the Princess of Castell, Lady Kateryne, Lady Fytzwater, Lady Anne Percy, the lady of Kent, Lady Gordon, Lady Verney, Lady Marzen, Mrs. Redyng, Mrs. Catysby, Mrs. Denes (or Denyse), Mrs. Weston, Mrs. Jarnyngham, Mrs. Bucknam, Mrs. Popyncourt, Mrs. Kateryn and Mrs. Sapcott, and their gentlewomen; to the Princess of Wales and her two ladies, Dame Agnes Vanegas and Dame Maria de Gavara, four gentlewomen, Katerina Fortes, Maria Saleinas, John de Quero's wife and Kateryn Montaya, and two chamberers, Kateryn de Gavara and Esabell de Vanegas; to the King's "grauntdame," Lady Jane, Lady Wylloughby, Mrs. Clyfford, Mrs. Parker, Mrs. Fowler, Mrs. Stanhop, Mrs. Jane, Mrs. Ratclyff, to the two gentlewomen of these ladies and to Perott Doren and Jane Walter, chamberers of the King's granddame. Next come payments to goldsmiths, tailors, &c., for hearse covering, palls, robes, coffin cloths, gowns "for 9 henxmen and the M." (master) and for many poor men, the carriage of stuff to Richmond, and provision of hangings there. Then come payments amounting to £25, mainly for saddlery for the Princesses of Wales and Castell, headed as made by warrant dated 15 May 1 Henry VIII. and some further payments for hearses at St. Paul's and Westminster and for a cloth of estate for the high altar at Greenwich; followed by "The Boke of Peynters," showing payments for "scochyns," coats of arms, banners, "banerolles," "pencelles," "magesties," "rachementes" and borders, made by Mr. Broun, Rogecrosse, William Whytyng, John Wolff, John Wanlesse, Thomas Grene, Richard Rowanger and others (named). Then come expenses at Richmond, St. Paul's and Westminster showing amount and cost of material, names and wages of workmen &c. (£1,557s. of Poleyn wax was used on the hearse at Pawles and £3,606s. at Westminster), and bills of the purchase of torches (weights given) and expenses in the Stable.

Next (at f. 112b.) in an account of "Almose yeven by dyverse doctours," viz.:—Dr. Ednam: alms by the way from Richmond to London by the hands of Dr. Hobbys and the Under-almoner, £22; alms to King's chaplains, £23; and other payments for alms distributed betweene Paules and Westminster, given to 60 country churches, wages of torchbearers and £10 each to the choirs of Paules and Westminster; total, £102 Dr. Bekensawe: distributed to poor people at the Clynke 28 and 29 April and 9, 10 and 11 May and to impotent people of the city and suburbs nominated by their curates, total £447 9s. 8d. Similar distributions by Dr. Rawlyns, £463 16d., and Dr. Honywood, £520 at Ledon Hall and Seynt Mary Spetyll; by Dr. Lupton, at Westminster, £386 5s. 4d.; and on 5 May, by Dr. Lupton, to 39 prisoners delivered out of Newgate, Ludgate, Counter in the Pultrye, Counter in Bredestrete and the King's Bench, £34 3s.

At f. 114 begins an account of expenditure of provisions at the Bishop of London's palace and at Westminster by the various departments of the Household.

Then, after specifying the mourning clothing allowed to ladies and lords of every degree, at f. 119 comes:—

f. 119. "Livery given as well to archbishops, dukes, bishops, earls, lords, knights, chaplains, squires, gentlemen, yeomen, grooms and pages and other officers as to the King's grauntdame, the princesses of Walis and Castell, the Queen's sister, 'merqueses,' Countesses, Viscountesses, baronesses, knights' wives, gentlewomen, chamberers, with their servants as well men as women, against the interment of" &c. Henry VII., who died 21 April in the 24th year of his reign and was buried at Westminster 11 May following.

[The amount of cloth allowed to themselves and their servants is in each case given, the total length being 18,311¾ yds.]

f. 119b.

Bishops: York, Winchester,* London. Earls: Treasurer,* Essex, Kent, Derbie. Barons: Harry Stafford, John Grey, Richard Grey, Anthony Grey, Delaware, Willoughby, Dacres of the South, Ferrers, Barnes, Dacres of the North, Chamberlain*, Darcy, Sir John Huse, Comptroller of the King's House. Knights: Sir David Owyn, Sir Edward Stanley, Sir Henry Willoughby, Sir Matthew Broun, Sir Richard Lewys, Sir John Huddilston, Sir Rob. Sheffeld, Sir Th. Bryan, Sir William Vampage, Sir Edward Darell, Sir Rob. Southwell, Sir John Bothe, Sir Walter Hungerford. Gentlemen-ushers: Rob. Knolles, Henry Wentworth, Francis Barnard, (blank) Kermynow.

f. 120. Bishops: Chichester, Chester, Rochester. Lords: Howard, Fitzwater, Mr. Secretary*, Lord Clynton. Knights: Sir Th. Tirrell, Sir Hugh Vaghan, Sir Rol. Veilvyle, Sir Adrian Fortescu, Sir Richard Fowler. Sir Rob. Peyton, Sir John Seymore, Sir Th. Fynes, Sir Jhon Devynnysshe. Squyers for the Bodie: Henry Wyott, Master of the King's Jewelhouse, Mr. Arthur, Edward Hungerford, Th. Knevett, Ant. Wyngfeld, John Veer, William Parr, John Geynesford, Th. Tirrell, Edward Nevell, Ch. Brandon, Giles Capell, Hugh Denyse, Wistan Broun, Edward Guylford, John Dyve, John Hampden, John Melton, Richard Weston, Th. Stoner, Richard Chombley. Gentlemen-ushers: John Russell, John Moreton, John Clerk, Edward Ap Rees, Edward Doon, Jasper Fyloll, George Kene, Richard Fyssher, John Mershall, William Kyngeston, Rob. Jones, John Leventhorp, John Roy. Sewers of the Chamber: Francis Buddes, Th. Ap Rees, Th. Ap Morgan, Richard Whitehill, Chr. Villers, Griffith Doon, John Salysbury, Nicholas Hyde, John Clon, Hugh Walden, John Verney, John Hyghfeld, Melchior Astolo, Edward Swenerton, Rob. Ardern, William Lyngen. Serjeants of arms: Rob. Wesshyngton, Edward Griffith, James Conyers, John Roydon, Gilb. Mawdesley, John Hamerton, William Butler, Mores Butler, Lionel Crowford, Hugh Chomley, Th. Russhe, Th. Twyseaday, Rob. Marleton, John Harper. Officers at Arms: Garter King at Arms, Richemont King at Arms, Norrey King at Arms, Wyndesore and Somerset heralds, and Rougecrosse, Blewmantill, Barwyke, Rougedragon, Guynes, Hammes, Caleis, Mount Orgeil and Kyldare pursuivants. Grooms of the Chamber: Piers Barbour, Richard Clement, James Worseley, Rob. Hesulrygge, John Pate, John Bygge, William Dalborn, Peter Malvesey, John Pultney, Rob. Hert, John Floid, William Hylton, David Ap Rees, — Forster, Th. Gardygon, Th. Musgrave, Th. Vowell, — Shevall, Rob. Barbour, George Sutton, John Burton, William Coke, William Wynslowe, Henry Ardern, John Davyd, Petie Roy, Nicholas Taylour, Rob. Troughton, Bart. Overton, Janken Vaghan, Nicholas Baker. Pages of the Chamber: John Copenger, John Catchmay, Th. Carvanell, Henry Kemyas, Massy Velyarde, Peter Champney.

f. 122. The King's Grandame. Ladies: Lady Jane, Lady Wylloughby. Gentlewomen: Mrs. Clyfford, Parker, Fowler, Stanhop, Jane and Ratclyffe. Chamberers: Perott Doren, Jane Walter. Counsellors: Mr. Chaunceler, Mr. Chamberleyn, Mr. Steward, Mr. Morgan. Chaplains: Mr. Confessor, Mr. Almoner, Mr. Pexall. Gentlemen: Mr. Parker, George Henyngham, George Frauncesse, Rob. Fernyngham, Rog. Ratclyff, John Lee. Yeomen: Rob. Merbury. William Hylmer, Nicholas Aughton, Richard Aderston, John Merycoke, Rob. Nessewyke, Rob. Hylton, John Madyson, William Love. Grooms: Hugh Carr, Henry Abney, Hugh Worsley, John Hasylby, Rob. Clyff.

122b. The King's Guard: William Kebe, Nicholas Downes, Nicholas Pounser, Humph. Baryngton, Richard Phyllypp and 119 others named.

Mr. John Baptista, Mr. William Lynche, Mr. John Chambre. Squire for the Body: Henry Milborn. Gentleman-ushers: John Sherp, William Tyler. Groom of the Chamber: Th. Wolbaston.

124. Doctor Lacy, Ralph Egerton. Sewers: Henry Pynago, William Norres, Ant. Cotton. Clerk Comptroller: Edward Hatclyff. Yeomen: Rob. Ryssheton, John Nevell, William Royt, John Braban, William Poole, Th. Woderoff, Edward Addeley, George Brocas, Th. Bella, John Gaso, John Dey, William Vaghan, John Prynce. Footman: David Phyllypp. Grooms of the Chamber: William Thomas, William Compton, William Gower, Walter Badham, Chr. Rochestre. Grooms Officers: Alex. Staveley, John Versyn, Rob. Lyttle, John Smythe, Richard Bendon, William Hoxeson, Roger Bedill, James Derham, John Colynson, John Spokesman, William Roodes, Th. Sawcy, John Naples, Th. Wheteley, Th. Peper, John Janyns. Pages officers: John Dowener, William Seynt. Sewer for the Board: John Cornewale. Yeomen: John Grey, William Leygh, Hugh Sterkey, Chr. Roper, Th. Maxson, Th. Dec, John Passy, Rob. Maunger. Minstrels: Hakenett de Lewys, Stephen de Lalaunde. Grooms: Richard Amere, Richard Hert, William Atkynson, John Jely. Pages: Rob. Bowyngton, John Procter, Petie John.

Knight: Sir Henry Merney. Cupbearers: Josselyn Percy, Henry Clyfford. Chaplains: Dr. Rawson, Mr. Geoffrey Wrenne.

Henry Guylford, Th. Lucy, John Moreton.

125. Lords: my Lord Steward, my Lord of Oxford (age 9), my Lord MountJoye, Mr. Treasurer (age 19), the Master of the Wardrobe, Sir John Cutte, Undertreasurer*. Knights: Sirs Edward Poynynges, John Reynesford, John Peche, John Carewe, William Saundes, Th. West, Edward Haward and George Maners. Cupbearer: Richard Hastynges. Squires for the Body: Th. Parr, Ant. Fetipace, John Carr, Th. Bolan, Matth. Baker. Gentlemen-ushers: John Whytyng. Chr. Garnysshe.

The King's chaplains: Mr. Hobbys, Mr. Cosyn, Mr. Vaghan, Mr. Lupton, Mr. Lychfeld, Mr. Honywood, Mr. West, brother to the Lord Dalaware, Mr. Wolsey, Mr. Oxenbrygge, Mr. Esterfeld, Mr. Fyssher, Mr. Rawlyns, Mr. Teylour, Mr. Hatton "profyce of Cambryge," Mr Petir of ye Closet.

126. Lords: The Earl of Aren, the Earl of Ormond, the Lord Hastynges. Knight: Sir Rob. Brandon. Squires for the Body: John Marney, Symken Dyghby. Bishops with lords: the Bishop of Lincoln, my Lord Matravers, the Bishop of Worcester, the Bishop of Carlisle. Minstrels of the Chamber: Gyles, Buntanes, Babram, "Seykebudes" (sackbuts) and shalmeys: Johannes, Guyllam Borrow, Edward Johannes, Alex. Massu. The King's trumpets: Jakett, Petir, Domynyk, John Cecile, Frank, Christopher, Adryan, John Broun, John Blank. The King's falconers: Francis, Peter, Patrick, Mate, Hugh. Keeper of the King's "librally": Sir William Faques, priest. Clerk of the Counseill: William Bellouse.

127. Duke: Buckingham. Lords: The Bishop of Norwich, Lord Broke, Lord Scrope, Lord Fitzhugh, Lord of Seynt Jones, Lord Grey of Wylton. Knights: Sirs William Rede, Th. Bousher, Th. Trenchard, John Ryseley, George Holford, Everard Fyldyng, Nicholas Griffythe, Giles Brygges, John Longford, Rob. Dymmok. Squires for the Body: Piers Champion, John Fortescu, Edward Chamberleyn, Francis Cheny, John Cheny, Th. Cheny, Richard Norres, Edward Ratclyff, William Morgan, Edward Bealknapp, Adam Penyngton, Richard Welden, Edward Bulstrode, Th. Pekeryng, Edm. Breknell, Edward Wadham, William West, Richard Wentworth, Mr. Mewtas. Gentlemen-ushers: William Fitzwilliam (age 19), Roger Chomley, Edward Benstede, Walter Frost, Godderd Oxenbrygge, George Hervy, Frowyk of Barnett, John Norton, William Penyngton, James Metcalff, Henry Brugges, Edward Jernyngham, John Pooll, Richard Saundes. Sewers of the Chamber: Walron Coughan, John Souche, Francis Harecourt, Rob. Blount.

Counsellors and chaplains: Mr. Chr. Ursewyke, Mr. Simon Stalworth, Mr. Nicholas West. Earls: Arundale, Northumberlond. Knights and justices: Sir John Fyneux, Chief Justice of Ingeland, Robert Rede, Chief Justice of the Common Place, William Hody, Chief Baron. Knights: Sir Th. Dygby, Sir John Dyghby, Sir James Hoberd, the Master of the Rolls, Sir Edm. Carewe, Sir William Filoll, Sir Rob. Drewre, Sir John Savage. Esquires: Maurice Barkeley, William Denes, John Villers, Th. Denham, William Gascoign, William Cromer, "Henry Grey my Lord of Kent brother." Gentlemen-ushers: James Barkley, John Cromer, Rob. Turges, John Bairley, Henry Wodall, James Loder, Ralph Bukberd, Francis Haselden. Grooms: Hugh Edwardes, John Vavasour.

128. Knight: Sir Richard Chomley. (Not described): Oliver Turnour, John Whytyngton, porter, the Under-porter, John Freynce, Rob. Hirdelston, John Williams, Richard Birton, Henry Hopkyns, Cadwalader John, Davy Jones, Richard Babsey, John Auteknapp, Rob. Auler, William Maddokkes, John Brokwall, George Todd, gaoler. Officers of the King's Ordynance: William Huxley, Elys Hylton, John Yong. Grooms: Richard Fawconer, Rob. Fyssher, John Wystowe, Humphrey Walker, Blace Billard, Pace Reynold, Henry Cramer, Wymond Godfrey, William Lacryan, Roger Hyngelych, Edward Hygges, Richard Smyth, gardener, Chr. Wodland, smith, Walter Harowe, Miles Reynold.

129. The Bishop of Ely, My Lord of Canterbury. Lord: my Lord Clyfford. Knights: Sirs John Hungerford, Rob. Plompton, Richard York, John Dunham, George Forster, Rob. Poynys, Rob. Curson. Squires for the Body: John Awdeley, Th. Nevell, William Plompton, Edm. Bray, Edward Ferrers, Th. Moreton, Roger Townesend, Richard Hungerford, Gerard Danett, George Guylford, John Gage, Chr. Willoughby, John Stanley. Gentlemen-ushers: Rob. Witell, Richard Irton, William Bulstrode, William Husse, Th. Seyntmarten, John Pauncefort, Nicholas Sterley, Ralph Worseley. Sewer: Th. Maston. Grooms: Mr. John the King's surgeon, Richard Floyd, Henry the King's godson, Jankyn Floyd, William Lambert, Richard Smythe, Stephen the King's tailor, Th. James, William Pertryche, Mr. John the King's sage French doctor, Mr. Martyn the King's fool, "For Phypp hys master" (this a separate entry), Th. Pownde, Crochett the King's armourer.

Knights: Sir John Ferrers, Sir Richard Knyghtley. Chaplains: Mr. Sydename, Mr. Alkoke, Mr. Gundesalus, Mr. John Glynne, Mr. Salysbury, Mr. Ant. Fyssher, Mr. Weldon, Mr. Derley, Mr. Creton.

Continues ...

Marriage of King Henry VIII and Catherine of Aragon

07 Jun 1509. 60. [147.] Catharine of Aragon.

Renunciation by Catharine, in favour of Henry VIII, of her dowry of 200,000cr. (of 4s. 2d.) stipulated by the treaty of 3 June 1503. Greenwich, 7 June 1509.

Lat. Copy. See No. 65 iv.

R. O. Rym., XIII. 261.

09 Jun 1509. 62. [154(2).] Sir Edward Ponynges (age 50). Appointment as Warden of the Cinque Ports. (See Grants In June, No. 33.)

Modern copy, p. 1. S.P. Henry VIII., 1, f. 33. R. O.

18 Jun 1509. Deeds AA, 395. R. O. 75. [189(2).] Thomas, Lord Darcy (age 42). His letters patent appointing him Warden of the East Marches. With fragment of the great seal appended. (See Grants In June, No. 65.)

18 Jun 1509. 76. Thomas, Lord Darcy (age 42). Warden of the Forests beyond Trent, &c. See Grants IN JUNE, Nos. 64, 66–69.

Coronation of Henry VIII and Catherine of Aragon

11 Jun 1509 and 23 Jun 1509. Tib. E. VIII. f. 100b. B.M. 81. Preparations For The Coronation.

A "device for the manner and order of the Coronation" of Henry VIII, "rightful and undoubted inheritor of the crowns of England and of France," by the whole consent of the realm chosen and required to be King, and also of the Princess Catharine daughter of Spain and Aragonne, his wife, Queen of England and of France, to be solemnised at Westminster, on Sunday, 24 June, 1509.

The King has proclaimed that all who claim to do services on Coronation day shall be in the White Hall at Westminster Palace, 20 June next, and has authorised the Earl of Surrey (age 66), Treasurer of England, the Earl of Oxford (age 9), Sir John Fyneux, Chief Judge, Sir Thomas Englefeld, and others to determine claims. He has ordered 26 honorable persons to repair to the Tower of London on 22 June, to serve him at dinner, where those who are to be made knights shall bear dishes "in token that that they shall never bear none after that day"; and on 23 June, at the Tower, they are to be made Knights of the Bath; "whose names follow in order as they were made," viz., Richard (sic) Radclyff Lord Fitzwater, the Lord Scroop of Bolton, the Lord Fitzhugh, the Lord Mountjoye, the Lord Dawbeney, the Lord Brooke, Sir Henry Clyfford, Sir Maurice Berkeley, Sir Thomas Knyvet, Sir Andrew Wyndesore, Sir Thomas Parr, Sir Thomas Boleyne, Sir Richard Wentworth, Sir Henry Owtrede, Sir Francis Cheyny, Sir Henry Wyotte, Sir George Hastynges, Sir Thomas Metham, Sir Thomas Bedyngfeld, Sir John Shelton (age 32), Sir Giles Alyngton, Sir John Trevanyon, Sir William Crowmer, Sir John Heydon, Sir Godarde Oxenbrige and Sir Henry Sacheverell.

Details follow at great length of the ceremonies to be performed, the decorations, dresses, &c., for each of the two days, the eve and day of the Coronation.

24 Jun 1509. 82. The Coronation.

Coronation of the King:—Copies of warrants of various dates in May, June, July and August, 1 Henry VIII., for stuff provided by the Great Wardrobe against the Coronation of the King and Queen, and for their use and that of the Princess of Castile about that time. Folios 170–3 mainly refer to stuff for the nine henchmen and their master, and the five footmen (none named). Total for the King's coronation, 1, £749 8s. 4d.

Coronation of the Queen "le sage doctour"; Lady Eliz. Stafford, and seven other ladies and gentlewomen; Mrs. Mary Jernyngham; the Queen's stable; Sir Davy Owen, carver, and Richard Hastynges, cup-bearer for the King; Alexander Thrognall, chief carver, Edward Jernyngham, chief cup-bearer, and John Varney, chief sewer for the Queen; Sir Thomas Lovell, Treasurer of Household, Sir Andrew Wyndesore, Keeper of the Great Wardrobe, my Lord of Oxford (age 9), Great Chamberlain of England, the Abbot of Westminster, and the Queen's Chancellor and Confessor.

Ff. 191b. and 192 are occupied with wages of skinners and other necessary expenses. Total for the Queen's coronation, 1,£536 16s. 2½d.

At f. 193 begins the list of purchases of scarlet and red cloth from John Bounde, John Saxey and many other merchants, the totals being scarlet 1,641 yds., red cloth 2,040 yds., and the whole cost 1,£307 11s. 3½d. F. 196b. contains the list of white and green woollen cloth (240 yds. of each) as purchased for 100 persons of the King's Bench and 60 of the Marshalsea "bearing tipped staves at the coronation." Total cost of silks, scarlet, red cloth and necessaries, 4,£748 6s. 3d.

At f. 198 begins a list showing number of yards (of scarlet and red cloth, as appears by totals of each kind noted page by page) delivered to each of the following, viz.:—

24 Jun 1509. The Bishop of Canterbury, Chancellor, the Bishop of Winchester, Privy Seal, the Bishop of Durham, Secretary, my Lord Treasurer, the Master of the Rolls, the Lord Herberd, King's Chamberlain, Sir David Owen, first carver, Richard Hastynges, first cup-bearer, Sir William Vampage, first sewer, Henry Wyott, Master of the Jewel House, William FitzWilliam (age 19), second cup-bearer, Sir Thomas West, second carver, Sir Andrew Wyndesore, Master of the Great Wardrobe. The King's Bench:—Sir William Fyneux, Chief Justice, Robert Brudenell and Humphrey Conysby, justices. The "Comyn Place":—Sir Robert Redd, Chief Justice, Sir John Fyssher, John Butteler, and William Greveld, justices. Barons of the Exchequer:—Sir William Hoody, Chief Baron, Barth. Westby, William Bollyng, John Aleyn. The King's serjeants:—Ric. Elyott, Lewis Pollard, John Ernley, King's attorney, William Porter, Clerk of the Crown, Edward Lewkenour, gentleman usher.

The King's Household:—The Earl of Shrewsbury (age 41), steward, Sir Thomas Lovell, keeper of the Great Wardrobe of the Household, Sir Edward Ponynges, controller. Counting House: John Shurley, cofferer, William Atlyff, Thomas Byrkes, John Miklowe, clerk controller, John Robyns, clerk of records, Edward Welden, clerk cofferer, Thomas Darell, yeoman usher. Bakehouse: Richard Guyll, serjeant, John Bartilmewe, clerk, John Downer, yeoman "for the mouth," Henry Freyne, yeoman furnour, John Skern, purveyor, Henry Perkyn, groom purveyor, Hugh Mathewe, yeoman garnetor. Pantry: Stephen Coope, serjeant, Edward Addeley, yeoman for the mouth, Griffith Gwyn, groom for the mouth, Richard Bendon, William Busshe and Robert Rochester, yeomen of the Hall, John Knolles, yeoman "brewer," Richard Carpenter, John Egleston and Robert Johnson, grooms of the Hall, Thomas Blythe and Thomas Brampton, pages of the Hall. Cellar: Roger Mynors, serjeant, Thomas Bell, yeoman for the mouth, John Brent, groom for the mouth, Edward Atwood, yeoman "brewer," Ralph Annesley and Thomas Parker, grooms at the bar, Henry Hakker and Noel Loveday, pages, Alen Kyng, yeoman purveyor, Maurice Apparrey, yeoman for the bottles. Buttery: William Hogeson and William Bawdy, yeomen, Edward ApJohn, John Gylmyn and John Saulkyll, grooms, Thomas Annesley and Richard Parker, pages, William Kerne, yeoman ale taker, Thomas Cooke groom ale taker, William Bowman, groom ale taker. Pitcher House: Thomas Orme and George Vanhorn, yeomen, William Depyng, John Parre and John Man, grooms, John Stanbanke and Thomas Peper, pages. Spicery: Nicholas Hill, chief clerk, Nicholas Uddelston, second clerk, John Mery, under-clerk, William Herd, yeoman powderbeter. Confectionary: Richard Babbam, serjeant, Robert Dowker, yeoman, John Wolbaston, groom, William Towres, page. Wafery; Robert Lee, groom. Chaundry: John Ketilby, serjeant, John Symond, and William Rutter, yeomen, Richard Merston and William Coterell, grooms, Robert Spurnell, page. Ewery: George Brocas, serjeant, Edm. Lovesey and William Wymbysshe, yeomen, Roger Bedyll, yeoman for the Hall, William Davy and John Edwardes, grooms, Thomas Pacheford and Thomas Wyldyng, pages. Laundry: Hugh Deane, yeoman, Robert Bryce, Thomas Morres and Thomas Judde, grooms, John Sutton and John Mylt, pages. Kitchen: Ant. Legh, chief clerk, Edward Atclyff, 2nd clerk, John Cony, 3rd clerk, Thomas Barowe, master cook, John Case, yeoman for the mouth, William Meryman, Pero and John Hunt, yeomen, William Bolton and George Nelson, grooms, Robert Elys, yeoman for the Hall, Gilbert Alenson, Nicholas Lenton, and James Dewam, yeomen, William Beryman, groom of the Hall, Lancelot Clerk and William Mayo, grooms. Larder: John Ricroft, serjeant, William Blaknall, clerk, John Forster, yeoman for the mouth, John Gogh, yeoman usher, John Dale, yeoman of the larder, Richard Appulby, groom usher, Thomas Assheley, Robert Warner and James Michell, grooms, John Grove, page. Boiling House: Roger Elys, yeoman, William Stephyns and Thomas Russell, grooms. Accatry: Brian Roche, serjeant, Gervas Buklond, clerk, Edm. Sherp, yeoman for the mouth, John Stratton, yeoman of the store, William Honnyng, yeoman fisher, John Plome, yeoman butcher, Thomas Randolff and Robert Newman, yeomen, Thomas Raven, groom butcher, Robert Steyneford, groom, Richard Cudd and Richard Gybons, herds, James Huddylston, keeper of Creslowe, William Atkynson, pig taker. Poultry: Thomas Ynglysshe, serjeant, William Bonde, clerk, William Burwell, Thomas Strode and Nicholas Warde, yeomen purveyors, John Lylle, Thomas Shalford and John Botyll, grooms. Scaldinghouse: William Thomson, yeoman, Richard Hill, Rog. Kylward, Thomas Hervy, Rob. Lewesham, and John Proctour, grooms. Squyllary: John Sterkey, serjeant, Richard Anyden, clerk, John Dey, yeoman for the King, John Spokesman, yeoman, John Lovedey, yeoman for the Hall, John Harreson, yeoman, Boyt Joys, James Skelton and William Foly John, grooms. Saucery: Richard Pyttour, serjeant, Ant. Neele, clerk, John Fulmer and John Congell, yeomen, Ralph Holyn, John Summan, Gilbert Borowe and William Seynt, grooms. The Hall: Chr. Vyncent, John Stephyns, John Lytcote, John Gyttons and Morgan Holand, marshals, William Lathebury, serjeant, Richard Lee, clerk, William Chace, Richard Benson, John Hewett and Edward Ouseley, yeomen, John Kyllyngworthe, John Parker, John Savell, John Henkyn and Robert Bowyngton, grooms, Robert Clerk and John Tirrill, pages. Porters: Thomas Fogg, serjeant, Evan ap Rice, Thomas Greves, John Lynsey, John Passey, Robert Maunger and Robert Thornhey, yeomen, Hugh Jeynyng and John Jely, grooms. Harbingers ("Harbegeours"): Thomas Mathewe, gentleman, Humphrey Wylede, William Treswell, Thomas Ward and Richard Twety, yeomen. Almonry ("Amnosnery"): Doctor Ednam, great almoner, Sir John Hawkesfeld, under-almoner, John Hether and Thomas Dey, yeomen, Ric Dyves and John Dey, grooms. Mr. Robert Yong, confessor of the Household, William Edwardes, surveyor for the King, Edward Otheney, sewer of the Hall, William Fynall, John Segysmond and John Lloyd, sewers, Thomas Rider, surveyor for the Hall, Thomas Mangall, surveyor. Cart takers: John Ewdale, yeoman, and John Sherp, groom. Servitors of the Hall: Robert Whitlok, Thomas Dederygh, Edm. Sampson, Richard Stylbarnd, John Gogh, Robert Colle, Robert Dyker, Henry Kyghley, Reynold Hylles, Maurice Kydowen, Simon Symms, Roland Roosse.

Continues ...

Jun 1509. Grants In June, 1509.

Marriage of King Henry VIII and Catherine of Aragon

11 Jun 1509. 41. Catharine of Aragon. Acknowledgment by Henry VIII (age 17). of receipt from Gutierre Gomez de Fuen Salida, comendator of La Membrilla, ambassador of Ferdinand King of Aragon, &c., of 50,000 crowns of gold, in part payment of 100,000 crowns for dowry of Catharine Queen of England (age 23). S.B. Undated (now filed with 11 June). [162.]

Coronation of Henry VIII and Catherine of Aragon

11 Jun 1509. 43. The Coronation. Commission to Thomas Earl of Surrey (age 66), High Treasurer, George Earl of Shrewsbury (age 41), Steward of the Household, Sir John Fyneux (age 68), Chief Justice of the King's Bench, and Sir Th. Inglefield, to hear, in the White Hall within Westminster Palace, petitions of the King's tenants and others claiming to perform special services at the approaching coronation. Del. Westm., 11 June, 1 Henry VIII. S.B. (countersigned: Ri. Wynton, C. Somerset, Thomas Lovell.) [164.]

11 Jun 1509. 44. John Yonge (age 44), Ll.D. Confirmation of grant, 22 Jan., 23 Henry VII., of the office of keeper or master of rolls, books and records of Chancery, with the house of the Converts to dwell in, a tun of Gascon wine annually, &c. Del. Westm., 11 June, 1 Henry VIII. S.B. (countersigned: Will'mus Cantuar., T. Surrey, Oxynford, C. Somerset., Thomas Rowthale.) Pat. 1 Henry VIII, p. 2, m. 5. [165.]

14 Jun 1509. 56. Edward Jernyngham and Mary (age 33) his wife. Grant for life, in survivorship, of the manors of Leystoft and Mutford, and the hundreds of Lothyngland and Mutford, Suff., forfeited by Edmund de la Pole; paying yearly £7 to the sheriff of Suffolk and £10 10s. to the Exchequer. Greenwich, 12 June, 1 Henry VIII. Del. Westm., 14 June. P.S. Pat. 1 Henry VIII. p. 2, m. 14. [179.]

Coronation of Henry VIII and Catherine of Aragon

23 Jun 1509. 87. Edward Duke of Buckingham (age 31). To be Great Constable of England on 23 June only, viz., the day preceding the Coronation. S.B. [211.]

23 Jun 1509. 88. Thomas Earl of Surrey (age 66). To be Marshal of England on 23 and 24 June, the latter day being appointed for the Coronation. S.B. [212.]

24 Jun 1509. 89. Edward Duke of Buckingham (age 31). To be Great Steward of England on 24 June, the day of the Coronation from sunrise until sunset. S.B. [213.]