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Nenia Britannica: or, a Sepulchral history of Great Britain; from the earliest period to its general conversion to Christianity. By the Rev. James Douglas, 1793.

Mining Low [Map] N° 2. Letter of Mr Rooke.

When I had last the pleasure of communicating to you a little account of the tumuli in Derbyshire, I had not then seen Mining Lowe [Map]; last summer I visited that very magnificent sepulchral monument, where on the top appeared five kistvaens; these were discovered some years ago in removing the earth and stones from the top, for making the walls which now inclose the plantation round the tumulus; the kistvaens had been all opened; and I was told that an iron sword, with the handle of one entire piece, was found in that marked (2) in the Plan. They vary in their positions; some stand nearly East and West; others North and south.

N° 2. A plan of the top of Mining Lowe, 81 feet diameter, with the situations of five kistvaens, (2.) (3.) (4.) (5.) (6.); (a) in N° 1. is a perspective view of the kistvaen marked (2.) in the plan, which stands nearly East and West; the top stone is nine feet by six; (B) is a ground plan of the same; length eight feet, width three feet fix inches, depth five feet eight inches; four unhewn stones form the sides, and two the ends; (c) the inside view of the kistvaen marked (S.) in the plan. The circumference of this lowe at the base is 1348 feet. This plan was taken in May, 1786.