Roger Whitley's Diary 1690 April

Roger Whitley's Diary 1690 April is in Roger Whitley's Diary 1690.

01 Apr 1690. Tuesday, Wakefeild the plasterer (& a laborer) came to worke; Finchet brought the rent of Kelsall; after dinner came John Hussey the Peover gardner with some money for Morgan Whitley but stayd not; also a man of Tarvyn for money for curing? Harison's head; & Mrs Hardware to visit my daughters.

02 Apr 1690. Wednesday, no company that day.

03 Apr 1690. Thursday, the Sheriffs Bayly brought me a Summons to be of the Grand Jury; about 10 came Morgan for money Hussey left for him; went againe about 12; about 5, Crew & Sherrard came to see us; went againe before 7; one Anker & yong Grantham came about buying some cowes; Wakefeild was not well, I brought him in & gave him a glasse of sack; a woman came from Mancote to see daughter ill: her mother nursed her.

04 Apr 1690. Friday, was at home all day, no company, &c. took phisick.

05 Apr 1690. Satorday, went to Chester, lighted at Wrights, went to the Penthouse, demanded my Armes of the Mayor; he ordered the delivery of them; met the Governor at the doore of the Talbot; had a short discourse with him in the streete; went to Angells & cosen Mainwarings; then to Charles Griffiths; dined there with Streete, Parry, Comberbach, Jones of Lleece, Morgan,&c. after dinner came Lloyd & Edwards; then Ephraim Bennet(Jones & Comberbach & Parry interl); Streete went first, the rest stayd till I went, neare 7.

06 Apr 1690. Sonday, was not at church; Morgan came at night

07 Apr 1690. Monday, the molecatcher came; Morgan: stayd all night.

08 Apr 1690. Tuesday, Morgan went (about 8) to Chester; Thomas & Teale dined with us; retorned at 3; the Sheriffe came about 6; Hardware about 6; went about 5; Glasiers man brought a latter, retorned about 6.

09 Apr 1690. Wednesday, Mr Thomas sent his man with a letter to borrow money; I sent him 2 guineys; one Grice, & another came about changing lifes in Bellis, his lease at Shordley; Harry Siddall brought me a fatt oxe from Sir William Aston; brought it home; the tenant: of Avanly came to desire my carte to carry some corne to Shotwick.

10 Apr 1690. Thursday, Burges (the woodman) was with us to discourse of Shotwick wood; Delves, &c. & the tenant of Avanly came againe about sending his corne to Shotwick; Huson went about 12 to Shotwick, Chester, &c. Mr Streete came about 12 about the lands Mr Jones would sell near Northop; dined, & retorned past 2; about 3 came Glasier, Lloyd & Cratchley about Mr Glasiers debt; proposes to sell the land; they went back about 5; past 7 Gerard came to see me; stayd not.

11 Apr 1690. Friday, Crew, Gleg, his wife & sister dined with us; Crew went past 3; the rest before 5.

12 Apr 1690. Satorday, Huson went to Chester; Houseman to Namptwich to meete the Judges & conduct them to Peele; Hussey & the coachman came from Peover; Morgan from Chester; he went to meete the Judge; about 4 came Gerard to see me; & the Sheriffe of Flint to speake with the Judge; about 8 came Judge Trenchard, Hopkins; William Minshall, &c. stayd all night.

13 Apr 1690. Sonday, we were not at church; Scranmore, Sir John Morgan the Sheriffe, Streete, Cumberbach, Crew, Dick Minshall. cosen Whitley, severall others dined with us; the Deane came about 5; supt, went about 11; but I left them at 10.

14 Apr 1690. Monday, Sherrard, Ned Morgan, Angell, G.Booth, Llee,&c. dined with us; past 2, came the Sheriffe & severall with him; also the Deane; about 3, the Judge, Sheriffe,&c. went to Chester; Hocknell & some others stayd till 4; the Deane & cosen Whitley till past 5; the Sheriffe of Flint went about 6, in the morning.

15 Apr 1690. Tuesday, I went to Chester, lighted at Wrights, met Lee there; went with him to Angells; then to the Judges, dined with them & Duckenfeild, Williams, Crew, Captain of the Guard, Lee, Hopkins, Oliver, &c. past 3 they went to the Court; I called on Ned Burrows, then on Mrs Mainwaring; thither came Mrs Kenrick, Mrs Hunt & another woman; also D. Minshall; he & I went to Jacksons; there was Wright, Farington, Kynaston, Lawton, Lee, & some other officers that came with recruites, &c. I left them past 6; called at Ephraim Bennets; there were severall soldyers & horses apointed to quarter there; but they, having no accommodacion, were persuaded to remove; Sir John Crew alighted there, stayd awhile with Bolland, &c. we went away past 7; Sir John in my coach; we parted on Gibbet Heath; I came home about 9.

16 Apr 1690. Wednesday, the fast day, I was not at church; no company that day; but a button moldman.

17 Apr 1690. Thursday, I took phisick, kept within all day; Huson went to Chester, & Shotwick.

18 Apr 1690. Friday, I received the Sacrament (being Good Friday) with daughters, sisters, &c. at Tarvyn; Monsieur Scranmore sent his gentleman to invite me to dine with him next day.

19 Apr 1690. Satorday, I went to Chester, alighted at Wrights; saw him & Lee of Darnehall; Robinson came to me about some money he pretends due to him & another about money owing Mr Lewes Williams; Lee & I went to Angells, then to the Judges; dined with them at Scranmore's; with Crew, Sir Jos: Allen, Hopkins, Streete, &c. went with Streete (past 3) to Mrs Mainwarings; then to Jacksons; there was Kinaston, Johnson, Pemberton, Minshall; Colonel Langston came late; I left them neare 7; was awhile (about 5) with Sir William Aston & Mr Booth in the dining roome; where they were about the militia businesse; Morgan Whitley went home with me in my coach; Alban Gray spoke with me at Jackson's; but stayd not.

20 Apr 1690. Sonday, was not at church.

21 Apr 1690. Monday, Jordan came to speake about work; afterwards Alban Gray came to me about making brick, & dined with us; & the churchwarden about a Parish ley; Morgan, Huson, & Gray went to Chester about 3.

22 Apr 1690. Tuesday, a man brought me a letter from Mr Gasiour about the morgaged land.

23 Apr 1690. Wednesday, no company, nor businesse; had a letter from Crew & Lee to meete on Friday at Northop.

24 Apr 1690. Thursday, one Mr Bruen (a lame Gentleman, & poore) came to Peele; I found him in my kitchen, (I suppose) expecting some charity; he & Davenport, the wyerman, dined in the buttry, &c. Hardware sate with me an houer in the evening.

25 Apr 1690. Friday, a man brought me a letter from Mr Leeke, & retorned presently with an answer; about 5 in the afternoone Mr Tomkinson's brother (& another with him) brought me a letter from Mr Tomkinson desiring me to recommend his brother to the Commissioners of Excise for an imploymt; I promised to write to Mainwaring & my sonne (age 39); & they retorned about 6.

26 Apr 1690. Satorday, no company, or businesse.

27 Apr 1690. Sonday, I took phisicke; Morgan came in the evening; afterwards D. Minshall; stayd all night; I left them past 10. Huson retorned from Wales.

28 Apr 1690. Monday, Huson went to Alrey & Wrexam; Minshall & Morgan dined; about 5 came Nat. Booth; went (with them) to Chester, past 6; Grice came about a tenement at Shorley, retorned againe presently.

29 Apr 1690. Tuesday, a man came about shearing the sheep; another man from Chester about a tenement in Mouldsworth; Sir John Crew, his lady, Cockaine & his wife, Church, Mrs Offley, her 2 sons & Mrs Aston dined with us, went away about 6.

30 Apr 1690. Wednesday, Mr Jones & Streete came about 11, to offer lands at Northop, to sell; they dined with us; went about 3. Morgan came at night.