The Reliquary Volume 18 1878

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On Arbor Low [Map] IV by William Henry Goss.

Caesar, speaking of human sacrifices among the Gauls, says, "Those who are afflicted with any grievous distemper, or whose lives are hazarded in war or exposed to other dangers, either offer up men for sacrifices, or vow to do so ; and they make use of the Druids for their priests on such occasions, imagining their gods are to be satisfied no other way for sparing their lives than by offering up the life of another man." We have learned that the Druids of Gaul came into Britain for initiation into the mysteries of their dreadful office. Is it not possible that some of them took lessons within this same circle of Arbor Low [Map]? Tacitus mentions that the ancient Germans sacrificed human victims to their gods, and Procopius Ceesariensis affirms that in his day, in the sixth century of our Lord, the Druids of Gaul still offered human sacrifices, and I have already referred to Charlemagne's edict against the practice so late as the year 789 A.D.