Biography of Archbishop William Wake 1657-1737

On 26 Jan 1657 Archbishop William Wake was born in Blandford Forum, Dorset [Map].

Around 1683 Martin Folkes (age 42) and [his future sister-in-law] Dorothy Hovell were married by which marriage Hillington, Norfolk came into the ffolkes family.

Evelyn's Diary. 01 Jan 1687. Mr. Wake (age 29) preached at St. Martin's on 1 Tim. iii. 16, concerning the mystery of godliness. He wrote excellently, in answer to the Bishop of Meaux.

Evelyn's Diary. 20 Mar 1687. The Bishop of Bath and Wells (age 49) (Dr. Ken) preached at St. Martin's [Map] to a crowd of people not to be expressed, nor the wonderful eloquence of this admirable preacher; the text was Matt. xxvi. 36 to verse 40, describing the bitterness of our Blessed Savior's agony, the ardor of his love, the infinite obligations we have to imitate his patience and resignation; the means by watching against temptations, and over ourselves with fervent prayer to attain it, and the exceeding reward in the end. Upon all which he made most pathetical discourses. The Communion followed, at which I was participant. I afterward dined at Dr. Tenison's (age 50) with the Bishop and that young, most learned, pious, and excellent preacher, Mr. Wake (age 30). In the afternoon, I went to hear Mr. Wake (age 30) at the newly built church of St. Anne, on Mark viii. 34, upon the subject of taking up the cross, and strenuously behaving ourselves in time of persecution, as this now threatened to be.

In 1688 Archbishop William Wake (age 30) and Ethelreda Hovell (age 18) were married.

In 1693 Archbishop William Wake (age 35) was appointed Rector of St James' Church, Piccadilly.

In 1703 Archbishop William Wake (age 45) was appointed Dean of Exeter.

In 1705 Archbishop William Wake (age 47) was consecrated Bishop of Lincoln.

In 1716 Archbishop William Wake (age 58) was translated to Archibishop Conterbury.

On 22 Oct 1724 [his sister-in-law] Dorothy Hovell died.

On 20 Jul 1729 William Stukeley (age 41) was ordained as a Deacon by Archbishop William Wake (age 72).

In 1731 [his wife] Ethelreda Hovell (age 61) died.

Before 1737 Thomas Gibson (age 57). Portrait of Archbishop William Wake (age 79).

On 24 Jan 1737 Archbishop William Wake (age 79) died at Lambeth Palace [Map].

[his daughter] Dorothy Wake was born to Archbishop William Wake and Ethelreda Hovell.

James Pennyman and [his daughter] Dorothy Wake were married. She the daughter of Archbishop William Wake and Ethelreda Hovell.