Biography of BIshop Samuel Bradford 1652-1731

On 20 Dec 1652 BIshop Samuel Bradford was born.

On 21 Apr 1718 BIshop Samuel Bradford (age 65) was elected Bishop of Rochester.

On 01 Jun 1718 BIshop Samuel Bradford (age 65) was consecrated Bishop of Rochester.

In 1723 BIshop Samuel Bradford (age 70) was translated to Bishop of Rochester.

Death and Funeral of Isaac Newton

On 28 Mar 1727 Isaac Newton (deceased) was buried in Westminster Abbey [Map]. The service was performed by the Bishop of Rochester (age 74).

Before the funeral his body lay in state in the Jerusalem Chamber, Cheyneygates, Westminster Abbey [Map]. His coffin was followed by most of the Fellows of the Royal Society.

The Pall Bearers were the Lord Chancellor Peter King 1st Baron King (age 58), James Graham 1st Duke Montrose 1682-1742 (age 44), Robert Ker 2nd Duke Roxburghe 1709-1755 (age 18), Thomas Herbert 8th Earl Pembroke 5th Earl Montgomery (age 71), Talbot Yelverton 1st Earl of Sussex (age 36) and Thomas Parker 1st Earl Macclesfield (age 60).

The Chief Mourner was Michael Newton 4th Baronet (age 32); his third cousin.

Voltaire observed, "He was buried like a king who had done well by his subjects.".

On 17 May 1731 BIshop Samuel Bradford (age 78) died in the Deanery, Westminster Abbey [Map]. He was buried in Westminster Abbey [Map].