Biography of Bishop Gilbert Bourne -1569

1554 Consecration of new Bishops

Henry Machyn's Diary. 01 Apr 1554. [The first day of April my lord chancellor (age 54) did consecrate six new bishops at St. Mary Overy's [Map], before the high altar; and a goodly mass was said. And when all] was done thay yede unto my lord ch[ancellor's,] for ther was as grett a dener as youe ha[ve seen.] Thes be the bysshopes names that wher consecrated, [doctor] Whyt (age 44), warden of Wynchastur, the bysshope of Ly[ncoln]; doctur Borne, bysshope of Bathe; doctur Morgan, bishop of sant Davys; doctur Brokes (age 41), bysshope of Gloss [ter]; doctur Cottes, bysshope of Westtchastur; bysshope of sant Asse changyd to be bysshope of Arfford; master [Griffith] (age 47) parsun of sant Magnus bysshope of Rochastur.

On 01 Apr 1554 the Lord Chancellor Bishop Edmund "Bloody" Bonner of London (age 54), assisted by Bishop Stephen Gardiner (age 71), Bishop Nicholas Ridley (age 54) and Bishop Cuthbert Tunstall (age 80), consecrated seven bishops at Southwark Cathedral [Map]:

was consecrated Bishop of Chester.

Bishop Gilbert Bourne was consecrated Bishop of Bath and Wells.

(age 41) was consecrated Bishop of Gloucester.

(age 47) was consecrated Bishop of Rochester.

Bishop Henry Morgan was consecrated Bishop of St David's.

Bishop John White (age 44) was consecrated Bishop of Lincoln.

Bishop Robert Parfew aka Warton was consecrated Bishop of Hereford.

Henry Machyn's Diary. 09 Dec 1554. The ix day of Desember dyd pryche at Powlles crosse [Map] doctur Borne, bysshope of Bathe, and prayd for the pope of Rome (Julius) the thurde, and for alle the solles of purgatory.

Henry Machyn's Diary. 18 Jun 1560. The xviij day of June was sent to the Towre [Map] secr[etary] Boxhalle unto quen Mare, and doctur Borne latt byshope of Bayth, and docthur Trobullfeld latt byshope of Excetur.

Note. P. 238. Secretary Boxall. John Boxall, secretary of state to queen Mary: see notices of him in the Zurich Letters, 1st Series, p. 255.

On 10 Sep 1569 Bishop Gilbert Bourne died.