Biography of Bishop Godfrey Lucy -1204

1189 Richard I Appoints his Bishops

1189 Oct New Bishops Consecrated

Bishop Godfrey Lucy was born to Richard "The Loyal" Lucy and Rohese Boulogne.

Before 1151 [his mother] Rohese Boulogne (age 45) died.

On 14 Jul 1179 [his father] Richard "The Loyal" Lucy (age 90) died at his foundation Lesnes aka Bexley Abbey [Map] where he was subsequently buried.

Richard I Appoints his Bishops

On 15 Sep 1189 King Richard "Lionheart" I of England (age 32) held a Council meeting at Pipewell [Map] at which he appointed a number of Bishops:

Bishop William Longchamp was elected Bishop of Ely.

Bishop Godfrey Lucy was elected Bishop of Winchester.

(age 59) was elected Bishop of London.

Archbishop Hubert Walter (age 29) was elected Bishop of Salisbury.

1189 Oct New Bishops Consecrated

On 22 Oct 1189 two of Richard's new Bishops were consecrated ...

Bishop Godfrey Lucy was consecrated Bishop of Winchester.

Archbishop Hubert Walter (age 29) was consecrated Bishop of Salisbury.

Annals of Margam. 1204. Obiit Alienor (age 82) regina. Obiit Godefridus1 Wintonise episcopus; successit Petrus de Rupibus archdiaconus Pictavæe, a domino Papa Romæ postea consecratus. Gwido2 Prænestinus, et quondam abbas Cistercii, factus est archiepiscopus Remensis.

Queen Eleanor died. Bishop Godfrey de Lucy died; he was succeeded by Peter de Rupibus, archdeacon of Poitiers, afterwards consecrated by the Lord Pope of Rome. Gwido2 Prænestine, and formerly abbot of the Cistercians, became archbishop of Reims.

Note 1. Godfrey de Lucy.

Note 2. Guido II., cardinal bishop of Præneste.

In 1204 Bishop Godfrey Lucy died.

[his father] Richard "The Loyal" Lucy and [his mother] Rohese Boulogne were married.

Family Trees of Bishop Godfrey Lucy -1204

Paternal Family Tree: Lucy

Royal Ancestors of Bishop Godfrey Lucy -1204

Kings Wessex: Great x 8 Grand Son of King Edward "Elder" of the Anglo Saxons

Kings Franks: Great x 10 Grand Son of Louis "Pious" King Aquitaine I King Franks

Ancestors of Bishop Godfrey Lucy -1204

Great x 3 Grandfather: Richard Lucy

Great x 2 Grandfather: Geoffrey Lucy

Great x 3 Grandmother: Godechild Paganel

Great x 1 Grandfather: Richard Lucy

GrandFather: Adrian Lucy

Father: Richard "The Loyal" Lucy

Bishop Godfrey Lucy -1204

GrandFather: Guillaume Flanders

Great x 2 Grandfather: Geoffrey Mandeville

Great x 1 Grandmother: Beatrice Mandeville Lady Bouillon

Great x 2 Grandmother: Adeliza Unknown

Mother: Rohese Boulogne