Biography of Bishop John Bancroft 1574-1640

In 1574 Bishop John Bancroft was born.

In Mar 1610 Bishop John Bancroft (age 36) was elected Master of University College unanimously.

In 1632 Bishop John Bancroft (age 58) was appointed Bishop of Oxford.

Evelyn's Diary. 14 Dec 1639. According to injunctions from the Heads of Colleges, I went (among the rest) to the Confirmation at St. Mary's, where, after sermon, the Bishop of Oxford (age 65) laid his hands upon us, with the usual form of benediction prescribed: but this received (I fear) for the more part out of curiosity, rather than with that due preparation and advice which had been requisite, could not be so effectual as otherwise that admirable and useful institution might have been, and as I have since deplored it.

In 1640 Bishop John Bancroft (age 66) died.