Biography of Bishop Nicholas West 1461-1533

In 1461 Bishop Nicholas West was born.

In 1515 Bishop Nicholas West (age 54) was appointed Bishop of Ely.

In 05 May 1521 Bishop John Longland (age 48) was consecrated Bishop of Lincoln by Archbishop William Warham (age 71) assisted by Bishop John Fisher (age 51), Bishop Nicholas West (age 60) and Bishop John Vesey aka Harman (age 59).

Marriage of Arthur Tudor and Catherine of Aragon

Letters and Papers 1529. After 28 Jun 1529. Vit. B. XII. 70. B. M. 5774. Catharine of Arragon.

Vit. B. XII. 130. B. M.

6. Deposition of Nicholas Bishop of  Ely (age 68).

Is 68 years of age.

Princes Arthur and Henry were legitimate sons of Henry VII. and his Queen Elizabeth. Was present at the marriage of Prince Arthur, but can say nothing as to the words used, on account of the tumult and multitude of people there. Can say nothing as to the consummation, but he doubts of it, because the Queen has often told him, on the testimony of her conscience, "quod [non] fuit carnaliter a dicto Arthuro cognita," [Translation. That she had not known Arthur conjugally] but they were both of sufficient age. As to the 5th article, believes the marriage was contracted both de facto and de jure, by reason of the dispensation; but he cannot depose to the time mentioned in the article. To the 6th article, has always believed that it is true as to jus divinum, and believes that it is also true as to jus ecclesiasticum. The 7th article would be true if there had not been a legitimate dispensation. Can depose nothing to the 8th article. Has heard the archbishop of Canterbury say that he had a dispute with the late Bishop of Winchester on the subject. To the 9th, the present King and Queen were lawfully married, as he believes. Believes the 10th to be true, as the Pope affirms it in a rescript. Believes the 11th to be true. To the 12th, does not consider that the legates are competent judges, as an appeal has been made.

On 28 Apr 1533 Bishop Nicholas West (age 72) died.